Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Favorite Things This Summer:

  • The Colour Yellow: I have so many yellow things I don't even know where to begin... Yellow Short Shorts, Yellow Bangles, Yellow Earrings, Yellow Sundresses, Yellow underwear... Yellow shirts... The only yellow thing I don't own are shoes... I've been looking all over for them but I only found patent stilletos and I'm a bit tired of those... cos they scuff (But don't worry... I don't wear em all at once... lol)
  • That Yahoozee song: I used to go on Omosewas's blog everyday to just listen to that song but now she changed it... so please anybody who has that song... send it to my email: and I will spell out your name on the next cake I bake.
  • Curly Hair: I'm constantly doing curls... I swear by the end of the year... I will convince a lot of white people that this is my natural hair... lol.
  • The Dreamgirls soundtrack... I know every lyric of every song on the album.
  • Huge Cocktail rings: are a current favorite of mine. I used to wear a lot of jewellry when I was younger... layer upon layer of necklaces and stuff. I don't anymore... I never even wear earrings. Bracelets... sometimes... but you'll hardly ever see me without a cocktail ring.... love em to death:
  • Reggae songs: Hula hoop by Macka Diamond, Hot Wuk by Mr. Vegas and Rum Ram by QQ. I'm actually really good at the hula hoop dance... lol... and it's sooo much fun. Although I never quite understand all the Jamaican dance hand gestures(I guess cos there are too many of them... signal the plane, thunderclap, tek wey yourself(this one I actually love), frog back etc)
  • Funky, sky-high stilletos: If I had limitless funds... I'd rather own a pair of these Balenciaga shoes:

as opposed to the more classic Louboutins

But since I don't have limitless funds... I make regular trips to the poor-womans Manolo... Aldo and Le Chateau:
(most people think its crazy that I'm 5 ft 11 and never wear heels lower than 3 inches... e wo lo kaan min be{lol... catwalq jo correct the grammer cos I know Londonbuki can't spell yoruba properly}. I love stilletos with an unchecked passion and have mastered the art of walking and dancing in slightly painful heels for hours and hours and hours... and yes it IS an art)
  • British singers: from Imogen Heap, Dido to Amy Winehouse, Kt Tunstall, Craig David(where are you man?) and even Lagbaja(haaaa). I humbly admit to loving the spice girls... and if they come to my end of the world... I will be there singing viva forever with the best of em. GIRL POWER!!!
  • Lancome Juicy Tubes... my favorites are beach plum, miracle and berry bold.

  • Belly rings and cropped tops:

  • Tuface's Song: I don't even know what it's called but it goes something like 'as you see me so... edumare don bless me oh... but that one no mean say I no dey wish you well oh'... 'I don't want you to look at me like a stranger... I dont wanna come accross to you like just another nigga... I know you ____ trust nobody but you have to trust someone... thats why I want __ my brother'.(Anybody know the name...or own the song?) This song is so sweet... my friend ayo usually looks at my face once it starts playing cos I immediately start doing the church thing( when you're 'chewing mouth' at the parts that you don't know and singing really loudly the parts that you do... lol... I know... so ' Mr Bean'... by the way I can't wait for his new movie... grew up on this guy... he's awesomer than awesome and also very sexy... lol)
  • Black Nail Polish: ok so I've loved this long time... and the flames are still burning bright although without regular pedicures... I think my natural toe colour will be 'shot to dark' in a few years...
  • Cranberry Vodkas and Starbucks White Chocolate Macchiatos (not together of course)

  • My eyebrow waxer
  • Lil Kim: I live for her 'over-the-topness'. I love the fact that she takes her fashion so seriously and year after year she churns out the same teenage glam ghetto girl meets deranged semi- retired couture choreographer/muse.

In how many languages can you say... PERFECTION!!!
  • Ghanaian Hiplife and Makossa: are the building blocks of my dance existence... Do I start with kokovelli, kk fosu or batman... vip? tic-tac, castro, dasaabre gyamenah?... obour, mzbel, abrewa nana? I swear I've seen more Ghanaian artistes in concert than most Ghanaians I know... Makossa... I love Awilo Longomba so much that I named my brown teddy bear after him... this man and Celine Dion are still going to perform at my wedding.

  • Oatmeal: I became quite lazy this summer... and found out that oatmeal is the easiest meal to make... lol so a little bit of carnation and st. louis and we're good to go... Ice Kenkey is a great 'african substitute' (you know... put ghanaian kenkey in a blender with some ice cubes... and the carnation and st. louis as well... and you're good to go) I haven't had my other favorite woodland granola cereal in a while... patrice... you sending me some?

  • Dresses... of every lenghth, shape and form(yes including the new 'tent' dresses)
  • Video on Trial: This is a Canadian show where they dissect music videos... oh my gosh it's absolutely hilarious... Canadian humour rocks!!!

  • Yoruba-cussing in English: mo-fucking-daran men! lol

  • Sade... and Michael Jackson(and yes I did once believe the rumours that he's Nigerian... lol)

  • The 'fela impersonator' during the West African Idol auditions... 'i no be gentleman at all io... I no be genturuman at all'... in his white briefs, painted face and blank expression... forget timi... that guy was MY West African Idol. My friend Ms BA(dancing queen) is nuts about the 'I berieve I can fry' character... lol... and another friend was nuts about the girl in the blue dress and facecap(lol... I remember cos we watched the worst auditions time and time again... they were unscripted genius)
Things I don't like:
  1. Crocs: They are hideous and not meant for anything other than gardening... when will the madness stop?

2. Chinese Mesh Slippers... Never bought a pair... never will.. I absolutely can't stand em.. ewwww... absolutely hideous!

3. The words 'kpeklemesh', 'long tings', 'gbensh'... but no thanks to my kponkious friends I actually find myself using these words sometimes.

4. Most Mass Retailers: because they have managed to turn everybody into fashion clones. I don't care if I have to save up for weeks and months to buy clothes at certain stores cos the worst thing happened to me sometime this summer. Against my good judgement... I bought a certain sundress at one of those mass retailing stores ... went to a picnic in it... and saw not 1... but 2!!! girls wearing my same dress... not just the same style... the SAME COLOUR!!!(one of them actually came up to me and was like hey you... cute dress... ) I smiled at her but inside I almost died... I actually only ever really buy skinnies from that store cos they're usually long enough for my long legs and reasonably priced... but after that incident... the few things I actually own from that store is gradually being phased out and made into 'at-home' wear cos I couldn't stand it if it happened again... ewwwww.

It does seem like even celebrities aren't immune to this... but I have found some little-known fantastic shops that most people don't know about... and although a little pricey... it's definitely worth it.

5. That fracking freaking fecking show 'Take the Cake': fuck its stupid!!! It makes no sense... I tuned in last night and Tocarra was pointing her atomic bombs into the camera and oohing and ahhing about nothing in particular, a thick girl in a fulani tent-dress and rubberband belt was doing salsa moves to hip-hop, and the male-host was rubbing a cutout of beyonce legs with a slightly dazed look on his face.
Let 'Hova' catch you people!
Asking stupid questions to a stupid audience... that shows so stupid it puts lipstick on its head to 'make up its mind'(Lol.. yeah i got jokes... i'm a fan of yo mama like everybody else... dont even front... lol)

6. The fact that the black? guy didn't win 'so you think you can dance: voting ojoro!

*gosh someone sent me yahooze but I mistakenly deleted it cos it went to my junkmail... please send it again... I'll be more careful this time.. I promise... thanks and pretty pleaseee*


Ms-timi said...

hehe I feel you about the shoes thing! Loving the yellow fact I am wearing wearing yellow today to compliment to the beautiful weather that I am about to go and enjoy now that work is over. Nice post...very FUN!


oh my, I thought I was the only one that HATED those mesh slipper things! I don't care how many kids I have, I will always be fashionable, hip, will never drive a mini-van (and am trying to convince Husband to get the MB GL 450) and will NEVER put them damn crocs on my lovely manicured feet. No sir!

My toes are a dark shimmering plum from OPI (can't remember the exact name) and yes, dark nail polish is back! Last time it was in was in the late 90s and paired excellently with dark lipstick.

Nice post!

Jennifer said...

why do people wear garden shoes outside of the garden? I don't get it it's so dumb, they've come out with all different styles not there really trying to cash in.

I love yellow, it was my favorite color growing up and those shorts are to die for!

Love all the bling, it got me all giggly at 8 in the morning! Off to work!

Azumi♥ said...

Me too! Me too!
1.My rings are always on me. . . . seem to be the only jewellery I care about these days.
2. I'm sooo loving my black nail polish :-)
3. I have oatmeal EVERY morning! It's healthy . . . and easy!
Okay that's all for now! Hehhhe!

Kpakpando said...

OMG what's wrong with gbensh? it soooo needs to be included in the dictionary.

good ol cape codder huh... one day u'll outgrow those too, at least it's not the fecking apple martini... that's not even a fecking martini that's sugar and food coloring. *step off soap box*

lancome juicy tubes are soo yummilicious, i'm a bolole and simmer girl myself... but i wil swipe yours too, don't play

ol girl are you really trying to smoke kenkey, and you're denouncing the razz words, if that isn't the epitome of razz i dunno what is.

Zephi said...

Ohh I have so many thngs to I am gonna number them

1. I luv yellow..I walk into a store and I find myself gravitating towards yellow, I have to catch myself and say "variety zephi, variety is the spice of life"

2. I hate those crocs although I heard they are comfortable

3.Your on your own with those balcengia shoes abi wetin dem dey call am? that na the one wey go give person dislocation for leg...carry

3. Those pink pump are fire..

4. British accent makes me wet...I fell in love with a british fella and he broke my heart.

5.Oat meal!!! I fell in love with oatmeal after I had a cholestrol scare

6. No long ting.....Dbanj is just it mayne

7.speaking of curly can someone recommend a wet and wavy weave thats good quality cos this bad belle hair dresser chopped of my hair cos she was jealous that it was longer than hers..Looking in the mirror depresses me. She chopped it off in the name of trimming

8...Ok am I done, I think I am done :)
maybe not

9.I am done for real

bibi said...

lol.. do u still need the yahooze song

bibi said...


kokolette said... me o!
it seems i'm the only one out of the loop with this "yahooze" song/ dance!
OW, pls can you show me the way?:)
will be eternaly grateful!
so yellow huh? you know they say colors tell a lot about who we are...:)

O.šeyï said...

yellow is so IN. loving it. got bags and shoes. havent graduated to short
I HATTEEEE crocs. stupid.
5 11' damn girl. what the heck!!! people like you stole all the height and youre still wearing heels. what do you want from US!!! (ref: to shorties of the world)
love heels but cant wear 'em too often. weak knees* sigh
OPI rose colored. : )
saving for a david yurman baby! : ) I love his rings.
curls... cant go wrong. sexy on laadies.
i still havent heard this damn yahooze song!

Chronicles of a Naija Lady said...

I don't care if crocs are comfortable, they are ugly! Too damn ugly! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Great post by the way. :)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Ms-timi: yay! Another person who actually likes the shoes…. They’re gorgeous aren’t they? My best friend thinks I have a ‘weird chinesey style’… the thing is that every summer I sort of do a little style update… wear certain things more… certain things less… all that good stuff… and yes I have been crazyyy about yellow this season you have no idea… and it brings out the blonde highlights in my hair(my natural hair that I buy for $___ a pack… lol… ) keep enjoying the weather gorgeous… I know I am… especially when I think about the fact that in about a month or so… I will be getting ready to bundle myself up again…

Solomonsydelle: I always wanted to ask you the reason behind your name… cos typing it… I wasn’t sure if it’s a first and last name or a first name and something else… oh yeah I HATE those mesh slippers… I mean I’ve seen girls is some of the cutest outfits (some even designer)… bag on point, hair on point, shirt on point… jeans on point… and they wear these bloody net fashion mistakes… arghhh it pisses me off. Its like honestly I don’t care how comfortable… you can wear flip-flops if comfort is that important… and yes I wanna be like you when I grow up(lol… looking all cute… having my husband still tryna holla after 10,20,30 years… wat… lol…) oh I think I’ve seen that opi nail polish… I have a similar one shimmering navy blue… its absolutely divine… and I really hope ur hubby gets the MB GL 450… more sexy to your sexy mami…

Jennifer: one of my favourite fashionistas… how you doing gorgeous? Ok so I’m not the only one that CAN’T stand those garden shoes… they’re hideousssss… I swear they’ve even come out with ones that have designs… jen ppl actually colour-coordinate this thing… I have seen beautiful women… beautiful men in these things… at the MALL! I actually saw a husband, wife and daughter in em once… I was gonna die. I swear if you want cheap… go to old navy or something… if you want comfortable… flip flops… any beach store… but please in Gods name.. no crocs… arggh.

Azumi: lol… ahh another ring lover. You know how many guys have asked me if I was married before? I honestly don’t know which hands are the engagement or marriage fingers or whatever… just wear whatever feels right and fits wherever… I have tons of chunky cute cocktail rings… black nail polish I wear all the time… very rocker chic… luvs it.

Kpakpando nwanyi oma: sorry afurum comment gi na the other post mu… but by mistake ngam na e delete comments ofia na nzuzu ndi mmadu na ede ebe ahu… I mistakenly deleted yours… but anurum ife ikwuru…
ewww@ the word gbensh… I hate most of those naija words and make fun of them a lot oh but unfortunately for me… most of them stick… and I find myself saying them even when I don’t mean to… e pain me! lmao@fecking this fecking dat… kpakpando are we ‘fecking’ safe? Lol… my dear ehn… as I watch sex and the city before… I think say that cosmo kini dey sweet well well… whey dem dey chew mouth dey knack oyinbo dey meet fine boy wear correct shoe… I say make I elevate small try drink for architectural glass when grape abi na olive dey inside… nne eh…the thing no sweet me at all at all… the day when I come try am… I been dey on a date oh… lmao… as I come do my ‘sophisticated’ ‘cosmo please’, I no know as I go carry twist my mouth talk say the thing no gel me for body so I just manage am like that… but na the first and last time… lmao… I’m sooo razzzzz … haha. I have fought stronger girls than you for jacking my juicy tubes oh kpakpando so no try me at all at all… lmao@smoking kenkey… it’s not even like that homie… lol…

catwalq said...

u dis yeye alcoholic. i have always known u were campaigning for the chairman's position on the nigerian branch of the AA.
Cranberry Vodka koo, Coconut palmwine ni

catwalq said...

oh, oh, oh,
before i forget.
i only do BLOOD RED for nail polish. so much more stunning as french tips.

don't do yellow. makes me look hungry

stilletos...sometimes. i am scared of Igbobi

wetin else u talk sef...
make i go read jare

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Zephi: lol… you’re so adorable… and I’m hoping this means you’ve finally updated! Luv u for loving yellow… and oh my gosh I’m exactly like that! I swear I also gravitate towards yellow… my sister and besties actually stop me like ok girl… you have TOO much yellow… but the good thing is I have them in different pieces… so its not like alternate versions of the same thing… there’s this dress I wanna buy soon… I loooove the yellow version of it… a minidress with diamonds(lol) all over it…. It defines the neckline… the bustline(it’s like a poormans marchesa)… but I WANT the yellow… my friends say I can’t cos its just a blinged up version of another yellow dress I have… so I guess I have to buy the hot pink which is a really close second… ahh well. ewwww@crocs… don’t care how comfortable… they’re hideous! I love those balenciaga contraptions… very sexy very different… I swear I’ll rock them without hesitation even as I long reach and I think those are probably 5 inches or something… I go grow reach heaven. Lmao… I love British accents… matter of fact when I get my life in order(after uni) I think I’ll go there for a year or two to study british accent first hand so I can come back to Canada and work for the weekend news channel(yeah they’re partial to british accents I think…assholes!) you had a cholesterol scare? At this age? Chineke I no want check my own oh… wet and wavy I never really do… but I have friends who do… I’ll ask and get back to you… I had one hairdresser like that oh… jamo lady… she was ALWAYS chatting while perming my hair… I went to that woman for 2 or 3 years and every single time… my hair was either not retouched completely or slightly burnt(but I blame myself sha… repeat customer oshi)… lol… dang ur response was like a post and mine to u was like an even longer post… I too talk.

Bibi: I don’t have an older brother… but if I did… I will inform him to come and pay brideprice now now now now if you’re able to send that song… but in the absence of that… name your price(but keep in mind I’m a poor student oh) I NEED THAT SONG IN MY LIFE… I love it so much you have no idea… I only just found out it’s a guy or group called olu/maintain… I didn’t completely understand the words coming from omohemis mouth when she was telling me… lol

Kokolette my sweet pineapple: chai this babe you’re tooo late… that’s why God sent me to your life to keep you updated oh… so you didn’t know the yahoozee song… somebody is going to send it to me(I pray) and when they do… for just a tachiri(tiny/token) fee… I will make it available to you… shey you get… apparently there’s a dance too… I think I know what the dance looks like but I’ve never actually heard this song played at a party to make sure…. But I will give you the koko as it becomes available to me… if na dance lesson self you want… another additional token fee… lol… yellow says I’m fun and fun-loving and funny and um funntastic(lol I’ve run out of synonyms abi na antonyms… haha)

O.seyi: oh I guess I’m not the only one in love with yellow this season sha… or hating crocs… lol… I know I am pretty tall I guess but I’m a medium so it doesn’t show as much as it would’ve if I was skinny… but yeah I get flack for wearing heels all the time oh… cos I wear higher heels than my friends who are even 5 ft 4 and 6… actually come to think of it… I don’t even really have tall girlfriends… that weak knees thing na true abi na tori whey people dey talk? Cos I’ve been hearing that a lot lately… you know what… I’m getting yahoozee and premiering it on my blog when I do… cos that song is gonna win a grammy(in JESUS name!) soon… ahh… e better pass sexyknack abi na back self… it even has a special dance… chai… them want try? We’re taking over… david yurman I haven’t heard of.. I’ll chekirrout

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Chronicles of a Naija lady: lol… thanks mami… I went on your blog right now and the first picture I saw was a picture of these gorgeous louboutins… I was like dang… a girl after my own heart…. I like you already

My darling catwalq: The girl in the front while Naomi Campbell and Tyra banks are at the bank… kilon pop? A beautiful personality and an ass to match… lol… elewe ukwu egbu ewu(ok… to do some kind translation… when them look waist them go kill cow… ok so it doesn’t exactly work in the translation…but ask idemili… this is actually a compliment… lol) how now? One of the people that I can look at and tell what the weather is outside… wetin dey?
Chaiiiiiii… so I see your name come hail you finish only to see the kponkiousness of the comments when you leave for my blog… emi overwhelmed an alcoholic? Mba nu… you must to have been mistaken… although that coconut palmwine of yours does sound a bit tempting… you get the connect? Lol… all na for research purposes oh. Oh I love blood red… I used to only have that on my toenails until I discovered black nail polish oh… I just hope that if I go naija this xmas and wear that one… they won’t arrest me for ‘dark spirituality’ or whatever new law they’ll make up by then…lmao@igbobi… ur an unserious human being…. Craze girl…

femme said...

i saw the first 2 shoes and was like 'god forbid', but loved the others 'cept the pick.
i cant imagine wearing yellow. its a nice bright colour but lack of liver no gree me.
i absolutely love green in any shade, its so...
but i find my self buying a lot of brown recently, cant understand why.
i absolutely hate any semi solid food and don't know how i'm going to feed any children that have the misfortune of being mine.
i love heels in Nigeria too but they make me feel so 'long' here and haven't invested in this market in a while.
my toes nails are almost always painted in red wine but i think thats too safe, again no liver but i swear i have the most beautiful finger nails ever so i never paint them.

SapphireAster said...

1. I hate oatmeal...ewwwwwwwwwwww
I had enough for a lifetime while growing up.
2. Tocarra needs to chill..she's becoming annoying (no I'm not a hater..I was once a huge fan)
3. PLease I want the yahoozee song too please..I need to perfect my moves before I hit Naija in december o
4. I like sky high stilettos o ..and no matter how bad my shoes hurt i will NOT take them off outside my feet better break off with the shoes lol.
I;m not quite sure about those funky ones though
5. How is your 6-pack coming along?

Thats all I have to say.....Hope all is well o

Jaybabe said...

Good to see you are back to your bubbly self after the drama...enjoy your summer girl..

יש (Yosh) said...

Loving the cocktail rings...

LondonBuki said...

O da bi pe iwo omo ONB yii need ifoti... serious one for that matter.

Emi ati iwo... a kii n se egbe o.

So ara e!

eddiie said...

i loved the ear rings and shoes..i mean the high yield shoes..
they look great...

But That girl..yeah that one...

Patrice said...

You have a mind like a trap . . . Go to your local Food Basics and ask the lady on cash three to tell the young Indian lad working in produce to tell the store manager to call the head office to send the local area rep. In your best fake Yiddish accent, tell him Patrice sent you.

Anonymous said...

i love d shoes,yellow is my thing this period n will definitely move towaards gettin those ringss.......gurl r u tall.envy u a little

temmy tayo said...

Such a looooonnnnnnnnnngggg one!
I am loving yellow too. If only i am allowed to wear yellow for my wedding.


long legged sister mine!!! u know we r in thisbeing tall and wearing heels thing together, in fact before it used to just be my friend going on at me, but now, sef my papa don dey talk say, at 6ft u shouldnt be seen in heels at this rate no man shorter than 6.3 is gonna talk to you. yeah dad okay thats the idea. unfortunately i did yellow a few months ago and ive now gotten over it, my new fav colour is green, this lats week i bought so much green stuff i dont even know what to do with them. cant wait for you to come to lagos so i can teach u d yahozee dance now abi????
and thos egarden shoes??? dont even get me started on that nonsense!!!

Omosewa said...

Loving this post. Girl, you cant hate those nasty croc whatever shoes more than me, i'm serious, i feel like choking people i see rocking them. Like are you serious? Seriously serious? I heard theyre comfy though. Hmm, i got a yellow pashmina recently and i love my yellow earrings, thats all the yellow, okay maybe like 2tops, hehee its too colorful for me, but i love the color, its nice and happy. I thread my eyebrows, you should try, lasts way longer, i think i'll get it done again today. LOL@my wedding website crase, it died down, dunno why

catwalq said...

yeye girl...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Femme: lol... I looove those shoes... they're hideously expensive and possibly hideous to some but I adore em... I loove yellow... and bright colours... i actually own a neon green bracelet so you know I don't play... I used to be crazy about green two years ago... you're like my friend 'dancing queen' that girl is in LOVE with brown you have no idea... its like anytime I see anything brown I just think of her. lmao@hating semi-solid food... so no akamu ehn? nah red is bold as well... I love red... its my second favorite after black... although for some reason my mom used to tell me i was 'too young' to paint my fingernails red(i never understood that... but it sort of stuck in my head and even now i never do it)

SapphireAster: lol... I'm not like in complete love with oatmeal... I just make and eat it cos its really easy I recently found out... Ice kenkey rocks though! Toccara is too fawny... too excited... too 'sexy?'... I mean she is a beautiful woman but I dont really think she needs to moan over the fact that somebody figured out that the artist who was married to bobby brown, had a crack addiction and sang 'your love is my love' with the last name houston is Whitney... (Lol... me and my elongated metaphors self). I love you!!! I love my heels... don't play with em... I swear I can probably count on two hands how many flat shoes I own(at least the ones I still wear) but heels... we'd probably be here for a while... my dear 6 pack that one na long story oh... haha... i dont have it oh... instead of doing pushups and situps.. yeye me... i even went to get other belly piercings... i get small craze for head. Hope you're doing good my angel.. i missed you.

Jaybabe: Summers been FANTASTIC... the things and parties and places that I've been up to I never got around to writing about here but when I tell you it's been good.. trust me... getting ready for this weekend self... bittersweet cos I know its coming to an end soon... why am i in love with that song 'bed' by and i used to hate it when it just came out?

Yosh my blog backbone: ahhh.. you get better taste now... thats why I knew we'd get along well well.. how now?

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Madam LondonBuki: lmao.... I'm gonna try to do a translation of the ajebo yoruba you're speaking here:
'It seems like you this ONB(please I prefer when you use a superlative in front of my name for future references) you 'need'(lol) ifoti.. serious one for that matter

Me and you... we are not playing o.

Watch yourself/Mind yourself'

lmao... I'm so good I can't stand it... (if only I knew what ifoti is)

Eddiie: lol they weren't earrings oh... you meant to type rings or was it the yellow bracelets? I love those crazy shoes... I have the perfect outfit for the brown ones too... and the perfect bracelet for the 'lego-ish' balenciagas... If i wear either of those shoes... anybody that steps on my feet should probably ready themselves for a very dirty slap... lol(i have a friend like that.. that chick spends a fortune on her shoes... and the hell she raises when somebody spills or steps on them... it makes us all laugh)

Patrice: a mind like a trap.. that I do have... lol(especially with regards to the things that truly matter in life... like vodka, cereal and romance novels) lmao... all this long journey when you dey send me so... if I reach there and you no get reserved account with them... I go vex oh... lmao@yiddish accent... you remembered(and you tell me I have a mind like a trap) how you doing sweetie? loving our weather eh?

Anonymous: Lol @ me being tall... its funny cos I used to be like short/medium height... but one day I woke up in the morning and my arms were soooo long and my legs were so long and my body was long... lmao... it was the funniest and akwardest thing cos I used to knock over everything... but actually i didnt have it as bad as my sister... she broke everything in the house... cos we have these extreme growth spurts and then sort of get comfortable with it after a while... but now I rock it completely... and love it of course. But don't envy me my dear(some of the cutest men in the world are shorter or my height and I can't go there... so you have that on me... hehe)

SET said...


Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Temmytayo: Yellow rocks!!! oh my goshhhhh... how are the wedding plans going? and the summer? i dey come your blog now come check up... but no oh i for no even approve you with yellow wedding gown... mbanu.. i want you to look pure and fresh and white and angelic on d-day... i'm sooo happy for you t you have no idea...

36 inches: lol... you know ehn... the first day I read your blog id name... 36 inches of brown legs I was like ahhnn.. me and this girl we wil get along cos she will understand the sexy and the struggle... the sexy of having legs that go on... but the sometime struggle to find pants long enough... lol. I've had so many people talk about the heels thing but most people around me have simply gotten used to the it now... but babe I no know say you tall pass me(although I can argue that I'm technically 5 ft 11.5 inches... and I can round up if i want.. haha) I know my yellow obsession will probably be replaced in a few months... hopefully not with something as obscure as 'eggplant' or 'curulean blue' or something... lol. I used to loooove green 2 years ago... i still have certain pieces from that time... and after that it was red... ahhhh... when I reach Lagos yes oh you definitely have to teach me the yahoozee dance(hopefully by then it won't be out of style oh... that one go consign them cos me i will still be doing it oh) hope you had a great time in england my darling...

Omosewa: lmao... so you self dey carry your eyes dey see that croc nonsense ehn... can you imagine that i wrote this post yesterday oh lamenting about em and just today today... i saw a female in them... i almost died inside... lol... chai. oh my gosh@seriously seriuos... i say that ALL the time! this babe are you sure you dont know me somehow somehow.. tell me the yellow pashmina you got is not the one from h n m... i actually only own like 3 things from that store... but I think I'll add one more... cos the yellow (mustardy)scarf i saw there... i loved. I have some yeye scanty eyebrows like that oh... so its I always tel them to be very careful not to commot the little I have...sometimes I wax... sometimes thread.. sometimes both(depends on where I get it done).

Catwalq lady: the meat in my vegetarian peppersoup... i dey hail oh!

Set: lol... I wear so much yellow its not even funny... cocktail rings i dont even wanna count how many I own... probably almost as many shoes although I have quite a few favorite favorites... I love Celine... i've loved her from when I was a little girl(well.. teenager.. lol) I know like almost every song she did before 2002/3... I havent really kept up that well in recent years probably cos I'm of the opinion that her older stuff was wayyy better. I wish I coul've seen her in concert... but its not too late. lol... yes you are tall... and gorgeous... about high heels... I think the highest ones I own are 4 inches tall... I saw a pair of 5 inch ones at Aldo but they didn't have my size in em at the time... and my friend was gonna have a fit... cos then I'd be 6ft 4... lmao... that'd be a laugh.

Freaky Deaky said...

Take the Cake is quite possibly the worst and stupidest game show I've ever seen. Everything about it screams cheap, tacky, and ghetto. Then again so does everything else on BET.

Yellow panties and yellow short shorts? Thumbs and a couple of other things way, way up. :o)

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you were having an affair with Soul!!!!! I cannot believe you could do this to me!! How culd you!!! I will write about how this has made me feel, then I will kill you in prose!!! How could you?!!!!


P.S: What is Mo Daran?

Anuoluwapo said...

I totally agree that Danny should have won! Sabra is great, but Danny was awesome! They're just jealous cuz he already has so much going for him, I guess. I find it hard to believe that more people voted for Sabra than for him, especially after Wednesday's performance.

Aijay said...

Nice post. I've always loved yellow. It's perfect for me.
And those crocs... *Long Hiss* I hate them!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i AGREE with the black guy not winning... he was the best... i think it's all because they wanted a girl to win... but wasnt feeling her at all... she's good but abeg danny was way better than her....

not feeling the chinese mesh slippers either...

but the crocs... dont own one yet... but im definitely thinking of getting somn like that by sketchers....

anyways babe have an excellent weekend.. .and if no one has sent u the Yahooze song... it's on its way

londonnaijachic said...

I Love lancome juicy tubes too. The best!!!
EEEEWWWWWWWW @ the crocs. Ugly shoes and to think people pay to wear them. I wouldn't wear them if i was offered £1,000.
Those shoes are too high miss onb! Only victoria beckham wear those shoes.
I went to a party and that yahozee song came on. this girl that had this sour face all through the night stood up all of a sudden and started gyrating. The effect that song has on people is truly amazing!

Chronicles of a Naija Lady said...

Neil was my favorite performer and I always looked forward to his solos. Danny was the best dancer but never really showed much emotion until towards the end of the season.

Chronicles of a Naija Lady said...

I loved Neil and thought he should have won!

Soul said...

Okay.. I like yellow.. but erm.. no. I'm not odoing yellow until the sun comes out (lol).

oh and can I have the song too :)

I dig Mr Vegas... Once I heard heads high. the first time, I just thought ..okay me.. I'm going to follow your career you this man. I've been bugging my Jamaican acquaintances for his stuff ever since.
Although Beenie Man's new album is on rotation on my MP3 players sha (once met him at Heathrow airport lounge and geez I have never in my life seen a more blinging Gold huge ass watch Kai! it was shinning in my face the whole time I was talking to him)

oh and p.s. you know you my ride or die

e: lil kim. Please I beg you in the name of Jesus Write to her and tell her to do something about those eyebrows! abeg! I won't talk about anything else.. cos I'll be honest I dig lil kim's rap flow..
When I'm feeling like a bad bitch, I just put her shit on and laugh... like .. damn! Lil Kim got it like that! lol

ANd finally crocs now me, I'm not one to criticise fashion at all, I'm jeans and t-shirt kinda girl most days , who scrubs up well.. I like my own unique shit so.. I don't bother with other peeps unique shit.
But, on the crocs issue I gotta say WHY?.
In the name of all things holy...
Why do these things exist.. what is their purpose. Why would God allow something soo ugly to exist.
In fact I know it must be the work of the devil! I say a lil kid wearing them on the bus and I wanted to throw him off and jack his parents up by hteir necks whilst screaming in their ears!.
I could go on about my complete hatred for these shoes.. but alas I've given them too much air time already...
urgh! they make me want to hurl.

coco said...

i love the colour yellow, angelina jolie wore it best i think
and i cannot stand crocs i want to kill the person that invented them

Idemili said...

Yeah, I should really stop signing in as anonymous so that mgbe m kwuru okwu ka e were mara na obu mu. I mean ndi afo njo a could mee ka ha abu m, tinye m na gbagharia!

exschoolnerd said...

awwww..its time to do my own long commenting but am sure i cant never beat u at it...u take the cake sweets..

Yellow is my favorite colour so i love everything yellow...that reminds me get enuff yellow sturvs.

British singers rock my boat...corinne bailey rae,james morrison,craig david, amy whinehouse and the likes.

those funky high stilleto shoes are the shit...i like weird shit like that not normal boring looking shoes..though i cant wear them cause m like sad!!!

Been rocking the black nail polish a wannabee gothic chic so am loving it all the way.

yahoozee song is banging!!!!

loved this post will do mine sometime soon!!!!

SET said...


Naijadude said...

I love summer because it is summer and I LOVE my OWNB!!!

Fatoumatta said...

lol.....i feel u soo....hate them crocs too...they sooo pointless!!!
rock on!!

Jaja said...

I was grinning as i read post. were u not only telling us about stuff u like?
cool, cool.

'Cos wthout you, there will be no one to call my Afrcan Queen...."

Calabar gal's pal said...

As a fellow fashionista, i'm rally loving your list. I used to be so much into pink once upon a time, but like you, i'm now loving yellow also; i've got some wicked yellow heels and bags. You must tell me where that secret shop is abeg...i promise i won't tell. LOL. Hate those ugly crocs also!!!

kokolette said...

just read the post again...lmao!
Awilo and Celine Dion at your wedding...that will be beyond hilarious! it will go down in history!!!
(and yes pls, update me on that dance...i am too far behind to ask anyone else...thanks, muah!)
(yep, yellow does mean all that and more...will trade the answer for the dance! lol)

Beautifully Human said...

those Balenciagas look DANGEROUS! I'm all for high heels but at least I want to be able to walk in them.
Great post as usual; reminds me of what I've been missing.

Teediva said...

looong post. good to see u bright n happy. and i love them shoes too.

omohemi Benson said...

lol@is lagbaja british, babe yii gan sef.

I love british singers too, they are awesome.
the color yellow is growing on me though,gradually, but don't think I'll be dealing in yellow underwearthough lol.

I saw some crocs on oprah show,
with little buttons on it,they looked nice.

nice post!

omohemi Benson said...

I love the yahozee song, have you got it now?

The Last King Of Scotland said...


u dey write o.

do u want the song in mp3 format or video? (yahoozee) lemme know

Kira Fashion said...

I love oat!
I eat it everyday!
you are so right, that food is amazing!

a kiss

ENID P. said...

Yellow and oatmeal..

I agree...


Isi said...

i'm feeling the yellow too. got a top, didn't like the style, but it was yellow (hot like the sun!!!) and i was all over it. shapeless top, but people kept complimenting me... guess they couldn't see pass the colour.
great list!