Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This Tree

Tall and Weak…
Binding roots that uphold but choke me...
supplying water and DDT...

Above the soil you introduce me to sunlight... and just a few hours later... darkness
extreme... numbing darkness

Roots of my tree... what exactly do you want me to be?

Tall and Strong... I am this tree and this tree is me


Calabar Gal said...

Hmmmnnn...... Nice.....

SET said...


femme said...

so i ve been to many blogs and seen words that are supposed to be poetic because its written in verse usually i leave quietly.
this one tells me everything and nothing of a situation or a relationship.
the language is simple and dramatic.
overwhelmed, if i had more than 2 thumbs i would give them to u.

Kafo said...

what exactly do they want you to be

i ask the same question of my parents some time

this is beautiful
the analogy draws on the whole growth thingy

i like

BeautyinBaltimore said...


Lucy said...

Wow, so this is a poem you wrote? Are you a poet? I had no idea. Poetry readings are one step away from standup comedy! Have you thought about it?

There is history of Aquarians in comedy: Bill Maher, Dave Attell, Chris Rock, Ted Alexandro, I could keep going... hit me up if you're ever interested... We need more rockin' females on stage.

geisha said...

if i'm first i'll eat something reeeeally fattening!
ok sis, something profound and encouraging?? lets give this a try.
we all have those days where we are weakest, those times where we are our own poison, when we are shrouded in blackness - self caused and otherwise.
and we are strong nonetheless, because what doesnt ultimately kills us makes us stronger..

it'll go, and uh.. tomorrow the sun will shine again??
lol. smile sis.

catwalq said...


Jennifer said...

questions we always ask ourselves;)

Porter deHarqourt said...

this is so deep, and yet simple.

i agree with kafo, that question is one we all ask at somepoint...what do our roots want us to be?

why do i suddenly feel like a tree?

Olamild said...

not bad

~Mimi~ said...

babe, that was nice!!

that was well written and hhmm, i have nothing left to say.

lol @ femme giving you all her thumbs

Kira Fashion said...


a kiss

Thanks for coming!