Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another again...

I just got into a car accident with my mom a few hours ago.

I have a few glass shards on my face, arms and feet. My left knee hurts and I have a migraine.
...not bad at all... considering the extent of damage to both cars...

I'll probably be in a lot more pain tomorrow... there's a sense of deja vu cos I've been down this road before.
... I've been in 2 major accidents with cars that got totalled in the space of 6 months.
... I pray this is the last...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I can't tell you

I can't tell you that I think you're beautiful
... inside...

I can't tell you that I sometimes want to be vulnerable
...and put my hand in yours...

I can't tell you that I could loose myself in your voice
...You make me mad...
...You make me laugh...

I can't tell you that I sometimes see the picture you paint

I can't tell you that I like you
I can't tell you

...I'm almost tired of saying no...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Model Life

On a sunny day sometime last month, I was walking downtown with my close friend Ayo. We were waiting for my friends Hype Boulevard and Dancing Queen to meet up with us to go shopping.

About to cross a busy intersection, I was stopped by a slightly chubby and pretty black woman:

“Hi… do you have a minute?”

Me: umm… sure

“I think you’re very pretty… you have a unique look…and “

Me: {wow I’ve been attracting a lot of lesbians lately}

“ ummm… thanks”

“Well I work with a modeling and acting talent agency…”

Me: Oh

“… and we’re currently scouting for potential faces to fill in for quite a few jobs… so I was wondering if you’d be interested.”

Me: thanks I guess… but you should recruit my friend Ayo instead… she’s the beautiful friend… and I’m the brainy one…

They both start laughing… apparently I’m funny in addition to ‘pretty and ‘unique-looking’

“Of course… she’s gorgeous… I’d love to have her sign up… as well as you”

Me: … I guess there’s no harm

I completely forgot about this ‘meeting’… but then... last night

Ring Ring Ring

Me: Hello

Male Person: Hi... may I speak to Overwhelmed?

Me: Speaking

Male Person: Hi… I believe one of our agents saw you last month and signed you up… well I was calling to schedule a come-in

Me: Come- in?

Male Person: yes… we’d like for you to come in to our office… so we can see you and possibly discuss what we could put you up to

Me: Things such as?

Male Person: Music Videos, Informercials, Commercials, Voiceovers, Movies… we’ve worked with movies such as mean girls, honey, A Cinderella man… that sort of thing

Me: I see…

Male Person: So we’d like you to come in to the office looking smashing… you know first impressions are always the best…

Me: lmao… really? I don’t mean to sound skeptical but I can’t say I completely understand any of this… I mean you guys just saw me somewhere… all of a sudden movies and music?… whats the catch? I come in and you then tell me some $1, 000 acting development fee that I have to pay… or this could even be something else…

Male Person: listen… if you come in and you’re the next Naomi Campbell or Giselle Bundchen… we’ll cover everything… even pay for your toilet paper… but we can’t say until we see you what’s going to happen… you said on the sheet that you’re 5 ft 11 right?

Me: Something like that…

Male Person: and how much do you weigh?

Me: 160 pounds.

Male Person: you know what… I think you should check out our website and you’ll see a lot of things we’ve done in the past...

Me: hmmmmm

Male Person: … I want you to come in for an interview this Friday at 12.30

Me: hmmmmm

Male Person: Any questions?

Me: this is your number right?

Male Person: Yeah…

Me: alright… thanks

I could interpret this either of two ways:

a) I’m even prettier than I imagined... that I will soon start making millions, showing my double belly button piercings and long legs in Elle Canada or in Ben Affleck’s sophomore movie directorial …


b) Or these fuckers are trying to sign me up for some elaborate scam… first I go in… they tell me how gorgeous I am… how they haven’t seen a look like mine…since… well…ever. They’d tell me stories of girls with slight ‘model disabilities’ who ended up making it big… Kate moss in spite of her height, Tyra Banks in spite of her boobs… so I Overwhelmed could make it in spite of myself. Then they show me videos of Dita Von Teese and tell me about the new kind of modeling that’s coming to the forefront… the most important kind of modeling… burlesque… something along the lines of exotic dancing/ stripping.

I have to decide by tomorrow…