Thursday, February 08, 2007

How It Went Down

The first person who called to wish me happy birthday was my friend Belinda. Belinda is a party friend that I met recently through my girl Mad Soul Sista. We’ve chilled a time or two and she’s a cool chick. I mean we go out and all but we’ve never really talked on the phone. So she called me at 11.59pm from an unfamiliar number and I was wondering who it was.

Belinda: It’s Bidemi… how are you doing

Overwhelmed Naija Babe: Girl stop your jokes… I know its you Belinda wassup.

Belinda: No oh… who is Belinda… I’m Bidemi now

Overwhelmed Naija Babe: lol… ok Bidemi… and how did you get my number
Belinda: From a guy…. Ahh.. it’s 12.00 on the dot… Happy Happy Happy Baiday Overwhelmed… Happy Happy Happy Baiday… lol

Overwhelmed Naija Babe: lol…thanks oh… so you’re the first ehn…

Belinda: Yes oh… so mami… now that you’re becoming an old woman… what are your plans for the future

Overwhelmed: lol… um… well… oh hold on a second… there’s another call on the line.

The second person to call at was Kunle at 12:03am, my friend from Maryland. He refused to sing my happy birthday song but he gave me a sweet sugar birthday talk… so I forgave him.

My Jolene Naijadude called and left me a message… welcoming me to the ‘big boys and big girls league- adults-21 and over’… lol… very cute message… luved it.

Then my best friend Naijadyme called… she was laaaaate! She called at 12.07am or so… because she was praying with her family. I only forgave her cos I have a feeling she talked to God about my situation… I want to get seriously sexy presents this year… and I know he will answer me by FIRE!!!… so for now… I forgive her. She sang me a birthday song and it was very cute. Plus we made a deal… anytime she calls me throughout the day… she had to say Happy Birthday and sing me the song all over again… lol.

Then my 18 year old sister Fire called around 12.18am to wish me happy birthday. I haven’t talked to her in a little while cos we were having issues (she can be disrespectful sometimes). But after I heard her sweet voice wishing her ‘sexy sister’ a happy 21… I forgave her… well that and she got me a gorgeous cream trench coat for my birthday… lol.(Definitely an improvement over last year when I got a bellyring and two years ago when she gave me an eraser, candy and a ‘barbie doll pen’… lol… she never heard the end of it. Her Excuse: It’s the thought that counts”… then she turns around and asks me a shopping spree for her birthday… lol. You gotta love her)

At 12.30am, My close friend Ayo called to wish ‘this old woman’ a happy birthday… and to ask when I was going to introduce ‘my husband’ to her because she wants him to pay her half the brideprice and give her grandchildren… lol. I told her to sing my happy birthday song but she went off to make some tea and clear her throat because she wanted to get all ‘Jennifer Hudson’ with it. Lol… luvs her

At 12.40, Dele another friend in the states (UNITED STATES OF AMERICAAA… lol) called to wish me happy birthday. He had to study for a test so we made it snappy.

At around 12:50 one of my best friends Kwadjoe called me to wish me a ‘happy 21st motherfucking birthday’… lol. He wanted to know if our promise was still on for us to marry each other at 35 if we were both single at the time. Apparently he was also pleased that he could now ‘talk to me like an adult’… lol. He also reminded me that it is my duty in life to keep getting prettier and prettier with age, and also that if given the chance “He’d like to stick his hot dog in my bread, put his ketchup on my fries and park his car in my parking lot”… lol… don’t ask… we’re both nuts! But I love him… oh and he’s taking me on the weekend for lunch or dinner and to get my belly button re-pierced.

At 1.37, DA BOYFRIEND FINALLY FUCKING CALLED ME!!! I was so fucking pissed off cos the dude was supposed to call me from 12.00am! I ranted for two seconds but I decided to forgive him after he apologized… besides… it wouldn’t do to be rapping madness on my birthday. So while he was waxing all romantic and shit singing me happy birthday and all that in his husky ass voice… he told me to look into my second drawer. He’d hid my birthday card there when he came to visit me on Sunday… I know… awwwww. I found it and it’s one of the cutest things ever. Lol… My sister Fire and Naijadyme are in love with him at this point… and apparently from now on… he can do no wrong!

Anyways, The boyfriend’s birthday card:

Was the regular hallmark greeting “Wishing you a birthday you’ll love to remember for the joy that it brings. Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. Happy Birthday”

His personal note on the card read:

Overwhelmed, you’ve had such a big impact on me:


Smile because you’re beautiful

Smile because you’re smart

Smile because your future’s bright

Smile because you’re a star

Smile because you’re I love you

Smile because you’re my queen and an angel from above

Smile for each stiletto

Black, leopard print or white (lol)

Smile because you’ve got someone to talk to through the night

Smile for no reason… smile for no reason at all

Smile because you’re living

Smile because you’re free

Smile because you’re a fighter… and obviously not ‘in prison’(I read him some stuff on my blog sometimes)

Smile because even if you’re down I’ll be here to lift you up

Smile and be happy that everything’s ok

Most of all smile because it’s your 21st birthday.

I know… once again… awwwww… That just made my day!

Apparently I get my gift later… I didn’t tell him what I wanted this time… just to surprise me… I’m seeing him on the weekend as well as most people so we’ll see what I get.

Then around 6.30am I got a call from Mad Soul Sista to come and pick up my wallet from my front door as she was in a rush to get to work. I had left it in her car last Saturday when we went partying… so I was without my bankcard and all my i.d. I actually had to remind that ‘bad beesh’ to wish me ‘happy baiday’ which she did with a ‘perfect Canadian accent’… which like totally made my day dude… lol.

Anyways… I got a bunch of calls during the day from too many friends… the list goes on… I mean my phone was constantly ringing and I was just loving the attention and the sweet songs and American birthday prayers…

My mama, however, forgot that it was February 07, 2007 (my birthday)… so I’m probably gonna get a ‘bonus’ on my birthday cheque… hehe… sweet shopping spree!!!

Most of you read my last post titled “Happy Birthday To Me” and I just felt so loved what with all the kind birthday wishes and prayers.

My angel Laspapi wrote me a poem that brought tears to my eyes when I read it… it was just so beautiful… I mean he’s only “read” me but it sounds like he “sees” me:

Today, Silently
I look out, lost in thought

At a rain-darkened world
and all of nature's wrath.
I recall our travels, the many battles fought
and the sounds of our pursuers as we ran before...
stumbling, pleading, praying...

I remember the many doors
shut in our faces
The times hope was snatched from our hearts
And the long, cold days
And the hungry, tired nights

I look to my side today
And see Mama
Seated quietly too,
thinking, musing
on this journey of one and twenty years
And how far we have come
since then.
Fire comes in, a quiet smile
She sits by Mama
who holds her hand

We have come a long way,
Fire and I,
With this mother
who with her strength kept us
as another mother called fate
lashed at us, kicked and clawed...
We were unscathed, unbroken, unbent,
Mama had done her work well.
But sometimes I see her quiet tears
for she gave her years
that we might live.

Now, pain is a fading memory
the hunters call gone forever
laughter now constant in our midst
and our thoughts are those of peace.

But today,
I will stand and muse and pray
on that journey of one and twenty years
and ask that the lessons taught
may never be lost on me.

I love you, Storm.

{I love you too Laspapi…That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read… I really have no words to express how much this touched me… so I guess all I can say is thanks… really… thanks!) I’m honestly amazed… I feel so special!! Here’s to our friendship… I dedicate half my birthday cake to you… lol.

All the Birthday gist will be Continued


chioma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! hey i know this it late but it the though that counts.Heres wishing a gifted,funky and wonderful lady many more years of Gods blessing.. take care dear..will think of a present for you ok? lots of loe your big sis

Simply Gorgeous said...

I am so glad to hear that your birthday was surrounded by people that love you.I hope you get a great present from your boyfriend.

chioma said...

oh i shelled!....please excuse my typos i am so tired!

Bella Naija said...

Please come and give us some more birthday gist!
Happy Birthday once again.
Wow ur boyfriend's words in the card were so poignant abd Laspapi is poem is blows me out of the water. FANTASTIC!

As my mum says, u r on without NEPA..lolz

Henry said...

damn! i was bout 45mins late! would have been my 1st 1st too.. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! sounds like you had a swell day..

chainreader said...

you obviously had a fun day.

ps, when i first saw laspapi's poem, i thought it was yours! He really did read you!

babe said...

OOH YEH...I WISH YOU APPY BYDAY...OOOH YEH...MANY MANY MANY APPY RETONS (Rememeber that razz aunty give me cake song) LOL

Nilla said...

Glad you had fun Missy!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

Happy Birthday gal!!!

Thanks for the gift u gave me... of ur picture! Hehehehehe. If you beg me, I MIGHT keep it a secret. I have it saved on my computer...just in case...


londonnaijachic said...

awwwwh! Isnt it good to be loved.Happy that u were happy and had a nice day

londonnaijachic said...

awwwwh! Isnt it good to be loved.Happy that u were happy and had a nice day

Calabar Gal said...

Happy Birthday Girl!! Seems like u were quite busy the early hrs of ur big day answering calls. It is nice to be loved.

So whats the lowdown about what happened during the second half of the day? This is just the lowdown on the first half. he he he. Cheers!!!

Omohemi Benson said...

The words on your boyfriend's card is so sweet,
Laspapi poem is great too.
Am so glad you enjoyed your birthday.

Keep us informed with the birthday gist.

Oro said...

You are loved ... Don't ever forget that. Not just for 'WHO'you are but for 'WHOSE' you are as well. Thro' the storms...
Thro' the rain
Thro' the aches... and the pain.
When you laugh and when you cry.
When you're held and when you are not.
Your life's seen it all but you are still standing.
That's grace!!!

You've braved so much stuff
Been down so many times
But still you rise
That's strength!!!

You are a friend
A sister
A daughter
A companion ...

That's relationship...maybe love

Though its belated (just an avid reader of your blog)...

Its from a thankful heart

To God for the life of sister who's learnt and still learning to Take her life back.

Count your blessing... They might be worth naming too and you'd be amazed at what He's done.

Have a good year OWNB.

Happy Birthday

Abimbola's Notes said...

happy birthday gal(though its late)!!!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Nne I have decided to name you tooo much fun. Idi kwa hot. Idikwa on. ONB - You got it all going on.

Mari said...

Oh thats so sweet getting all those phone calls. Hope you had fun on that friday so that means you can hit the grown folks clubs tonite.
Have fun.

lala said...

Happy birthday in arrears. Wish you the best of '07

Naijadude said...

I said it once and again now.. Happy buffday! :D

chika said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST BIRTHDAY MATE!hey people,it feels so good to know that this fine writer shares my birthday.

mochafella said...

Hope you finally took belinda off "hold".

zeyi said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)

NaijaBabe said...

awwwwwwww someone had a nice bday!

Ms. May said...

Happy Belated Hon!

mimi said...

hhi gurl
wish i could call, have a lurvly yr ahead

Naijalove said...

girl your greatest gift will be in the people u know. Its a treasure, stay smiling, and keep shinning!

Jem said...

oops! i guess i am very very late. Happy Birthday dearie!! Many more happy returns to you.

Justme said...

Happy Birthday Luv, Wish u all that u wish urself!

UnNaked Soul said...

hip hip hip hurray!!!