Thursday, April 02, 2009

New Jewellry

I have had such a hectic week with school... one thing due after the other... I've been working on no sleep, 5 hour energy drinks and caffeine.
Things are winding down... though I still have some exams coming up... it shouldnt be as bad for the next few weeks I have my trip to Nigeria to look forward to...

Having said that, after a women studies exam today, I was at the right place at the time.

At a not-so-obvious store around my area, I found a ring I've been looking for FOR-MONTHS!!!

Discounted from over $200, I got this knuckle ring for ONLY $50!!!
I snatched it up so fast I think the salesgirl wished she'd priced it for twice as much.. the odd thing is I would have paid that.

Pardon the chipped polish... when one has no time to sleep.. reapplying polish is usually the least of ones worries

I also got these turquoise really cute earrings... and I never wear earrings other than my swarovski studs.

So my total count of earrings =2
terrible right?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


... to NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!!

Words can't express how excited I am... cos this is actually actually actually going to happen...
the best part of it is a couple of my friends from Canada are going with me.. so its going to be like 2008 England all over again(6 of us went on a 3 or so week vacation about the same time last year)

I'm 'stutteringly' excited... chei
suya for 3 weeks
point and kill fish for 3 weeks
no sleepless nights studying for chemistry labs and writing english explications for 3 weeks
changing my hair every 4 days (just cos I can) for 3 weeks
speaking broken english in my dreams for 3 weeks
showing my sexier belly and wearing bikinis in the places that will permit me for 3 weeks
going to church on a sunday for that naija praise and worship that you simply cant get anywhere else... for 3 weeks
clubbing from midnight till 6am for 5 days out of the week... for 3 weeks
catching up with old friends... wearing flip flops and sunglasses... drinking star beer and gordon spark... for 3 weeks
not using an alarm or the snooze button for 3 weeks
did i mention SUYA for 3 weeks...

I'm also going to reach Ghana for a few days as 2 of my closest friends are on an extended vacation there... and if time permits I'll go see my other friend in Angola as well...
...oh the great life of the african vacationer..

I really should be studying as I have a chemistry lab to do in a few hours... but this is just too exciting not to share IMMEDIATELY!!!

I can already see myself walking to the airport, checking in my bags, getting on the plane... chai my soul is no longer in this CANADA again oh... na only body remain...

Having said that...
All of u that will remain in the European and North American freezers you find yourself in over those 3 weeks.. accept my condolences i mean apologies in advance
...Feel free to jealous me...
(If you are especially nice to me... I might just send u a couple pictures of me at various suya joints accross the nation... lol)

crap... whatever will i pack?!?!
oh and I realize it's april fools day... yay! prank time!!!