Monday, August 13, 2007

diary of a g (dog... this is what you wanted right?)

*A personal fuck-you to whoever hacked into my account and posted my writeup on the above named STALKERS blog... cos I would NEVER write anything on there even if my life depended on it... him and his blog are completely distasteful to me... besides I already know he'd slink and stalk his way over here anyways... as he already has... and left about 20 comments in the past few hours*

Here's the thing dog?/dude?/dairy?/diary?:

So we broke up almost 4 months ago...
I'm not gonna go into details cos they're irrelevant really... and I'm past it... wayyyy past it... AND you.

After we broke up... I saw you once... you said hi to me... I ignored you cos you didn't exist to me... you'd lost it for me... you'd lost it to me.

You wanna know how and why you lost it? You lost it cos you were disrespectful and uncaring and selfish the time when I needed you... and I don't do disrespectful and uncaring and unselfish.
After I ignored you... you still had the audacity to call me on my cellie a few times leaving such stupid messages as 'hey baby'... 'happy anniversary baby' on different occasions
It's like dude... get a clue... I don't want anything to do with you... you're not my man... you're not my friend... get it?

I used to think we'd be friends no matter what happened with us cos I did share a lot of my life with you for the 10,11 months that we knew each other/ were together
But like I said... my 'friends' are there for me when I call them almost crying cos my mom has been admitted into the hospital for something I don't even know... and I can't reach her... my 'friends' put ego and imagined hurts aside and are there for me

When we were dating I had told you I had a blog... read you certain mummy sundays and certain entries from it... I had never given you my blog address... and you had promised me that you'd never go searching for it.

The minute we broke up... 'amazing writer'... 'unsigned lyricist' that you are... and because you just needed a place to air your pseudo 'intellectual theories' and 'empirical wisdom' you of course had to start up a blog
... I'm guessing the entire time that we were together... you probably knew exactly where my blog was and kept tabs right... knowing that I'd never lie on my blog... you could track me... find out what I was up to... if the times that I said I was with friends... I was really with 'Chris' or 'Michael'...
Good on you 'detective dog'

You started up your blog pretending to be a new blog reader from Canada who liked my blog... time and time again soliciting for me to stop by your blog... leaving 2,3,4 comments on each post.
I decided to be nice and see what you actually had to say(all the while not knowing that it was you)

I went on there... assaulted by words I didnt really understand... convoluted concepts... words put together that didn't mean much stuff to me... slang and basically not my kind of thing to read... I left a comment or two... but I decided I wouldn't go back to your blog... certainly not my kind of reading.

Listen I'm not even in the mood to go back and forth and explain my life away here cos you're not worth it... I have lost every atom of respect for you...
I probably would've forgiven you if after we broke up you didn't start up your little suspense series on your blog... disrespecting me... calling me names... talking shit about me... calling me a 'victim'
But you did.

The posts I wrote about you after we broke up were very 'journalist' very 'clinical'... Kimor said this and I said this back... I didn't go on insulting you... talking shit about events that happened months ago in the relationship.. the time when you did A and i said B and you did C... which then proved that you were an asshole
I didnt talk about the time... that day on November 11th or February 18th when your mom said D and I thought E but you said F... which shows me that 'you were ____'

I didn't quote dates and events of time past... cos that's exactly what they were... in the past... I didnt try to make a case against you... I just said what had happened... how it happened and that was it.
But oh no... You're the champion writer with a cause... award-winning lyricist and male activist... you went to every single persons blog begging for them to come on your blog and 'peep' something... that you had secrets to tell...
you will probably never know how tiny you became to me after that... how all the respect I ever had for you went down the drain

I never went on and on about you after we broke up cos you ceased to matter... you didn't mean shit to me and basically writing about would be a waste of brain time and blog space. But you couldn't resist of course... 4/5th(that's 80% by the way) of everything that you have ever written in the entire time that you've been blogging has been about me or with some reference to me(veiled or unveiled) ... things that have absolutely nothing to do with me you bring my name up... GET MY NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

You were trying to prove a point... prove yourself to people you don't even know... trying to smear my name when the people you were hassling yourself about don't know me either...
You became a sad little boy running around for attention... not the Kimor I wrote poems about

I never came on your blog to prove or disprove things that you said because there wasn't a point... you had become an ant in my sight... and it's like I read somewhere... if you see someone you don't like falling down from a high-rise building... there really is no point of giving them a shove as they pass down your window (they're falling anyways... get it?)

Anytime somebody left a comment on my blog... even till this day... you run immediately like a chicken without a coop to their blog to comment... oh come on my blog... oh please new blogger... pass by my blog... oh please... I'd appreciate it if you stop by my blog... oh please... I'm dairy or diary of a g and I really need your readership... oh if you that's not reason enough... overwhelmed naija babe is my ex... yeah... that onb... yeah... so come by my blog... I have some stories to tell about her... pretty please come by my blog.

I do not own blogger and will not say anything about you choosing to start up a blog but you of course could've gone about it an entirely different way... you could've

The real reason I'm writing this here post is to tell you Kimor aka Diary of a g or dog or whatever you call yourself now to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!

You have sent me emails threatening me... telling me you'll show up at my house when I least expect it... you have left me messages calling me baby when you know I'd probably only piss on you if you were on fire... and that's just cos I'd do that for even the person I hate.

You have left me comments threatening to rip the clothes off my body if you saw me on a date with a guy wearing anything you had bought me when we were together. You have left numerous comments here that will be bad news for you if they get into the wrong hands.

You are CYBER-stalking me and making me extremely uncomfortable. It will be safest for all involved if you would completely stay away from me, my blog and stop the negative attention and threats

Initially you used to leave 1,2,3 comments per post... but now you've gone up to 15, 23 and once I counted almost 30 in ONE post... DUDE GET A LIFE... A GIRLFRIEND>>> A FRIEND>>> SOMETHING!

I ignored your for months on months even though you haven't relented in your constant badgering... but it's become obvious that the silent treatment isn't working... you have intensified your efforts instead. There is NO post that I have written on this blog that you haven't commented on since you started blogging.... NONE whatsoever.

In your comments you beg me to publish your comments... read your blog... comment on your blog... then you threaten me... you go on other peoples blogs and try to escalate things that aren't even issues... anywhere my name is mentioned your body temperature rises... you just have to get a word in... you just have to let them know that you used to know me... you have to say something... it's like dude are you sick in your head?

You have told numerous bloggers how much of a bad person I was... how disrespectful and controlling and bla bla bla... so its like why are you nose-deep in my shit if it stinks so bad? why you grovelling? why you feining?

I don't understand your obsession with me... GET OVER IT!

You have threatened that you'll never let me be or leave me alone... it's like dude... choose a personality and stick with it. Are you a little pussy boy still longing after things long gone or are you a hardcore shoot-em-up motherfucker? Dude I'm tired of your bullshit and if this doesn't let up... I will build a case against you...

You do realize that stalking of any kind is an offence right? You do realize that when accompanied with your past 'indiscretions'... you might be in for a surprise right?

You swear you know so much about me... but you'll be surprised what I know about and in a situation where you're threatening me... you'll be surprised what you could get for that... I remember stuff 'diary?/dairy?/kimor/delusional'.

I won't put your shit out here... but you know how it goes for 'repeat offenders'
Be careful what you do darling... cos she who laughs last... usually laughs best.

I used to respect and even like you once... and I really don't want things to escalate beyond this but for me to put up this post after months and months of your constant threats and badgering... it's because I'm sick and tired of it... of silent treatment that hasn't led me nowhere... of being bombarded with comments that I neither solicit from you nor welcome... I'm tired of being a 'victim' If you remember anything about me... you know that I'm a fighter. Dude... don't get me started... end it NOW!

So here's the thing... I don't want to drag this back and forth and I'm not really interested in anything you have to say... all i'm saying is... kindly leave me alone... don't mesage me... don't email me... don't comment on my blog... just stay away from me

Don't beg me... don't threaten me... don't be nice to me.. don't be rude to me... DONT BE

Now that you have your own blog... have made your own blog friends... stick to that... let this be a memory... cos thats what you are to me...
actually that's not true...

Now you're a non-person to me... you know... like someone that NEVER happened.



Soul said...

Let me guess aburo...

This 2 -bit pussy boy won't leave you alone will he?

DAng girl! Your shit is the chronic!!.
You got that weed head hooked on you like you some high grade! 4months and the idiot can't even see straight past you.

I would have thought by now he would have at least been able to beg someone for a mercy shag or maybe pay for it, so he can at least get the taste of you out of him.. but no?. dang! ABuro... you are a fucking pimp.

You need to bottle up your juice and sell that shit.. cos you don made this negro go crazy.

I don't know what kind of a trick he is, but this shit is beyond sad and pathetic...

I mean didn't he break up with you? over 4 morrasucking months ago?
The idiot tried to pull a power move and it back fired. lol..
Anyone who would do this is really a tiny little insecure boy

What a joke he has become, it's a shame when an ex turns psychotic, you always hope for the best for your ex's, you hope that you can walk with your head held high and point to an ex in the street saying..

look at that guy, he used to be my ex.. and have all the girls look at him like.. wow! dude is nice But this time, you gonna be running across the street from him.

I doubt this idiot knows that online stalking is an offence even in canada.

How can an ex be soo jobless, so pathetic, soo without a life of his own to be leaving you 20 comments per post!! WOW.

He must really like drama. Yeah, that's it.. the boy no get life.. na your own he want to be enjoying.

Here's the thing, if he has soo much as physically threatened you via comments, then take it straight to the police!

It is an offence and if he has previous then haa haa haa...
I guess sad and pathetic ass will be very comfortable in a place that will show him that he ain't really nothing more than a lil bitch.

You've warned him honey....
If he persists... take that shit to the cops straight away.

Dang... See, what the internet has become, now that everybody can pay $1 for access

LittleGirlLost said...

I'm with soul. You must be onto something. Tips please.
Overwhelmed keep any emails/comments you know, just in case!

30+ said...

@Overwhelmed, please try and resolve this amicably.
Your best bet is to just chill and don't post about it. At some point you both were close, so for that sake biko chop pill and don't be vexed. You don't need this kind of rasmatas.
But I am with littlegirllost keep comments and any emails to prove stalking if there is any such behaviour.
Who is Karma (comments on DOG)and why is he/she fanning the flame of trouble?

Teediva said...

wowawiwow!!!! na wah o, girl take it easy, u shldnt be getting this kind of stress after ur recent recovery. banish to the land where he belons, the land of the ignored. and get on with ur life.

Be silent said...

Keep evidence we need to put him down real hard!

Anonymous said...

Drama follows you o. Other than that I know not what to say.


Aijay said...

Woooow!! I can only imagine how pissed you are.
Calm down & take it easy.
I understand your outrage. If possible, try not to give him the satisfaction of reading an entire post about him.
He seems to be enjoying the drama.

Ubong Da said...

otio o! shoo better gist wan pass me by. Una bad o!. why una no halla me say better dey here. I don kak for here now o. may the fun continue oh jare...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Just to point this out: I know I can be fun or funny or whatever sometimes but I didn't infuse this with any humour whatsoever because it is NOT fun or funny to me... this has been happening for months and months... it's not here for drama or jokes or to talk shit about anyone cos I could've done that in the first week or so after this guy and I broke up... i wrote it now because I am simply FED UP with the constant badgering and negative attention and threats and excess comments he has been putting up on my blog. I just want him to stay away and not come on here... or contact me... and that will be the end of that.. and he'll keep being the non-person that he has been to me since our breakup.

I do not want or need drama... if I did... I would've dragged things out when he started his blog and gone back and forth like him with the 'he said she said' stuff.. I am only putting this up cos I do not want to be anybodys victim or live in any kind of fear for my personal safety... online or in real life.

My 2 cents said...


Please,please, if there are threats to your life, contact the authorities and get a restraing order. You must not underestimate the viciousness of a threat. People are dead today or maimed over non issues like this. I know it is God who protects, but we as women must be cautious for our own safety. Take care of you darling and be well.

mirage said...

Is this for real girl? men this is deep i must read it all through again before i make a comment. meanwhile tanks for stopping by i just updated a long one though!

BOBBY said...

Like i said, print out the threatening emails, and go to the police if you are uncomfortable.

Diary of a G is cool, i have no problem with him but if he is threatening you, then thats a no-no. Your safety is what matters...go to the police.

I have said my piece.

Talk to you tonight.

coco said...

i think you are deffinately better of without him
and that proves it well and truely

catwalq said...

ubong da, na so i see am. yesterday, i branch here come advertise my new post, na im i come take eye knack overwhelmed vs D.O.G.
Me i am torn o. Overwhelmed is my blog babe and D.O G is my blog acquaintance.

Aunty please take it easy. But if you feel you are in danger, please get legal counsel and the authorities involved.

This blogville sef, all sorts. and I thought we were immune to all this nonsense... so sad

Unbiased said...

I agree with 'my 2 cent'. Babe protect number one. If someone is jobless enough to harrass you like this then take the threat seriously and make sure that a stop is put to it. He might not mind being a jail bird which is cool for him. But you mind being stalked so if he wont stop, send him there.

Soul said...

Forget the idiots who think threats on your life is funny or is entertainment value..

Stalking is also known as criminal harrassment.
Get the evidence, all the emails all the comments plus the ones left recently..
get them together, dion't worry fi you've deleted them, when it comes to the law, google will get them off their servers.

Let this bastard know that words matter and he can't just threaten you anyhow..
The fucking coward... doing big man behind Internet.. anoufia!

princesa said...

Hey ONB, i came over here fron DOG's blog.
Am with 30+ on this,
Whatever the problems u guys are having, its better you sort them out of here(blogville).

O.šeyï said...

OH WHY NOW?! After all i wrote

I wont like me i didn't know D.O.G. was your ex till you wrote this. And i'm sure there are many people like me... but i have a feeling you could care less at this point.

D.O.G. men... i don't even know what to say. lol. I think you just got bitch-slapped with words. This is quite embarrassing. Soul even added mouth sef. lolol. Pele o. You too why are you "purshuing" someone that does not want to be "purshued"! Na by force? E sey im no want again! Ahn Ahn! You suppose put tail inside leg commot.

ONB... o ya no vex. take it easy love. You should take M2C's advise and protect yourself. Especially after this. I'd be surprised if he doesn't try to get you back for this one. or not... who knows. Either way, just be careful.

Head up! ;)

Idemili said...

No, I didn't mean that the way it sounded. I meant that things have been happening around you of recent. However, I seem to be misunderstood a lot these days so I'll shut up, go away and come back later. Hopefully I will re-phrase it in a way I can be better understood.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Ide I love you and I know how you meant what you meant... didn't take it anyways or I wouldn't have published it... we go back further than that... the comment i made wasn't directed at you in anyway... you suppose know now.

Patrice said...

I doubt your account was hacked. It looks like D.o.a.G. sent your writeup to himself as a comment. He selected 'Other' as an identity and then typed in your user id and web page in the corresponding fields. He knew that when published, the comment would look as if you sent it. Note that your display image, which normally accompanies your comments, is missing. And look at the time stamps of his comments before and after the one he tried to pass off as yours. They are too close together to be coincidence. Overwhelmed, if you give him enough rope, I guarantee he will hang himself.

Pink-satin said...

okay me sef i am overwhelmed now o!ONB..wats happpening!let me go n re -read and read the last post too!

Pink-satin said...

ONB..u may be angry right now!and u have every reason to post up what u want to post up!but girl pls settle this amicably!jo,biko!there may be a misunderstanding somehwhere...nne Biko!...take it easy love

Ms-timi said...

Keep your head up girl...he is not worth ur sweat!

Jaja said...

Instead of Trouble make rain fall

O.šeyï said...

Ah.. Patrice you be detective o. lolol. I need to hire you to trail my boyfriend abeg. lol. I think he's cheating on me! LOL (TOTALLY KIDDING)

Anonymous said...

okay DIARY OF A G or whatevr you call yourself you have tooo fucken far
FOR THE LIFE OF ME I CANNOY UNDERSTAND HOW SUMONE CAN BE SO FUCKING CRAZY.. LIKE LEAVE THE GIRL ALONEEE.. she does not want anything to with you. its been four months, youve had enough time to heal why r u still hurtin?
u brougt this upon yourself, n ow its over why r u still fuckng bothering her like leave her the fuck alone.
liek fuck do u have a life? all u do is fuckin sit on blogger and harasss ppl . at fuckin 21 or 22 ur proven to B as WORTHLESS AS IT FUCKEN GETS LIKE JESUS CHRIST. GET IT THRU UR FUCKIN THICK HEAD.. UR A DISGRACE TO JAMAICANS. REAL TALK UR WORTHLESS..

SET said...


laspapi said...

I didn't know it was this bad, Storm. If you have to live with someone obsessing over you, leaving threats and abuse on your blog, it's a criminal matter. The person also needs help. We make the mistake of thinking everyone's 'well' because we all speak English. Not so. Treat this kind of matter with all the seriousness it deserves. I'll go in search of the things we spoke about earlier and confirm with you.

Waffarian said...

Abeg, overwhelmed, don't listen to all these people instigating the matter, you know what happened, he knows, let it be. You will get emersed in negative energy for no reason at all. I know it is hard not to say something when you are constantly being insulted, believe me, I have been tempted many times to give back....I almost did but in the end, all that negativity is not my problem and it should not be yours either. Don't listen to people edging you on, at the end of the day, only you will sleep with your thoughts at night. Be yourself, I know it is fucking hard, but be yourself and let it go.......

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Waffarian: here’s the thing babe…. It’s not about what people say or don’t say. I am the one who has been going through this for months and months…. Babe it has been relentless… I never said a word about it or talked about him on my blog because I didn’t want to escalate matters… I thought by keeping quiet… everything would eventually go away… the dude would forget about me… leave me alone… BUT he hasn’t. he sent me a few threatening comments and an email when we broke up… I had forwarded it to a couple of friends who all advised me to do something about it… file it somewhere because when someone actually puts it in writing that they will follow you and show up around wherever you are and is stalking you emotionally… then it’s not something to take lightly. But at the time I thought nah.. this is the kimor I dated for months and months… he’d never do that… he’s just talking. BUT IT HAS GOTTEN PAST THAT… this guy bombards me with comments day in day out… when you’re getting 15 comments daily… 10 comments daily from someone saying any and everything possible… begging you one minute and threatening you the next… even I know that it’s not something I want to take as a joke anymore. I do not feel comfortable… I feel threatened… it has become TOO MUCH. 4 months of this is definitely more than enough for me. It really isn’t about people what they say or don’t say… but about me and my peace of mind… I could’ve gone ahead and done what I wanted to do… but I put this up as a last resort… a last warning… a last plea… leave me alone Diary of a G/Kimor… if he stops commenting on my blog… doesn’t attempt to email, call or get in any form of contact with me… the matter is done and dead… but if he keeps up with it I will have no choice but to pursue a course of action that he will probably regret. I will sleep much better at night knowing that he’s not constantly dogging me… waffy you will never know some of the shit I went through with the comments that I have received from this guy… I have heard horror stories… and I don’t want my life to become one. I don’t feel safe… and I’m gonna do something about it if this guy does not leave me the hell alone… that is a promise.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

... and somehow I think he thinks I'm joking cos even a few minutes ago he put up another comment on my blog... it wasn't threatening... but it was a comment... DIARY OF A G... you're gonna be surprised... and it will be all your fault. STAY AWAY!!!

Waffarian said...

Dammmmmmmn. I am so sorry babe!I know how bad I feel seeing the stupid shit the "anonis" of blogville leave for me, but my case is really "mild" compared to yours cos I do not live on the same continent. Nobody should feel unsafe, it is not right and it is not fair. Do what you have to do. Please take care of yourself. I am so sorry this is happening to you!

kokolette said...

Let it be...
I think he'll leave you alone after this!

Soul said...

I don't know why people find it so difficult to put down bad behaviour or even to say something about it. But then there are too many fucking hypocrites running around blogville.

I mean Jesus Fucking christ!
He broke up with her.
4 motherfucking months ago.
He has not left her alone since.
She has kept her calm, let it be ignored it.
Day in, day out.. this obsessive compulsive lunatic has emailed her or commented on her blog.
begging, pleading for her and an audience. Asking her to come back, saying she knows he is the one.

To all of you who say she should settle this amicably... shame on you. Yes I said shame on you!.

How do you settle amicably with some who has threatened your life?

What would it take for some of you to codemn bad behaviour?, when he assaults her offline?

This fool doesn't even hide his disturbing behaviour, he openly goes around talking about her and commenting on every little thing.
Did anyone even stop to ask him why he is still commenting or talking about his ex, who he broke up with?

How do you 'settle amicably' with someone who promised to stalk you?

Someone who has threatened to slap you, or rip the clothes from your body in the streets

Someone who steals your pictures

Someone who can't help but talk about you day in, day out.

If this were you, you would have gone to the police immediately!.

Overwhelmed, kept her cool and thought it will stop, it hasn't stopped.

4 months, 16 weeks worth of comments, sometimes 10, or 20 a day

On some posts, he comments on every single comment everyother person makes..

yeah, that's all of you. When you comment, he leaves a comment based on what you've said most of them derogatory.

But, trust peeps oh... they are still sitting her shinning teeth talking about amicably. Saying she should just sit and take it.

Some of you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves, but then... I don't expect you will cos you know.. integrity is just too high a price to pay, when one can bury one's head in the sand and act like the world is a happy happy place.. and like this shit is just 'hee hee hee' 'lol' just oh funny... or maybe it's just ... you know ahh just a little disagreement'.

The saddest thing here is realising how most people do nothing.
How most people through their silence encourage abuse.. and folks this is abuse.
How many people will say.. hey oh, he is doing this...?
'don't worry oh, just keep quiet he will forget it'

If he didn't forget it for 4 months, he is not going to forget it now!. How long do you want her to wait? 6 months? 1 year?.

What the fuck happened to integrity?
what the fuck happened to condemning bad behaviour?

What ever happened to just saying this is wrong...

ohh I forgot, yeah....
'shhhh, that's been buried under the 'ignore him, settle it amicably, take it offline'
It's been buried under the bowing and scraping and kissing ass.

I swear if God were just... this shit would happen to every fucking one of you who laughed at it.
And every single one of you, who somehow think this is a joke
and every single one of you, who by your words seem to be encouraging her to put up with this threats and just keep quiet.

Overwhelmed has now served notice, as is required by law.

Afrobabe said...

so its like why are you nose-deep in my shit if it stinks so bad? why you grovelling? why you feining?

oh my God,I know this is supposed to be serious but am loving that line,cant wait for a fight to throw it out...maybe I'LL GO START A FIGHT NOW!
Love you loads girl,just ignore him..

Uzo said...

Sweetheart, i still think u need to let stuff go....I am sure it was therapeutic to write this, but you could simply have ignored him

Jennifer said...

I can't believe somebody hacked into your blog, I had it happen a few years back and the person posted some really mean things about me for everyone to see it was terrible.

AbujaBabe said...

Whats going on here??? plz hun dont let it stres you ok! Just relax..
I'm in shock! are we talking about the same Diary of a G??

Just forget about him your still beautifull inside and out!

Ciao Ciao..xx

Ubong Da said...

I still dey here o!. Hmm my people talk say when husband and wife dey fight make neighbours no put mouth, because when dem settle dem go descend on you. Me I no get comments, na siddon read and shake head I dey o!.

So for those of you reading one side of the story and passing judgements na at your own risk o!.

Jaybabe said...

All i can tell you is i've been there..done that. But what i did to save myself some stress:
1.I don't take his calls
2.I dont reply to his comments(this one pisses him off way too much!)
3.I've banned his mails from my yahoo account
4.I ignore his mails at other chat sites.

So girl do likewise. I like you and DOG..i loved this couple. I don't even wanna take sides.I've told him the same.You guys shud be friends. You got memories remember? Very good memories. So does that mean nothing at all to the two of you? I don't even wanna remind you of those....

My sympathies....and good luck

Jaybabe said...

I am just coming back from reading everything about this post. I saw that you been called names- i been called names too,every name you can think of-whore,slut,bitch,every name.

Have you ever not asked yourself why somebody would call you that and still want you back? Like you were asking DOG, why he had to on kip sniffing on what he used to term as stinking. If somebody loves you like they say they do, why threaten to even kill you? He told me that he's gonna kill me,and yet he says he wants me back! Is that the meaning of 'if i can't have you no one will?'.

Just go and read this..
A lot of editions have been made here..

You don't wanna know what he is doing to my current boyfriend right now.Giving out threats and all. You were talking of four months? Nna i been going thru all this for 6 months now. But like you said i haven't written anything about me and him,coz...there's just nothing to write home about.

I'm feeling you girl..but i just want the fighting to stop.PLEASE!!!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Girl, i have read back and forth u and DOG's blog's all i can say is this has to STOP!!! it's sort of disgraceful. You know blogs arent that anon. What is this??? one person has to try and ignore, endure, whatever but just end this please. please. Its very intresting to read and easy for us to laugh at but man what of ur reps????

Please nne let it go, so no more bums will be opened this is uncalled for and honestly a bit childish. You have really tried cos u have ignored him since. For all you know it might not even be Kimar or whatever. Havent u heard that ignorance is the best answer............... u have been ignoring since. This is my first comment on ur blog and yesterday i rushed to DOG's blog also to read the drama.

Long story, am trying to tell u to step aside. No harm will be fall u. You guys should leave this thing please.

Igbo Invader said...

Oh my goodness, I just came on this blog now and been back and forth to Diary of a G, and you know what I found? Someone forged Overwhelmed's comment on his blog! Somebody copied and pasted the post and then signed it as "Other" - the person wrote "Overwhelmed naija babe" in the "Name" column and copied overwhelmed's profile link into the "Webpage" column. Ha! Na wah for blogville twisters looking for trouble. Everybody should watch out because things like this can happen to any of us. All you need is a good relationship to go bad! Please don't fan the flames anymore for the sake of drama. That goes to you all - both bloggers, supporters, readers and the parties involved. Let Overwhelmed do what she has to do, and let her sort out the matter with her ex-boyfriend. If possible with the police and a restraining order.

Overwhelmed, perhaps you might want to consider starting afresh with a new blog address?

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

A kel called wonder: what is disgraceful? the fact that a guy is polluting my space and threatening me with all kinds of harm and after 4 months of this constantly i'm telling him to leave me alone or face what'll happen when I take it to the cops and file a restraining order? Reputation? Mine is of someone being threatened and cyber-stalked... and his is of threatener and stalker... there are no bums being opened here except for the one that involves my personal safety... I have had ENOUGH. I have not told you or anyone else here anything about him... all I have done is put up a post informing him to leave me alone or bear the consequences. I have ignored and ignored for 4 months and it hasn't led me anywhere... it's gotten progressively worse... and you DON'T know that harm will not befall me... you're not the one who has recieved the comments and threats and constant negative attention.. it's me... I don't feel safe about it and I will not want to find out the hard way exactly what he is capable of... like I said... one more comment from him... and that's it... it's on to the cops. I will NOT step aside.. i have to protect myself...

I have lived through abuse before... and I WILL not let myself become victim... verbal, physical... sexual... NONE AT ALL.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

ONB - first off - maybe you didnt know but a kel called wonder is a lawyer - a Barrister - so whatever advice she is giving stems from her years of experience in handling such matter.

Now ONB - my advice is if you feel your life and your liberty is threthened - save the evidence - make him aware of it. This is how you hear about people being killed.

Now, as long as he knows you have documented all his vile mails, then hopefully he wont try anything. Its just a shame that even relationships that have ended cannot be ended amicably. Obvioulsy I'm not pointing fingers at you hun, I do remember you only ever singing praises for him, but whatever he felt you did to him, well its ended, and he should move on. Shoot. So hun, hows the summer parries coming along!


is this real?

wow. there is so much venom here o. abeg D.O.G, on behalf of ONB, please leave her alone o. no give am wahala oo or else.......

cos i no wan vex for here

Idemili said...

Is there a way to ban certain people on blogger?

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Nwannem Ide: I'm looking into that as well...

Aijay said...

Read this post again & your subsequent comments.
Didn't realise this was very serious.
You clearly feel threatened by his actions.
You've got rights. With proof of his threats, get the law involved.
Send him a warning expressly stating that he should stay away from you & make sure you keep a record of it. If you've done so in the past, that's even better.
Don't waste any time. Get a restraining order issued against him.
You'll be fine.

The shopaholic. said...

What a stupid fucktard!
When he initially started up that blog of his, I stopped by and read a bit and I remember thinking.."is this fool for real?' or is this one of ONB's admirers playing a silly joke.
Fool obviously can't keep his name out of your mouth, with his grammatically challenged self.
Wo, if he wants it..we shall bring it. What rubbish...
Sorry my sister, if he wants to take it there, girl you know you gotta do what you gotta do.
Keep your head up, we have your back. :)

Ozymandias said...

your ex does sound like a very cocky and sly dude, I wonder why he thinks he has everything going for him..and he can say/do whatever he feels like..well,tread softly so things don't spiral out of control...but don't give him the benefit of acknowledgement..he's ancient history to you!!!

tlk said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. take i easy o

keep prayng and thanking God u are alive. u dont need this drama

Omosewa said...

Take it easy babes.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

He's fucked

Vickii said...

Cyber stalking is stalking except that the stalker is stupid enough to leave a trail ... hope you're keeping them all.

I really hope he stops and please go to the police if he continues threatening you.

IJEOMA said...

it always amazes me how one day, we are in love with someone and the next minute, we hate them and despise them. It is in fact true that there is a thin.. . very thin line between love and hate. ANd this is evidentiary of it all. Overwhelmed i know you as a strong chick. You have so many important things in your life that you must deal with beyond this DoG debacle.. And i predict years from now, this event will cease to matter. Its just one of those things.. Stay Strong and DO YOU..

Lonely Truth said...

this is sad...
He claims hes taunting you, but i believe theres a reason for the "taunting". People dont just do things for no reason. He was hooked, got sore, decided to hurt you hoping you'd bleed to death but instead, you healed and poor mister man is still there, bleeding... slowly dying, nursing a sore wound while sending you "SOS" messages masked as threats (or whatever), hoping you'd somehow run to his rescue...
you have something he wants.
He knows this.
it hurts to hurt for so long, i'm sure. I just wish he'd approach and deal with his pain differently... at least like a man, if not like a grown man.
but seriously, i meant ma first question; is your shit sugarcoated?
because you know "ants" will sniff that shit out however you try to hide it.

Lonely Truth said...

For ppl that are saying she should let it go, i'm not saying she shouldnt BUT where has "letting it go" led her??? hasnt it been 4months? would YOU endure such harrassment (or whatever you wanna call it) for so long?

quite frankly, i give OWNB a lot of credit because i think it takes a lot to be this passive. And sometimes, being passive isnt a good idea

Mari said...

Hey ONB, I have no idea whats going on but you have to be very cautious. Take it care.

Lonely Truth said...

Catwalq, na de same ting o! On blogville, i visit and comment on both their blogs and as much as i cant like everybody, i appreciate the both of them for their better qualities so yeah i hate that they have this conflict. But as i see am, The truth (and the right) never changes regardless of the sircumstances. No one ever tells a full story (i.e 100% truthfull story). I know that everyone has their personal honey, salt and pepper that they accentuate their story with, hoever o, with the story that i have read on both blogs, I DO think this is a serious issue and think that the harrassment needs to stop...

not taking sides, just saying...
like i like to say "the truth remains yet, still..."

OWNB, good luck

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Overwhelmed don't let folks make you upset or leave blogville. Takecare sha.

Mr.Fineboy said...

Crazy stuff. This whole blog thing is supposed to be fun, it's almost shocking to me that some people use it as an avenue to harass and stalk people!!! Chin up ms. lady, I'm sure he'll leave you alone now.

Bluntremi said...

ONB darling... I dont know what to say. Chin up, dont let this get you down as it too shall pass. Nothing is worth this amount of stress and aggravation.

femme said...

me i'm overwhelmed o!
dont know what to say. guess its a private matter. we all created our blogs so we could vent.
hope you are ok
be safe

Confessions of a moody crab said...

Nwa nne nwanyi, biko jiri ya wayo. Let sleeping dogs lie....nothing is worth this amount of headache.


Olamild said...

Too long 4 me to read
My eyes are hurting
but I read a good portion of it and all i can say is Let peace reign

Zahratique said...

I'm with 30+ please try to solve it as amicably as you possibly can.

Not everyone is as strong as we are, we may be able to break up and move on but to others, a break up is the beginning of madness.

All da best resolving the issues Overwhelmed.

UnNaked Soul said...

this is deep...

FACT 101: All men a wired differently...

FACT 102: Stalking is a lame man's game.

FACT 69: If it doesn't cum it won't go *wink*

Kira Fashion said...

Thanks for passing!

a kiss

Labelle said...

truly to ur blog! lol...

Ms-timi said...

Hey girl, hope ur good! I have updated sha...sry i took so long. x

Sisbee said...

Honestly, life doesn't have to be this complicated, it's eay to say ignore because we're not involved, but honestly, that is he only answer, God uses time to heal the rest.

Fatoumatta said...

wahooooo.....knew i missed on smtin...holy this guy INSANE???so where's he now??better hope he's hiding...coz those were some dran bullets u shot at him!!!
Rock on girl...dnt let no MAN get u down....esply if he's not worth it!!