Tuesday, April 10, 2007


You have one new voice message

From Kimor at 3.47am: 'yo waddup whelmed?'

Kimor YOU broke up with me... not the other way around
so why can't you just let me heal in peace?!?!?!


and please... please stop calling me 'whelmed'... we're not at that place anymore. It's Overwhelmed to you now


Waffarian said...

Baby girl, pass his phone number, let me help you out! hissssssssssssssssssssssss, I go curse am well well "waddup"? hisssssssssssssssssss

Akin Aworan said...

@ 3am in the morning? Obvious that the guy wants something and will give you grief in the purpose..

Juicy Fruit said...

Definitely that Jamo gbanja he dey smoke. 3 in the freaking morning???

Orientatednaijababe said...

Don't let him interfere with you moving on....some guys r like dat, they just want girls pinning over them. stay tough.

Ugo Daniels said...

Maybe Overwhelms hot legs freaking him out. he wants a second taste...lol

Seriously, dude should grow up and stop being a brat!

Soul said...

You know that he needs you to need him and because you just 'let go and let God' he doen't quite know what to do.

His cruelty (in not asking about your mother) was done in an attempt to shock you to 'need' him.
and you messed up his plan.

oh! you didn't know?... well it goes a lil' something like this..
The plan was:
~break up with her,
~act like you don't care about anything to do with her
~Rock the boat
~break her down
~leave her not knowing what's going on
~or wondering why this shit is happening after all it's been so good
~Watch her fall apart.

~~Then come back in and rescue her.

Once that happens, she'll be soo dependent on you, you won't believe it.
She'll call you 24-7
she'll hang onto your everyword. She'll be putty in your hands.

But YOU Overwhelmed didn't read the script.
He can't quite understand why you are not chasing after him, or even trying to get him back.
or addressing him.
why aren't you crank calling him?
why aren't you calling all the time ask why he is doing this
why aren't you waiting for him to explain why he did what he did?
why aren't you down at his home, his work causing drama
why don't you blame yourself
why don't you think that you are the inadequate one, afterall that's the way 'most girls' do?
Afterall, you guys had it good. You guys had a sweet thing.
Why aren't you like those other 'females', who believe it is him or death.
Why don't you act like he is the only person in your universe
why don't you act like he is the only one who can give it to you soo good
I mean the sex was phenominal.. so why don't you want him back even if it is just for the sex.
Why Why WHY?
Why aren't you doing what his friends told him you would do.

I'll hazard at a guess and say these are some of the things running through Kimor's mind.

You need to keep smiling baby, I swear the universe has a way of watching out for us in ways we don't even realise.

Nyemoni said...

I hope I qualify to call you whelmed? Anyway I think you should ignore him...he may want U back!

lolita said...

Idjit he is. Some guys as so freaking clueless. He's the typa person you wish lighting would just strike.

In Her Mind said...

hmmmmmm. HMMMMMMMMM!

londonnaijachic said...

he still got you on his mind babe! 3 friggin am. Whats up with that?So because you aint together anymore, you cant even have a good night keep.I am fuming right now.

londonnaijachic said...

If it was me, i would have cursed him out cuz my sleep is not to be disrupted by someone who couldnt even give a damn about me or my family.

Guilty Pleasure said...

I totally agree with Soul. It is all a game and u are not following the script. Now, the dude is looking for a way to get ur attention and find out why u are not pining for him the way he wants you to. You have not hear the last of him though.
I suggest you ignore his attempts to contact you.
Bet u money hes gonna try calling again and then hes gonna move to email... expect a lengthy email from him (after you ignore the 1st couple where he has only like 2 lines asking you how ur doing.. which u will ignore)pouring his heart out telling you that he only broke up bcuz he was gong through some stuff and he thought it was what u wanted blah blah blah... and that ya'll need to meet up and talk about your relationship. BET ON IT!

mochafella said...

Hmmm, a rather immature "notice me" move.

Im A Babe said...


Im A Babe said...


Surviving with Truth said...

this reminds me of the movie "The holiday". you should see it.
It was just a matter of time before he picked up the phone to call you. It isnt so easy to let go of someone thats been so intertwined into your life. But of course, thats not the issue here, the issue is you need time to heal and you cant do that without treating the cause. The cause here, is Kimor. Next time he calls, tell him it better be the last time or he'd be getting some major cussin... if he doesnt listen, cuss the fuck off him. Disrespect him till his ego is flattened to shame, then remind him he was forewarned.

good luck

Surviving with Truth said...

@ soul- couldnt have said it better myself.

Calabar Gal said...

GOSH!! 3.47am!! Is he having second thoughts or something?

zaiprincesa said...

tell tham jamo monkey to take time oh...ahn ahn!!!...Nonsense....

Idemili said...

I spit on him - a nice gob-ful of phlegm.

babe said...

i dont like that rubbish oh. As you said, he needs to let you heal in peace. How far now by the way. I am back in blog world.

Simply Gorgeous said...

Overwhelmed, are u sure you wantn it to be over with Kimor?

dairy of a G said...

sounds like baby boy's jones-ing for some good olde OWNB.
3 am in the morning damn... i told you guys are always the one to come around first. u must have had a good laught or felt angry as fcuk. i bet there's gonna be more to come from this fool Kimor

ChiefO said...

overwhelmed, dem don start again. u heard the song on my blog "icepick" if not click on it. cos i totally know how u feel right now. just read ur blog for the first time in 2months or maibe less but its been a long minute i did my blog rounds. if it would make u better give me ur email address make i tell vera make she send u some isi-ewu and i'll mail gulder to you abi se na star (shine shine bobo) go good.

if u want person wey go listen call vera up she is all ears.

Biodun said...

Its called a butty call or maybe he just misses u n wanted to talk n stuff, talk to him though @ an appropraite time.

Sparkle said...

lmao Waffarian...I know say u crazy

he has nothing to say, I bet he thinks you are still crying over him, that's why he called
yeye boy


BOBBY said...

I told you he would call...hiss. whatever...let him go. Move on...new chapter...

Meanwhile, you coming right?


The shopaholic. said...

Shey I talk say Agaracha go return?

Anonymous said...

u tell him gurl. what wrong with this dude...let him know his days are numbered.

Soul said...

Aburo, I was gonna say somethng else yestersay but I didn't.

If this were me, I would not under any circumstances 'curse him out'... I mean why would I do that?.

If I needed to cry or curse, I would do that well away from him.
People forget that anger in itself is an intense emotion, why waste that on someone you are trying to get over.
Anger shows that you are worked up over him.
I'd try my hardest to just let peace reign in my heart and head.

Remember you felt something for this person, why sully that by reducing yourself to cursing and carrying on.
All that does is make him feel that he is under your skin.

Let it go. As good as you and he had it, there will be better and you are on your way to working that out.
Be Well Aburo

Chika said...

move on jare....let him just leave you to enjoy your life abeg!

LondonBuki said...

Is there any point in me commenting after the awesome one - Soul? :-)

That's so annoying though - you are trying to get over him and he is calling to say, "Wassup?". That's how women end up taking men back... Calling when you might be vulnerable.

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter season?

I shall be back to read your juicy stories!