Friday, February 09, 2007

A Tiny Peek Into My Universe

1. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? An orange parasuco tank-top with lacy boy-shorts (yea yea yea… the boyfriend was over last night and I’m about to go take a shower).

2. WHAT KINDA UNDERWEAR ARE YOU WEARING? Light blue lacy boy shorts…

3. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? India Arie- The truth… that woman has a phenomenal voice and talent.

4. CAN YOU JUGGLE? In my dreams… I’m capable of just about anything.

5. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? Jollof Rice with too much pepper... lol… you should’ve seen my boyfriend talking bout… oh baby… it’s spicy… lol. I was like shut up Jamo and eat the damn food… you never hear me complaining about oxtail or ackee and saltfish! hehe

6. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOUR WOULD YOU BE? Red… the colour of passion!

7. HOW IS THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW? Cold as a motherfucker!!!


9.FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX? Height… he’s gotta be taller than me before we even proceed to the ‘is he cute’, ‘is he smart’ stage. If he’s shorter than me… we can’t make things happen… sorry.

10. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT YOU THIS? Two people tagged me… Desola who is fantastic and Uzo… a fellow Meme lover. They’re both great ladies… love both their blogs.

11. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? I would kiss me, hug me, like me, love me… the whole nine yards.

12. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Tired. I’ve been sick as hell for a while now with migraines, flu and a tummy ache, but there are a lot of sweethearts around me… they’re elevating my mood.

13. FAVOURITE DRINK? Cranberry Juice

14. FAVOURITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Cranberry Vodka or Smirnoff Green Apple, Pineapple Malibus, Strawberry Margaritas… the list goes on

15. FAVOURITE LUNCH MEAL? Doesn’t matter… I’ve had fried rice for lunch on one day and microwave popcorn for lunch the next day… depends on my mood and what’s accessible.

16. FAVOURITE SPORTS? Lol… you probably knew I’d say sex. K I just got this Kama Sutra book from my friend but weird enough I’ve done a lot of the positions in it without knowing their names. I mean bloody doggy style is called something ridiculous like “Boy chucking girl from behind”…lol and missionary is called “boy lying ontop girl and pumping gas”…lmao. Then there’s Makosa Dancing… Awilo is the president of my dance universe… love him forever!!!

17. HAIR COLOUR? Whatever takes my fancy in the weave store. Right now it’s different shades of brown … and let me tell you… I’m rocking that shit to death! The hair’s looking too cute for comfort!

18. EYE COLOUR? Dark Brown… I think my ‘eye charm’ is more in the shape of my eyes than its colour. See growing up my younger sister Fire always laughed at me for having ‘slightly slanted Chinese eyes’ sometimes… but I grew up a little… and now I hear ‘sexy, seductive, smart’ and it just kills me… hehe. It’s novelty oh- A Nigerian girl with slightly Chinese eyes… a bloody fucking novelty.

19. TATTOOS OR PIERCING? 9 piercings… my favorite are my inner ear piercings. They look painful but they’re very cute. Lol… my mother almost had a heart attack when she saw it because ‘people will think I’m irresponsible if I’m piercing inside my ear’ and ‘only heaven knew the next part I’d choose to pierce… my brain or my eyeballs’…lol. I always wanted a cross tattoo on my calf but I’m over that idea now… I did a ‘fake tattoo’ cross there and wasn’t particularly drawn to it.

20. STAR SIGN? Aquarius baby!!! We’re smart, sexy, sophisticated!!! And spiritual?!?! lmao

21. FAVOURITE MONTH? February for a lot of important dates of people in my life(myself included of course). There’s also December… a lot of my close and best friends were born in that month… and of course there’s always Christmas shopping which is always fun. And then there’s June… it’s summer so I get to wear short skirts and stilettos and if I’m still with the boyfriend.. it’d be our 1 year anniversary(Imagine that!).

22. FAVOURITE FOOD? Lasagna, Escargot, Cheesecake, Ukwa, My mom’s Achi soup among other things.

23. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Rocky Balboa? Blood Diamond? Freedom Writers? I don’t remember… all fantastic movies of course!!!

24. FAVOURITE DAY OF THE YEAR? My birthday! Christmas Day!! Every holiday!!! I have too many to list.

25. ARE YOU TOO SHY TO ASK SOMEONE OUT? I haven’t yet… I probably won’t cos I’m lucky in that most guys that I take a fancy too are checking me out and make the first move. In any case that I had to take advantage of an opportunity… chances are my powers of flirtation and looking cute (which I’ve just about perfected) will still make him ‘do the asking out’… lol. I mean if the dude’s not checking me out.. then he must have an eye problem or an affinity for his sex… simple as that… lol...just kidding

26. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS BETTER? Happy Endings forever. As my mom woud say… ‘why should I pay my own hard earned money for someone to be scaring me?!?!?!?!” lmao. The first scary movie I ever watched was the Witch(es?) when I was 7 or 8… the one where the witch turned the boy into a rat… oh my gosh it was horrifying. I didn’t sleep for days!!!

27. SUMMER OR WINTER? I wish it was summer all year long… cos then I’d be in short skirts and stilettos all the time(the only way to live). The only negative is the fact that I ‘burn/tan’ easily. So when I spend a couple of hours in the sun you see my skin looking darker… so I’d probably be Uganda Black if I lived in an ‘always summer climate’ for a few years… lol… not that there’s anything wrong with being Uganda Black… my friend Ayo is… and she’s one of the most beautiful people I know.

28. HUGS OR KISSES? Hugs or kisses depending on whom. And even with the kisses… there are kisses, then there are KISSESSSSSSSSS… lol…


30. CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? Chocolate for life. Can’t stand that vanilla shit… well except when it’s slightly mixed with chocolate. Hold you’re asking about chocolate right? Cos if you’re talking ‘men’… then I’ll say chocolate but with a particular desire for a taste of vanilla… lol(that’s if me and the boyfy break up sha… which I don’t really want… he’s good for me at the moment)


32. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Hmmm.. Uzo has already done this… so I’m guessing another person who loves meme’s as much as me and Uzo do.

33. WHO IS LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? My Egbon- Soul. No amount of bribery and corruption will make her do a tag… the day anybody gets her to do a meme… I think I will kill a cow and eat it all by myself… lol.


35. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? I can’t find mine so I just place my mouse on my desk thingy.

36. FAVOURITE BOARD GAME? Lol… air hockey?

37. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? Talked on the phone and fell asleep on the last person I was talking to

38. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? How did scientists make the connection that h20 is the scientific formular for water? I wonder what time it is right now in Thailand. Did my boobs get any bigger or smaller? I don’t really like kissing without brushing my teeth… that sort of shit.

Creation… in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. (lol… I know Naijadyme is gonna call me and congratulate me for remembering a bible verse cos she thinks I only really know two- John 3.16 and Psalm 23… and of course ‘the no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper’ one although I don’t know where it is in the Bible)


azuka said...

Gosh, how I hate seeing others do this. Can't resist though.


azuka said...

Okay, dumb of me. Nothing to add really, except that I hope I don't eventually reach the no-idea stage when I just have to do a meme to put something on my blog ;-).

Naijadude said...

Now I am second and you did the meme! :P

chainreader said...

I love india arie! But then i also adore horror movies. I guess there is no accounting for taste, is there? hehehee

Soul said...

You people!!!.
You will not kill me with his meme thingy o... se you hear me so?.

anyway, boy shorts are the best ever aren't they?. infact I think everyone I know wears boy shorts.
Be well aburo... lot's fluids for the cold..

Be Well.

Naija Vixen said...

..."why should I pay my own hard earned money for someone to be scaring me?!?"...LMAO,agree wiv ur mumsie abeg!!!

Jaycee said...

hmmm...chocolate rocks!

Boy shorts rock (so I can jump around d house)...

"Creation" rocks ~ yup, I can see God's fingerprints all over, esp in nature!

...and that India Arie girl? I'm in love with her talent...she rocks too!