Sunday, February 24, 2008

My friend... my hero

A little over a year ago Kuza aka Angela had to undergo a fibroid operation.
Some pain, tears, prayers and months later... she was fine.

I love Kuza
She's strong and beautiful and smart and talented and caring
...and has been one of my closest friends for a number of years now...

We celebrated our birthdays a few days apart 2 weeks ago... dinners and birthday parties, good food and even better friends.

She called me last week.
I thought she wanted to talk about the weather... her boyfriend...a painting she was working on...' Marley'... atmospheric pressure... her bowels... anything but what she ended up telling me.
...she'd gotten a call...'
...her father had died two days before in her part of Portugese speaking Africa...

I tried for words... but what does one really say when a friend is in such emotional pain?
sorry? you'll be fine?

I hurt for her... so I went over to her house.. gave her a 5 minute hug and just sat with her.

Then I saw her easels and paint and brushes and remembered a special invitation she'd given me to her art exhibition a few weeks before.
...she was going ahead with it...

She'd put months of work, thousands of dollars, sweat and tears and smiles into her paintings.

I have never been as proud of a person as I was when I went by her exhibition on Friday evening with 2 of my closest friends Naijadyme and Breastina.

The effort and resources she put into it from getting such a great downtown location to the fact that every single painting in the art room was hers...
...she was the opener... the headliner... the main event.

It wasn't the first time I'd gone to support her at a gallery or art event... but this one touched me like no other.
Kuza was sad... but everything she'd created was of beauty... I was blown away by my friend who was able to find life in death... light in darkness... joy in sorrow.

I had an amazing time with my friends listening to jazz, eating cheese and crackers and admiring art... some of which I knew... and some I didn't... with people I knew... and some I met.

I hereby present to you a preview of the beauty in the mind of my friend Kuza:

For this celebration of life... your ability to be strong when many others would have crumbled... you have become more than a great friend... you have become one of my heroes.
... I love you Kuza...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He's American

He wears a thin gold necklace thats almost as beautiful as he is
He speaks with his eyes... deeply, intensely and in grand gestures
In his words there's a harmony... each sound slightly better than the one before it
...and then he'd laugh...
his laugh starts up in his toes... up his legs... reverberates in his chest... and escapes from his lips

It's not so much that he's funny... it's that I don't want to do anything but laugh when I'm around him
A wonderful and sweet guy... he exists in my moods

I remember the first day I met him... the first thing I noticed were his locks... his gorgeous shoulder lenght dreads that I love to run my fingers through. So I do. Often.

He holds my hand in public.
...and I don't mind...

He introduces me as the girl who's driving him mad in his language (which I'm yet to tell him I understand)

His beautiful frame and terrible singing voice... the fact that he thinks I'm sexy when we fight...

His 6ft of chocolate brown skin that taper down to fantastic bow-legs... the fact that with him I'm as sweet and bitchy as I want to be...

His personality... the part that cares not just about me but the people I care about...

I hate phone-cards and "i-miss-you's"... He's American

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

22... and counting

At the stroke of midnight... fulfilling God`s prophecy on 7th Febuary 1986... I`ll turn 22.

I`m surrounded by magic
It`s in the sound of my voice, the sway of my hips and the way I move my lips.

I can touch it, I can feel it and when I want... I can taste it.

I have friends who love me... a guy who worships the ground I walk on... a family that adores me.
I am confident and gorgeous and crazy... beauty is all around me... beauty is ME.
I will wear a sexy satin black dress, really bright red lipgloss and smile with my eyes like I always do.

I`ll write more and I`ll read more and I`ll teach more and I`ll learn more and I`ll laugh more and I`ll dance more and I`ll listen more

I`ll love more

I feel strong and brave and free... Happy happy happy birthday to me