Friday, May 16, 2008

6 unspectacular quirks

So my 2 week (to England) vacation ended up being longer than 2 weeks. I got in just a little over 24 hours ago… battling a cold/ cough/jetlag though my newly done light brown curls do help matters quite a bit. I had a fantastic time… details will follow when I get my bearings (I’ll probably be 5 hours ahead for the next few days).

In the meantime, I got multiple tagged to do a ‘6 unspectacular quirks’ tag…

  1. I am completely loyal to the people I love… love the people they love, hate the people they hate. Sometimes it gets me in trouble.
  2. I abhor underwear… wouldn’t wear any if I didn’t have to. Actually there have been times…
  3. I carry my phone charger and passport with me everywhere I go. The charger thing is probably a carry-over from my high school days when my mom used to seize our chargers after any disagreements (we apparently spent too much time on the phone with our ‘male callers’.. lol)
  4. (Apparently) I snore
  5. I hate the sound of Styrofoam… one can get me to do almost anything to avoid it… arghhhh
  6. I am not circumsized

I tag anybody who thinks they can do a better British accent than me

Friday, May 02, 2008

Canadians with a difference

We're in London babyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I love itttttttttt in spite of the 6pm close of just about every store in the nation... the dry, drab, rainy weather...

I Love the fish and chips with vinegar and their Covent garden with its beautiful theaters and fantastic shops and nice bars#

I love sainsburys with its endless variations of chocolates and cookies and... oh Gosh I think I'm gonna get fat here...

I love their double decker buses... the tubes and their funny accents and their oyster cards and travel cards

I love the Gallery... had a BLast there last night with my girlies... the DJ kept shouting out the 'girls from Canada'... I went to the bathroom and two lesbians approached me with 'how sexy I was'... I'm beginning to wonder if I give off a vibe... nah... I think it's the legs.... lol. Danced to every song till we left... fantastic cocktails... love the music here and the people are sooo nice...

I think we look like obvious tourists cos I sometimes dress abnormally(to them at least)... when they're bundled up in jackets and furs and uggs... we step out in flats, skirts and a trench... But we're Canadian... we're used to worse...

Next up: Lunch with some friends at oxford circus today... clubbing tonight... a wedding tomorrow... Karaoke later on tomorrow... and other things that will unfold in due time.