Thursday, January 11, 2007

High Horses

Being on a high horse means assuming an ‘attitude of arrogant superiority’ ( It is to be disdainful, superior, or conceited. Different people have different reasons for starting blogs… some write to entertain the masses, some write to be discovered, some write to keep track of their lives, some write to meet others, some write to resolve certain issues in their lives, some write for a combination of the above reasons.

I knew all this the day I decided to start up my blog. I also realized that by creating a blog and making it accessible to the general public, I was giving up a certain part of myself and making myself open to public opinion which includes support, advice, and of course criticism.

I also know that in the ‘free world’, there is freedom of speech. It’s also obvious that people grow up in different environments, which shape their different opinions. That’s all well and good.

Now what I can’t understand and refuse to understand is people who ‘get on their high horses and pronounce judgement on me here… especially in matters of ‘certain morality’.

It’s funny because most people that do this cite the bible and other ‘moral/spiritual quotations’

That kills me because what this implies is that these ‘upholders of the law of Christ’ are somehow better because they’ve read numerous bible quotations, go to church once or twice a week, and probably have their pastors number on speed dial.

I’m probably not the most religious person out there. I mean I believe in God, his mercies, his power, his son Jesus, but I don’t go to church every Sunday, don’t know my pastors number and only remember a few bible quotations(mostly ones that I was made to memorize as a child)

One thing I distinctly remember is that when people were trying to stone Mary Magdalene in the good book, Jesus told the peopleHe who is without sin, cast the first stone”… and heaven knows I’m no Mary Magdalene(whore). I only share my body or myself with people I deem fit and whom I care really strongly about and I really couldn’t be bothered with what the ‘holier-than-thous’ think of this cos I suspect they’re no ‘better’ or ‘worse’!

I come on my blog and I talk about my life… my past… like the abuse I went through in the past and my daddy issues(which apparently I have a lot of). I document the journey of my mother and how much I’ve learnt from her and continue to learn. I also talk about friends that I’ve made and friends that I’ve lost. I write about lessons that I’ve learnt and mistakes that I’ve made… I talk about guys that I’ve dated in the past and the guy that I’m with now. I do all this in an attempt to grow and become a better person (and of course learn from a lot of other bloggers). I guess the topic that hackles some folks the most would be sex. WHOOP DEE DO… I TALK ABOUT AND HAVE SEX!

I find that most people who leave the ‘change thy ways whore’ or ‘the Lord condemns your actions’ comments are usually ‘anonymous’… some of them are probably bloggers ‘too chicken’ to put their ‘name’ behind their opinion. Others are ‘voyeurs’ who find pleasure in glimpsing into your life… are too quick to find fault and condemn you, all the while hiding behind their own walls. They keep their own secrets, fetishes and fantasies to themselves… to fit the norm.

Well the norm can suck a madman’s dick for all I care!

Call me silly, but I fail to understand how feeling comfortable in my sexuality which is inadvertently a part of who am… makes me a slut. I have never once on my blog or in my real life stolen my friend’s boyfriend, taken anyone’s husband, seduced anyone’s preacher, or virgin. I’m what some people might even consider a ‘sex beginner’… I’ve only been at it for almost 2 years and only had sex with 4 guys. But I’m guessing that for these ‘Saintly virgins’ and ‘perfect beings’, that’s 4 guys too much and 2 years too long.

Well they can all suck my pussy when I’m pissed!

I do not live my life based on what people say on my blog... so I don’t really understand why some people think that I’ll change who I am to suit their ‘ideal’ or ‘squeaky clean image of a Nigerian girl’.

I am not here looking to be saved by anyone… I’m here to find my way and document the steps I take. I’m a healthy 20 year old with healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. I read like everybody else, laugh like everybody else, dance like everybody else and chances are... fuck like everybody else (whether they choose to admit it or not!)

I got really pissed reading some ‘holy holy’ comments on my last “My Sex” post. I still don’t understand why a 'so-called' moral or holy person even bothers going through my blog and reading my post when you see a post clearly titled “My Sex”… or were they looking for some bible quotations there… I’m guessing Sex is French or Greek/Latin for disciple or revelations?:

· Our resident anonymous poet ‘OverNoticeMe’ commented: “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it must be a slut. Oh the simile… and he/she/it rhymes too! How exciting is that… honestly, I’m almost having an orgasm contemplating this figure of speech!!! Poetic Fucker!

· Another ‘Saint’ and ‘Virgin Mary’ Ariiyike said... “Haba! Show some decency”. Now Miss Ariiyike's blog is titled “Freedomuntitled” and she calls it ‘a blog that allows me to share my thoughts on any is not dedicated to a single topic or a particular area of interest. As long as it is value based.’ So apparently she’s a pillar of moral values and quite ‘saintly’ it seems. I’m guessing the references to doggy style, cunninglingus, public sex are quite offensive seeing as she’s quite a ‘decent’ human being. I’m also guessing that Miss Ariiyike has never been kissed, fingered or fucked. She has probably never ever given a guy her number because “God’s time is the best”. I’m guessing she has 4 times a week sessions with her pastor so they can discuss when “God’s time is going to come” and she thinks that “Men come from a different planet” but somehow she will be equipped with the knowledge to deal with them ‘when she’s getting married’. Of course she won’t date… because then the guy will try to touch her and that’s “against His will and the rules of the church/pastor”. I’m also quite certain that she’s never found a guy cute or had ‘lustful thoughts’ cos those ‘are against the bylaws’… DECENCY MY NON-EXISTENT LEFT NUT!!!

· Now for the 'morally upright' ‘youth pastor’ Adeolu. He’s quite the ‘journalist’ and obviously well versed in the ways of the lord… probably even more than the above two. He starts: "Overwhelmed Naija babe, I was really scared when I read this, I didn't imagine that a human being could be so shameless. I'm sorry to be judgemental, it's okay to be aware of one's past, but I think it's better to know shame for shame, repent of past foolishness and seek Gods face. You are a Nigerian means you are my sister. We have more dignity for ourselves than this. What has sexuality and advertising turned our world into? I think your life has more value than this, else, God won't exchange your life for His son's - Jesus. What?? I don't know if your blog title adequately covers your real name, but I don't think you want your children to grow up to read this post. Repent...(turn around), those that are spared to see tomorrow and those that the divine believes there is hope will change, or be useful. I grieve."

Isn’t this about the sweetest thing you ever read in your life? “He grieves” for poor old me… “he wonders how someone could be so shameless”… he wants me to “repent” because he fears my life is one of “sexuality and advertising” and he wants me to restore “value” back in. He thinks I should start living for my future children now because they will obviously be ashamed of their mother ‘overwhelmed Naija babe’ when they are born, grow up and read my blog. Endnote: He is also of the opinion that I should become useful.

This is the most judgemental and recycled piece of crap I ever had the misfortune to read in my entire life. Where on earth does this fucker get off?

How on earth could my 'blog cover my real name'... so mr. spiritually smart thinks my parents called me 'Overwhelmed' or 'Naija Babe' or both?!... Some folks... Some folks....

Oh and I did a little research and apparently the 14th apostle Mr. Adeolu is a friend of Miss Ariiyike above. What a fun conversation they’ll have tonight about that ‘ungodly overwhelmed Naija babe. Well the both of you can shove your morality as far up your asses as is possible!

Now Mr. Adeolu let’s get one thing straight… I am not your sister… because if you were my brother… I’d give you out for adoption (with or without our parents’ consent). You think Christianity is about judging others and telling them how ‘bad’ and ‘shameless’ are?.. Even I ‘the great sinner’ know better. I believe you missed the first 4 rules of the ‘church bylaws’. You’re supposed to welcome me with both arms, sing me a hymn or two and tell me God loves me ‘just as I am’ first. But I guess you missed that part of the manual.

What exactly are you scared about? Sex? Did you also miss the reproduction lesson in Biology class because "as a 'Christian'… you’re not supposed to learn that part of biology"?

I saw your picture and you look a bit older. I’m guessing you’re still a virgin and have never looked at a girl with a ‘big booty’, masturbated, watched any kind of porn, grabbed a “sister’s tit” … if you have… that would be hypocrisy wouldn’t it… and I don’t think the ‘good book’ approves of that… right?

Oh and don't forget that in addition to that... there are tons of other laws/commandments in the Bible that you gotta follow too since you're such a stickler for 'the right thing'! Sheesh

So now just getting down and doing a little ‘doggy’ makes me less dignified? Hmmm… I guess now that you’ve cleared it up… I’m going to burn up my short skirts, break off all my heels, throw away my lipglosses, break up with my boyfriend and book an appointment with you for ‘moral cleansing’… ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL NONSENSE… Please hold your ‘moral peace’ and don’t forget to shut the door on your way out!

I guess Zee's Uncle Ogbo was right... "Churchianity is not Christianity"

These “Spiritual Snobs” kill me every single time!!!

EndNote: I’m not writing to fulfill anybody’s ideal, needs or expectations! This blog is not ‘required reading’… if you don’t like it, me or my opinions… I won’t cry… really… I won’t… move on to the next blog… I checked and there’s over 2 million registered blogs on blogspot… can’t be that hard to find a more ‘suitable one’!!!

I'll leave you with a quote: "If you go around with your nose in the air, it follows that you're going to spend your life staring at the ceiling."


LonelierThanAkon said...

TA DA TA, TA DA TA (Theme sonng from rocky)

I'm first.

NOw lets read

I cant find a cool name said...

Babe.... SEX is a word not too many people are comfortable with... I am comfortable with it and with myself. I dont pay attention to what "some" people say..

Yes, we are entitled to our own opinion but can we respect the opinions of others (I dont remember who passed that comment on your MEME but this line is for the person).. and seriously for the last time "churcianity is not and I repeat NOT christianity"

@ ONB blog on, you know I love you....


Nilla said...


I'm lost for words...
But take it easy oh dear!

Anonymous said...

well done. you can never find peace in this world no matter where you turn. they are always there with their "opinions and judgement". Not a Xtian myslef but is not one of the sayign "judge not lest you be judged yourself?" Hmm. Thanks for giving these prats the finger. Obviously it would have been too much trouble for them to have just moved on to the next blog. Tut tuting all the way. Oh no they had to have their say.

Anonymous said...

I found this on Ariiyike's blog in one of her recent posts: A strong preaching against sexual immoralities might be a pointer to an underlying sexual issues. Hmm makes you wonder does it not?

azuka said...

I'd say this is a little over the top ONB. Of course, my opinion hardly matters.

angie said...

take a deeep breath!!!! and exhale.
Who is annoying my OWNB, berra take ur time oh!!! if u don't like wat she writes then don't read every juicy detail she writes?i wonder why u continue reading further when u already know wat the post is abt.....

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@LonelierThanAkon: Speechless much?

@I can’t find a cool name: I can’t believe your blog is deleted… tell me what happened and how it did… maybe Azuka(our resident computer genius will be of help… he knows all there is to know about everything… trust me… so if he can’t fix it.. then it simply can’t be fixed!). These ‘some’ people self… I mean I don’t mind freedom of speech but what I can’t stand is people hiding behind ‘religion’… uNcle Ogbo is the smartest person I know… “Churchianity is not Christianity”… lol… I’m gonna tell my mom that tonight! Love you too babe…

@Nilla: I am taking it easy my dear… I just got pissed when I came back from a stressful day to read the comments from the ‘commanders of heavens gate’

@Anonymous: my dear say it and say it again!... I am a Christian but I honestly don’t see why these ‘heavenly creatures’ deem it fit to judge me… I mean why did you read the bloody when the topic clearly stated “My sex”… what are you looking for… the 11th commandment?! Me overwhelmed shameless… a slut… the fucking rubbish!! I don’t even care what those people have to say on their blogs really… I mean whatever did I do to her and her ‘moral friend’ Adeolu that they have to come here and lambast me? am I getting married to their brother… and even if I was… what did I write in that sex post that makes me so ‘indecent’… fuck high horses and the people on them!

@Azuka: Your opinion does matter… how come you think it’s over the top? I don’t mind someone stating their opinion but I really can’t stand people that use their ’spirituality or morality’ to try to criticize me… am i running for public office, a position in anyone’s church or just writing a little personal blog about my life and experiences? I’ve never ever gone on anybodys blog and judged them… and I never hide behind ‘anonymous’… anytime I have something to say… I just out and say it… I mean who am I go judge?! Am i God… or his mouthpiece? I wonder why all these people just don’t leave the judging to God… and the honest truth is that I’m not a mean person and don’t try to look for anyone’s trouble… but trust me when people get on my wrong side… i’m nobody’s wallflower and will let them have it! If they want peace… they got it… cos i’m nice to everyone who’s nice to me… but if they want war… we’ll wage one… spiritual or otherwise… and i’m really interested in your reply… here or on your blog…

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Angie: lol… babe no be small oh… I never thought my little online diary will now be a cause of ‘small small insults’ too oh… my dear the post clearly said “My sex”… I still don’t know what calculus equation or religious quotation they expected to find there… honestly I’m getting tired of all these bad belle people… I really am! Anyways sha babe… I missed you oh and me I’m just wondering when exactly you’re going to start writing in your blog!

azuka said...

Shall we say, shall we put it this way:

Different people have different moral values, and their interpretations of things are bound to differ from yours. Adeolu is a decent guy I know from having talked one on one with him and the fact that he didn't hide his identity says a lot (His Blogger profile is disabled because he moved from Blogger to his own site). You should be taking the Anonymous people to task because they are the hypocrites too self-righteous to say what they want to using their real identities.

Now, let's look at, compare and contrast the way things went.

When you started blogging, you were aware people would disagree with you from time to time, and that's what made the blog interesting.

Now, our beliefs and values make us disagree with things from time to time, and depending on how open we are about it, we voice our opinions.

His was that as a Christian, you had fallen short and needed to be saved. His words offended you, but it is your blog. You had the option to delete the comment or refute it, explaining why you think otherwise.

Now, before you think I'm entirely on his [and Ariyiike's] side, I'd like to state that I do not see anything wrong in being open about one's sexual life -- different people have different comfort zones. I tend to verge on the puritanical, because I think that's what works best for me. My views about God are also different from the norm. I just don't feel comfortable discussing them in full.

I wouldn't like to turn this into a post within a comment but I'd like to see your reply. After that, I think I'll break Deolu's reply down based on my interpretation.

LonelierThanAkon said...

Apologies for the delayed follow up comment.

After I read halfway, I realized I needed to get some popcorn and some coke, this post na real highend-spielberg-level-shootEMup entertainment.

Clearly, OWNB you hvnt seen anything yet, but trust me you'll get numb to all this conformist bullshit soon. I'm shocked u offered these judgmental screw-thy-sista-when-no-one-is-looking hypocrites the benefit of ur priceless braintime.

Do what I do, put em on ignore.

On the real, ur penultimate post, totally wicked, I’m twitching all over, vanilla flavored fever.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Azuka: I hear you on the not hiding his identity thing. Let me clear one thing up though… Adeolu didn’t log in here with his site link... he just left his name but I did a little bit of investigating and found out he was ariikye’s friend and found his website. Me replying his comment had absolutely nothing to do with whether he is a nice person (cos I don’t know him enough to even attempt to say anything about that matter). It is a response to a comment he left on my blog. I honestly am a big believer in free speech… and you’re right part of the fun in blogging is getting different people’s opinions on subjects and obviously making my blog public means I am guaranteed to get that. You’ve been a reader of my blog probably from the beginning Azuka so you’re aware that even when people disagree with me… I just give my side of the story and why I did what I did/what I think was right. I’ve never ever had a problem with people disagreeing with me… that’s the beauty of argument.

Now everybody has a pet peeve or something they just can’t stand… and mine is judgemental people. I can stand disagreement… but judgement… NO! I mean if you’re a pastor for example… why on earth are you going on a pornographic website… to see just how ‘bad’ porn is?! Really… think about it… if you’re at a ‘very high spiritual place’… I would like to think that “My Sex” reads exactly that to you… a tale about sex! Why on earth do these moralists feel the need to come here and call me ‘a slut’, ‘shameless and without values’. Do they set the barometer for that? Who are they to judge me? Are they my creator? Or my creators mouthpiece? This guy was not disagreeing with me… he was insulting me! and I definitely won’t take that from someone… and he’s gonna talk about repenting and the bible? Where does he get off?

You’re saying the guys stance was that “as a Christian, I had fallen short and needed to be saved.” How did he know I was a Christian cos I’m 100% sure that nowhere in ‘my sex’ post did I mention anything about Christianity… so what if I was a Muslim, Buddhist or Jew… then what? So if I was of another religion… would that be how he’d introduce me into ‘Christianity’ or he just assumes that every Nigerian is Christian?

I have never deleted any comment on my blog… I reply as I see fit… and this dude with the Ariikye and other anonymous commenter got me really riled up tonight! I don’t care if whoever writes nasty and judgemental comments like this is anonymous, a real blogger or a toad… honestly I don’t appreciate any of that… I can’t stand people who think they are better than others because they “Know God”!

Another thing I will say is that even you Azuka have disagreed on me with issues even as recent as my post “Kwame”… I never wrote an entire post telling you where to shove it… that’s because I understand diversity of opinion. Also I’m of the opinion that if this dude had not interviewed you and you didn’t know him… you might be saying something different right now.

I can’t wait to see your interpretation of Deolu’s comment…

Poetic Justice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nastee said...

Yeepa... ONB I would hate to get on the wrong side of you o! Those are some strong words... I guess the comments really got to you sha. Pele o. But don't spend too much time thinking about it sha - investigating and all that.
At the end of the day, no matter what anyone's opinion is of anyone else, na Baba God go judge each one of us individually. I love the fact that you express yourself freely... if anyone doesn't like it, maybe you should just ignore them. Their opinion really doesn't matter - this blog is all aout YOU!
Ma binu joo! (do you understand yoruba?)

Poetic Justice said...

Wow! This is serious! Like Lonlier i plan to take my popcorn and enjoy this saga playing out! but before I take a back bench, omoge you know I have to drop a few words!

Serioulsy ONB, girl exhale! Just delete what they said from your blog and your memory. It's not worth it. I mean if you want to talk about sex then by all means do so and if it bothers you the reader, delete it from your monitor! Abi! it is not that difficult

Some friends of mine have sex blogs but I dont' count it as anything against thier character.

we must all understand that perception and intent are two different things. So the way the writer put the words may not (and in this case is not) the way the reader took it

I am not that comfortable picturing my friends in various sexual positions but if that is what they want to write about then by all means go ahead.

Artists (singers, writers, musicians, poets) should be allowed to express themselves otherwise what is art without expression? And what is sex if not an expression of some emotional need transferred physically between two people. Some need it to fulfil and complete them and others use it as a tool to hide the hurt within. But it is still expression.

I love your blog and there are other things that you write about. Dont' let others tarnish the emotional walk you have taken girl.

azuka said...

That's so sad.

Why does it have to be:

Also I’m of the opinion that if this dude had not interviewed you and you didn’t know him… you might be saying something different right now.

This is the first time ever I'm getting told I did something because I knew someone. Heck, even my best friends get a tongue lashing from me when they do something that disagrees with my ideals against a stranger -- and I don't wait until said person is out of site.

I guess anything from me after this would be misconstrued as acting in defense of a friend, or worse, paying back favors for getting interviewed on his site.

Looking at the way the land lies, I think it would be in my interests to keep mum.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Azuka: I wrote a whole long post about it and that was an endnote/afterthought. You started off your last comment saying you knew the guy and he was a nice guy… that’s why I said that. I was just making a statement based on what I read on his blog… my post ‘high horses’ does not mean I’m a terrible person and I’m sure “Adeolu” might not be a terrible person either… but I couldn’t say that ‘not knowing him’… I could only really take a stance based on the comment. I am still interested in reading your interpretation of Deolu’s comment. And I’m really sorry if that little endnote came off mean/rude/anything ‘un-nice’… you already know how I feel about you…


ok babes im late again, but on a serious note, why do u waste ur brain time on these ppl, everyone is entitiled to thier opinions and at the end of the day its ur blog, do what i do and just turn on the IGNORE button abeg. if the post was so unchristianlike, why did they bother to read it ehn!!!!! rubbish!!!

M.O.T said...

lol U are too funny & I'll take ur honesty over "Churchianity" any day!

Ariiyike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ariiyike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

How is it that these people somehow pop up at the mere mention of sex? Make another raunchy post & they will be clamouring back to 'save' you. The sad bastards probably read your posts with one hand down their trousers/pants...ick.
If their sensibilities really were offended they would never darken your door again. As it is feel flattered that they keep coming back for more. You must be good at this blog thing.

stranger said...

OUCH! girlfriend, my eyes still sting from reading THAT! what a mouth(or is it hand?) you got. I sure wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of your mouth...but then again, it depends on how deep in the water you are...for what it's worth, here's my two kobo...firstly, you've got talent, and people will always be attracted to talent, either to diss it or dig it; secondly, you've got bluntness, and everybody always tries to sharpen a blunt edge(does that make any sense?)...anyways...seriously, i think the reason there is such a thing as "Rehab" is to bring people who have issues in contact with people who have overcome issues, to help them overcome their own issues...this blog thing is like a rehab for you...and yes you have been hurt deeply, but don't be too defensive, or else, shut down the blog and keep your issues to yourself...say your piece, with as much bluntness as you want, and then look for the light at the end of the tunnel, ignoring the shadows....that aside, the issue or morality and christianity...irrespective of anyone's views or opinions, there is only one that counts...the bible...whether anyone agrees or not, god invented the whole concept of sexuality and he holds the manual...his way is the right way, and yes we may have our private interpretations of "his way" but there are no grey areas when it comes to "pre-marital sex"...when it comes to sexual expression, take a look at the book in the bible called "songs of solomon"...god is all for sexual expression....only it has to be in the right context of marraige...and oh, just for the record, "Christianity" is not a label, it's a nature; it's not something you pick up along the way, it's a "rebirth" naija babe, i love you the way you are, but it is because of how much i love you that i cannot leave you the way you are...i guess that's why we( or should i speak for myself?) bother to's all in good faith...

laspapi said...

There you go again, causing a ruckus whenever my back is turned.
The post, "My Sex" was a strong one and I think deliberately engineered to get "strangers" to react.

And they did, in the guise of Adeolu and Ariyike. ONB is a very explicit blog. It means if that style/subject of writing (NR 18)offends you, you shouldn't bother to log on. Reading about... ahem..."doggy positions and being rag-dolled" to the very end and then using words like "shame" is laughable.

For the team that quotes freedom of opinion and speech, there's no such thing if you step into my house and call me names/give unsolicited opinions like the 2 "A"s did. The uninvited opinionist is opening himself/herself to be slammed.

That's that,"Overwhelmed". I have your new name now, but can't drop it in the midst of so much wahala.

By the way, I owe you a "strong" talking to, for that "My Sex" post, still you know nothing can shake the way I feel about you.

Naija dude came on my blog and dropped threats of "Grievous Bodily Harm," for trying to steal his "Jolene", you. I'll be packing an Uzi the next time I "see" him.

Talk later, love.

ps. Without the sexual imagery causing me to see through rose-tinted glasses, I saw the power of your prose again in "High Horses". Well done, you're very good.

UnNaked Soul said...

e no go beta for the person wey first yan say sex is against God's will, and the person wey first yan say sex na for only reproduction. na the person cause all this katakata... If it where so, why the sex special effect (dick rising, nipple hardening, pre-cum, orgasm, fake confession of love, promises, etc)... shey we for just put prick inside pussy, and give birth to Junior or Barbie?

now, because one person dey yan how im garri sweet, you come dey tell am (judge sef) why she but sugar & milk? them tell you say na your garri she dey drink?

somepeople sense dey pain dem and dem never know... now dem done make ONB vex... make this story end now now...

no more vexing, alliance scooping, God-playing, Jesus-Playing, Virgin-Marying, Preaching, feeling-sorry, Pastoring, Mentoring, exorcising, baptizing, initiating, wana-go-to-heavening... and lets heal the world...

If you think any religious group caters to your emotional needs, take it to your house, lock yourself, and wank with it in front of your mirror and see yourself cum... and let other people to do the same... as long as you no cum on my face, I won't ask bother you...

sex is my opium, if e pain you, blow me!

wetin sef?!

Young Miss Williams said...

Girl, don't you worry bout what all them mofo's got to say bout you or your sex. It's YOUR life and as Bobby would say, your perogative. Them people chose to come on site and read what you got to say, and took it upon themselves to criticise. Just appreciate that for what it is (nothing!) and move on, don't waste your time on that shit. Then again it's good that you expressed yourself and let it out!

Be easy now... and you get yours biatch! ;)

x mwah x

stranger said...

@laspapi, was thinking of a name change for naija babe too, but since you are onto it, imma wait up for yours...i hope it represents where we want to see her standing...just curious btw, did u pick on me too, or was "strangers" just a coincidence...

UnNaked Soul said...

i say stop this.. shuoo! i go flog person oh!


Adeolu said...

Wow...I got a whole post dedicated to me. I was wishing for a few comments, but now I got a full post. I'm honoured. Thanks for the time and attention.

In case you are wondering why my little post elicited so much response, it's simple. I hit a soft spot. ONB had forgotten that there are people alive (aside of Dad and Mum) who would say it when they think it's not right. If it took you a minuite to put this rebuttal together, I'm glad. How do we end up right when all we surround ourselves with are nodders? People who send their excited comments in your face and say something else behind. I mean, guys that ask your boyfriend... is that your girl friend?...and chuckle.

I'll try to keep it brief, really try...
1. I'm not a regular follower of your blog (maybe now I should be...being really interested in you becoming better). A mother(who lives in the UK) saw your blog yesterday and lamented to me. She said she couldn't believe her eyes and what the erosion of our culture can do to kids. She was so sore, she couldn't even post a comment. I was suprised at this comment and checked it out myself, I did a google search for overwhelmedbabe and ...believe me, none of your friends want you to be their younger sisters or daughters role models. (I am confident that has the capacity to change-even if we presently don't want it.)

2. I believe every human being has the capacity to change. It's only a dog that returns to its vomit. If what is wrong doesn't look wrong to you, its because you either don't know or have forgotten. If you can't take healthy criticism (I actually put my name on it.. go check), then don't post it on the net, its a levelling ground. Sex is good. God created it to be enjoyed! But like fire or water, it's as useful as it is destructive. Within the context of marriage it's perfect. Contrary to your belief, I'm a little older-true, but have also been married for a few years and don't have to silence or murder my concience everytime it feels really good.

3. Lets leave bible quotations out of this. Lets look at things with uncluttered eyes. The devil I will imagine, is one hell of a recruiting manager, being talented himself, he hunts for talents. You are a great girl, a good writer at least, and passionate. There are studies to even show that a great sex drive is essential for success in life and business (Napoleon Hill). You have it going.-but who are you working for? What messages are you sending out? Maybe you are neutral... hmm? It's just sad that your perception of right and good seems coloured. Ask yourself a sincere question, "is this all you are?", aren't you more than this? It takes a lot of self confidence and esteem to write about your sex, to confess to being xxxxxx like a rag doll and all, but don't you think their are better uses to that esteem? Lucky luciano once said - if I had the opportunity of living life again, I'll do clean business, I discovered late in my life that it takes the same level of hardwork to be succeed both ways.

4. Aye...I'm no saint on my own account. I don't go to church every sunday, I don't have my pastors number on speed dial and my I'm not anywhere near how I know I should be, but I like to be corrected, I like to change, to grow. When I saw judgemental, I read again... that's criticism, is it true? - maybe a bit. But if I see a ditch in the part of a complete stranger should I just keep quiet? I'm not sure the sing two hymns approach has worked so far :)

5. ONB - I'm sure you are not used to love this way, but every extra comment I read from you, makes me love you more. There is real talent in you, reaching out for expression. Usually a God ordained purpose, but you need to let go and let God. What have you done... in your words, you are indeed a beginner (best time to stop), I've met experts, professionals and people who have broken every existing -"don't do this", who are currently changed and using their past woes as a platform to sort others out. Sex outside of the right avenues is destructive, and like John said, the axe is at the root of every tree. When you closed your eyes last night and the music died...what did the silent voice that never leaves you say? If you didn't hear it, try again tonight.

Adeolu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nilla said...

I'm back again oh!

Yes, I don't think anyone has a right to judge you!

But I honestly think that the same way you listen to the rest of your commenters, you should also listen to Adeolu (He is making a lot of sense), especially this last comment.

Have a great day Missy!

n9ja said...

1st time - I will be back

BabaAlaye said...

Sweetie i love you and i love what you do, what you write about, and how you right about it.
Everybody gets on your blog to read about some good ol' shukwu shukwu. And that's because you write about it so fucking well. You're a STAR.

The people you're talking about, i don't know who they are. Never heard of 'em. As in Ari-who?
Abeg baby don't even bother.The question is why can't they just close the page when they saw sex? Raasclaats.
Next post jo. Go on soun

BabaAlaye said...

@ Adeolu. A mother who lives in the UK read something on ONB's Blog and was so sore she couldn't post a comment. Ehen? Igbaye n ko? So ONB is the cause of the moral decadence in the UK abi? As if the rag Mag she subscribes to with her hard earned money does not have enough Sex and Decadence to completely straighten Overwhelmed's already crooked bow legs. Television nko? Music Videos nko? Abeg talk another thing.

It's obvious her writings are R18 she won the most scandalous blog award for crying out loud!!! It's not safe for work, it's not safe for Kids, and it's definitely not for two faced ***. She does what she wants to do. It's her fucking Blog.She fit do wetin she wan do which one consain you there? Abi she beg you to be role model for your Sister? Abeg there are other Blogs if this one is too racy.

Belle said...

chick...i understand your fraustrations... but do you now see why people post comments as "anonymous"?

angie said...

OWNB i missed u too...just been out of civilization for a while.
@Adeolu, i read part of ur last comment.
Mayb as u said u didn't mean to be soo outrite condeming but the way u wrote the previous post showed that u were turning up ur nose at her and have already condemed her.
i believe there are ways of approaching different issues, and i must say the way the approached this didn't look good even to me.and don't tell me the truth is bitter but we must hear it, i m sori but u remind me of the pharisees in the story of Jesus and the prostitute, ready to condemn pple publicly.

snazzy said...

People always say that bad western influence is the reason for "immorality" in nigeria but I think those people are forgetting the difference between private and public. The fact that people did not talk about it did not mean it was not happening. I'm sorry, how many wives did ur great-grandfather have?

As far as the whole sex before marriage thing, if you are not an "every part of the bible is true" or even a relatively devout christian it does not really make sense to you. Think about it.
The Christian attitude towards sex is situational ethics of the worst kind in a religion that is supposed to be big on absolutes.

So trying to convince someone of the logical nature of a decision that is essentially a faith based decision doesn't really work. That is you believe that sex before marriage is wrong because God says so only works if we both believe in that God.

UnNaked Soul said...

since no one wants to stop I shall say this now:

I once traveled into the deep of a bushland just to observe nature, I saw [plants] with different attributes/qualities.

I once went to a zoo, and I saw [animals] with different characteristics.

I flew many times and I observed the [waters] has different shades and perimeter they cover

I've walked many miles and observed the change of [atmospheric] conditions.

I've kept and been with [birds] of different nature and sweet songs.

I've kept and seen fishes of different shades, beauty, and lifestyle.

I've live a [life] with multiple experiences and persona.

I've had [relationships] and at every instance is a different romance.

I've had [sex] and the feeling is overwhelming & spontaneous.

I've have seen [humanity] presenting its attribute in race, creed, religion, culture, and history.

And the biggest sinner of all is the one that claims to be the most intelligent... HUMAN-ity! Wants all of existence to conform to its own idea of life.

The devil is that which you won't let no one knows exist. We put the devil in Sex, Violence, Hate, Lies, Deceit, Covetousness, Murder, Greed, Gluttony, Religion, Creed, Race, Food, Clothes, Money, Drugs, and then made a home for the devil... HELL!

The game between Good & Evil has to stop. A game where every choice you make is not really your choice. A game where you are nothing but pawn in the chess board of life. A game that your every move is determined by a superior force your either try to fight or bow to.

If anyone is bold enough to counsel me, he/she should bring me a CV. I want to see how many wars you've stopped, how many mouth you've fed, how many catastrophe you have prevented from happening, how many shelter you've provided, how many deaths you've prevented, how many thirst you've quench, and how different are from me. Bring before me the head of Lucifer or the Devil. And I shall listen with no argument and with all intention to comply.

Else, shut the fuck up! 'Cos you are no different from me regardless of what you do or believe in!

Now Adeolu please leave ONB alone ok. If anyone wants a role model, tell them to google one out. I also did a search, and I didn't see where ONB place and ad saying "Role Model for rent"... and if "A Mother" wants "A Daughter" tell her to try the foster home, that this one is taken (ask ONB's mother)!

And I hope say her "A Sex Life" is not getting you on perv-mode? Just asking, am not accusing, so don't get it twisted!

Now seriously stop! Because you are proving one theory right: "Taking out the splint in your neighbor's eye while you've got a log in yours..."

Live & Lets Live!

Toks- Boy said...

amazing the amount of hypocrisy and just general bull that exists in this world. surely after reading the title anyone who was goign to be offended would say hmm this wahala girl with her bow leg. let me just leave this one for now. But nooo. I am sure they read it to the end.

They are troubled, they are distured, they have to spread their hate and negativity. Blogging is how a lot of people relieve stress, express themselves and exhale. It is a place where you can show another side of yourself without (I thought) being condemned.

I mean come on give a girl a break. Is there no forward button on your computer? Can you not delete her blog from your fave list?

Anyway sha, let me warn these people, they won't like my story about me and the two ladymen ohh. So stay away :->

b-a-y-u-s-c-h! said...

WOW! Am enjoying it.

Pls tell me, can it get better than this? Still gulping my ogogoro and chopping the isiewu u gave me (e never finish).... Nothing can be more fun considering the fact that i get excitement (after a whole load of shitty empirical research exams) from seeing some totally crazed out comments while gulping ogogoro with KILISHI (a friend just came in frm naija) coupled with your peppery ISIEWU...Life can't be more fun

Am motivated to start writing..If only i'd get so much judgements from out for my
HANG ON TIGHT homegurl! Am still loving u and rewinding....

Olawunmi said...

oh oh, they unleashed the dragon this time.




dem don do pass you for here o!

Anonymous said...

immediately i saw his comment i was eagerly waiting for your response.people have diferent views on morality and sex so you shouldnt be surprised or even offended when someone leaves a comment like that. I really dislike the moral high ground thing it infuriates me.

Naijadude said...

Walahi I no get comment to post cos me don late tipe tipe, moreover hin go be say because you be my friend.

Ok now, are you ready for some constructive criticism?

Heck nope! I am not even going to criticize you because there are so many topics/themes your blog could be based on and you chose the one you felt most comfortable with. haha way to go hun!
Who are we to condemn or pass a form of judgement on that since that's what you chose to do with your blog, atleast that little space given to you thanks to blogger!
Going by Adeolu's last comment, I bet he made a whole lot of sense but when do people get it that there are over a billion people in this world? Different variations different strokes! We all cant be the same else we gon be boring. LOL but for real!

So just keep blogging, as you can tell I have to do so many blog rounds, by the time I am done, (as you know I LOVE reading blogs..LOL), I wouldnt have been on yours for like 3 days and I come when I want to get my sexual perverse dosage! Well I dare not open the damn thing at work though!!

So just do you and make sure Overwhelmed's mama doesnt know about the blog!

We get talk about "lspapi" oh! I no dey allow any new name for you at all!

**honey** said...

if you can't take the heat,
get out of the kitchen!
and carry your other friends out as well!

Naijadude said...

The thing people should get is, she is not the MORAL COMPASS for anybody and she didnt intend to be. Dont bend her to fit the image of who you want her to be. she's herself thats why her name is OVERWHELMED not naijadude or adeolu. She's exceptional, accept her lifestyle, if not do urself a favour and click on the 'x' icon by the side of this window!

She feels comfortable with her sexuality, why should she jump over the cliff based on a Nigerian mother in the UK's opinion? Thats the way she thought it should be, but life goes beyond that, its past the sentimental stage, or the hypocrisy attitude we tend to put up! Who cares about "A Nigerian mother in the UK?" Like she owes her a dime or whatnot?

Ooh pls ppl let all sleeping dog lies. Whoever she choose to sleep with or whatever she choose to write is her business completely hers! I wont stand up for her if I dont agree with it, neither you. So let her be!!

The least she need is your outright judgement/condemnation. arghhhh HYPOCRITES!!

Mona said...

wow i didnt know it'd got this far per cos of ur yesterdays post...have a good weekend all the same :-/

Uzo said...

YES - that's what i said aloud after reading this. Good for you. You are free to say whatever, whenever you want. People dont like it, leave the blog.

I am sincerely irked by holier than thou types willing to cast aspersions and judge, judge, judge. Doesnt the bible say "Judge not?" Say it loud and proud. And i am telling you, i will take anyone on on your behalf and on anyone else's.

This is ridiculous - Naysayers irked my darling Delot and he shut down his blog. For that alone, i cannot forgive..LOL

Anonymous said... do I start.
I've been a fan of yours for a long time and still am. I identify with so many of your experiences-sexual abuse,father issues etc.
I can see those comments got you riled and rightly so because judgement is wrong.I have'nt really read the comments. I'll do so after this but to anyone who called you a slut or any other deregatory term...THAT IS JUST SOOOO WRONG.I log on as anonymous because I'm not a blogger,don't have a google account and it just seems the easiest way to comment and I feel it is for others like myself.From the first time I read your blog I've been rooting for you big time because you remind me so much of myself when I was about your age(I hope I don't sound too old oh...LOL).I hope this experience wont make you block anonymous commenters because that's what most bloggers do when they don't like anonymous comments and of course they have a right to do so and if you do then I'll definitely understand.I've seen from your comments that you actually take criticism pretty well and many people have left opposing views on your blog which you responded to as appropriately as you deemed fit. I believe you got angry because of the personal nature of these attacks. I mean where does someone get off calling someone a slut or anything else of that nature? As others have said we live in a diverse world with diverse views and people will always agree(or disagree) with you and I'm sure you already know that.

At Adeolu...I felt I needed to respond to you because somewhere I believe you did this in good faith(as hard as this may seem to a lot of people to believe). To be honest though you did come off as somewhat judgemental which is the bone of contention here.
I just want you to understand that everyone has a different journey in life.Like OWNB I was sexually molested as a child by an older half brother (from when I was born to about 8 years old.)
I"m a Christian today and kinda understand where you are coming from.In University a lot of christians judged me for what they considered my 'wild' ways but the christians who really ministered to me were those who understood my humanity and that I was coming from a different place and also accepted me just the way I was(wild and all...that's the true ministry of Christ). They spoke to me always in love and I NEVER sensed judgement from them. They were the ones who ministered to me at all. If it's not done with love it's just not right and creates anger.OWNB is on her own journey. Let her find her path as we all have to do in life. If you really love her just pray that God helps her fulfil her destiny whatever that may be.It may not be what you or I expect. We as Christians don't know it all. Only God does.His ways are not our ways.

angie said...

As for that "thing" that left that "slut" message, just pray that God forgives u for uttering that kind of word to one of His beloved children.....

Olawunmi said...

onb, you know i always have your back.

i say nigerians are a puritanical hypocritical lot, and people gather stones to throw at me. yet its true, a people so hypocritical that they are quick to condemn anyone with a modicum of honesty.

what is their grouse exactly, that you have sex, or that you write about it? the same ones who like their sex served every freaky and nasty way complain because you would don't pretend like they do?

these people make me sick to my soul. i used to know this girl who could pretend for africa like she did not know what a penis was. then one day the world found out - she got well pregnant! now you know the kind of scandal she generated was far worse that those girls who lived their lives openly, that "bad" girls of the piece.

these people make me sick. as if one sin is different from the next one.

if you must criticise, can you not find a compassionate way to do it? if you do not like what you read here, simply close the page and not come back. no be by force!

Anonymous said...

ONB - beware of those edging you on to keep writing the trash you wrote, you might think they are your friends.. with friends like these who needs enemies..

You seem like a nice person, I dont agree with what you write about most times but to each is own...


Yosh said...

whoa! Talk about a good digital ass-whooping. What a nice way to start reading your blog this year. :) I can see there's loads of catching up to do.

Happy New Year and...GO GIRL!!! :p

Tunde said...

This is one long discussion already. I have read the 2 comments from Adeolu and the 2 from Ariyike (including the one on this post before it was deleted). I dont know Ariyike personally so I wont say anything.

Adeolu is a very well balanced guy. Has been a young corporate type that has achieved much in a lil time. At the same time I understand ONB's reaction, its her blog and her tuff.

What I dont accept is those that are cheering ONB on here and saying or feeling otherwise elsewhere.

1 of the comments here is from a friend who refered me to this blog, she had condenmed ONB in the strongest terms but I am ashamed to see her urging ONB on in the comments she dropped.

I like Adeolu's style - He is Bold enough to put his name here (his website is - and says what he thinks. Thats what Bloging is. Its open source, so anybody can say anything, and just like Ariyike's last comment was deleted any unwanted one can be deleted or reacted to. ONB as done that - reacted.

so, anonymous critics and supporters if you support a stance, put your name to it.

Icy said...

buhahaha oh my gwad ONB.. can I just say I love you . buhahahah omo lol lol! damn... GURL... wut can I say.. MAD PROPS to you. I don't even know wut to say.. I'm super wo.... infact YOU'VE HAD MY RESPECT O but omo if it can be further elevated.. YOU GAT IT BABZ... RAWK ON!!!


Mamarita said...

On a lighter note....HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR NIDO YOUTH, ehn Overwhelmed? It is next friday o, contact them soonest ehn.... And I hope to see you friday? Sweetness.

confusednaijagirl said...

@ overwhelmed. This is your blog and you should have the right to write whatever you want to write. You should also expect to be criticised if you write about the 3 letter forbidden word S E X. Frankly what you wrote wasnt that R rated and Adeolu points out you wrote you were %$^&^*% like a rag doll. i have to thank him for pointing it out because i didnt catch that when i first read it. Now i must go back to read that because he read the post so thoroughly.

@ Adeolu You might have good intentions. I read your first comment and the comment to this post , however do you really believe that you posted that comment without a feeling of moral superiority. I understand the xtian tenets and perspective. but attacking ONB will not make her change her life (as you want her to) it will only make her defensive. I think that is the problem of christinity in a way, the vicious attacks on homosexuals, and others you see as sinners. Attacking them and making them feel inferior will not make these individuals change their lives. Even Jesus did not condemn the prostitute like you have condemned ONB. I have to commend you for being able to put your identity rather than these anonymous chickens.However you achieve more with honey than vinegar. Understanding the human condition and struggles is better than judging there can only be one JUDGE in this world and his name is not Adeolu

Angela said...

My Dear OWB, I dont think Deolu or the other lady was judging you...
I came a cross your site some months back...when you saw a post My first ***K ... now that shocked me, trust me i am not easily shocked...but I feel sad to think that a Nigerian Intelligent young lady would do that. … even if you dont have your name on the know yourself and those that know you know you. ... (by the way I do enjoy you writing style) but was still sadden....
I read posts on your blog to get a better idea of the person ... and the more i read the sadder i was for you...i would have email, but there was no contact email (pls. email me if you like, i would really like to chat with you)
I came across you post yesterday ... and was equally shocked again ... i felt is there no more shame with the youth of this generation of Nigerians? Is there not that will not be talked about in the open...
I read about the abuse the happen in the early years of your life ... I am so sorry.
We all have Issues we all have to get over....You should not let that abuse became what you are identified by...
No one is judging you ... trust me people just care for you truly do.

I would really like to talk with you very much, but not via you pls. feel free to email me...

You stay blessed. and remmeber sometimes when you think your in control you are actually being controlled.

PS..i agree with Tunde's comment "so anonymous critics and supporters if you support a stance, put your name to it."

Passion said...

E ma ja mo! Abeg, Stop the violence.

"Words are eggs, once dropped they can't be put back together again"

Remember to use your weapoon (words) wisely!


jadedKiss said...

sweetie i'll only comment cuz i dont think i should be silent while every one is getting all riled up, but i dont really have anything to add cu its all been said. people have different opinons, and blog for different reasons. adeolu clearly feels like its his responsibility as a Christian to correct your 'errors', and you want freedom of speech without judgement. however you know that speech is free so that it can be judged (among other things). people feel good about it, bad, or moved to respond...

at the risk of leaving yet another 'let-me-say-my-philosophical-and-intellectual' bit, i'm done.

mack said...

daaaaaaamn... I finally found my type of girl. I laughing my eyeballs out right now.

The thing believe is: to each his own. Carry on baby. I'll buy you a silver gun with silver bullets. Shoot 'em up if they disturb you again.

I love you for speaking your mind; Of course many will say I'm a hypocrite for "going to church" and taking sides with you. The truth is: I'm everywhere, because i accept everyone the way they are.
You have experienced certain things that make you think the way you do, and it wasn't your making. Don't even let anyone tell you anything you don't feel like listening to. Use your head to follow your heart. :)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Adeolu: So what you’re telling me is that only my parents keep me grounded? and that I have only ‘yes-people’ around me. And obviously since they’re not doing such a great job at it… it’s up to you Adeolu… saver of my universe to step up to the plate right? And you’re asking me ‘How do we end up right when all we surround ourselves with are nodders?”… this implies that I’m obviously ‘already wrong to begin with’… ahh… your powers of logic, deduction and wit stupefy me!!! What is your major problem… that I have sex or the fact that I talk about it? You said “guys that ask your boyfriend... is that your girl friend?...and chuckle”. See this is where you get me pissed off… do you honestly think that I sent the ‘My Sex’ post to my boyfriends friends or that when I see him chilling with his friends… I go and have sex with him while they watch? But I guess you think I have no morals or values… so it shouldn’t be above me right… I mean if I could put up a post detailing a lot of my sex life… I am obviously beyond redemption… a lost cause capable of the worst evil… I’m guessing in your response to this comment… you’ll probably ask me how much I charge for hourly sexual favours right? I’ve asked you before and I will once again… seriously… where do you get off?

1. You don’t follow my blog… but you’re really interested in me becoming better(so it’s already been proven that there’s something wrong with me and of course… what sort of Christian would you be if you didn’t take me to task and ‘fix it’?!). This UK mother is another defender of Nigerian morality… and is of course angry that she has failed in her duties towards whom exactly? Erosion of culture? And all of this is as a result of my blog and my writing(oh what power I have… power enough to morally corrupt an entire culture based on nothing more than a blog and a few doggy style posts here and there… I should run for office if I really do have that much power). Now I’ll tell you what to tell to this ‘mother amazing’. Tell her I am not her child(rens) role model and neither is she mine. Why on earth did she log on to read already knowing how ‘far gone’ I am? If she wants to discuss the matter further… she’s quite welcome to come on here…and we’ll hear her out. One thing does bother me though… if she knew just how terrible… why did she bother finishing the post and ‘recommending’ it to others? Oh I forget… to ask for y’alls help to ‘spiritually cleanse’ me. Adeolu… read my profile and every post that I’ve put up there, you will never ever find a post titled “Role Model for Hire”… I am not a role model and not looking to be one… so pointing out that I’m not one is neither here nor there. Just so you know though… I do not only write about sex… if you scroll only two posts down… you’d read something I wrote titled “Ordinary Day” being sexually ‘touched’ by an uncle… a few posts further down “Anger 1-3” narrate my falling out with a friend. If you want to truly get to know Overwhelmed Naija Babe… you read my archives… I’m not trying to get your approval or fit into your little boxes. I am not looking to join your local church, I’m not looking to become a ‘re-virgin’… I’m not fucking or getting married to anyone in your family… so that should give you and ‘mama mary’ some piece of mind.

2. Every human being has the capacity to change you said (I think only if they want to and if they see reason too… and I’ll repeat it once again… I AM NOT LOOKING TO CHANGE IF CHANGING MEANS BECOMING HYPOCRITICAL AND JUDGEMENTAL… NO THANKS!). What exactly is wrong kind sir? Me? My sex? My life or a combination of the above… I can take criticism Adeolu… what I can’t take is blatant insult. I do not think I’m better than anyone, but at the same time, I don’t think any of you ‘holy rollers’ is better than me either! There’s a big difference between disagreeing with someone(healthy criticism) and insulting them(callin me shameless, without values)… and the latter is one thing I can’t stand because regardless of how ‘morally irreprehensible’ I am, I still never try to disrespect people or make them feel ‘unworthy’. I don’t care whether you think sex is good or not… I don’t live my life by your values and obviously… you don’t live yours by mine. I guess we’ll leave it at that. But I’ll ask you a question that I would love for you to answer honestly... Did you ever kiss, make out with, have sexual thoughts or ‘worse still’ have sex with your wife or any other female before you married her? Oh and do you keep every other rule in the good book?

3. How come all of a sudden you want to leave the Bible quotations out of it… you started out telling me what God wants and thinks… and now it’s a problem for me to hold you to the same standards? Or you initially thought that this ‘whore of Babylon’ wouldn’t have even touched a Bible before? Once again… I really don’t understand you with you ‘what messages are you sending out’ stuff… Do you honestly think I care that much about what message I’m sending out if I write an entire post titled “My Sex”? honestly….
My perception of right and good seems coloured? And what leads you to this conclusion dear Professor of morality… Adeolu Sir?
It also amazes me that you remember so much of that post… and I’m really interested in you telling me exactly what ‘refreshing things’ I could do with my self esteem…start a youth camp right... and tell the little kids how I used to be a major stripper/slut until my saviour Adeolu came and helped me change my ways right?

4. If you’re no saint (which I highly doubt), what moral grounds do you have to come here and lambast me here then? Who makes you my judge? Who appointed you? Go back and read your comment cos you seem to have forgotten exactly what you said… if you really meant that much good… you would’ve used a different approach… I still can’t understand why you ‘perfect beings’ approach some of us ‘imperfect beings’ so… but I guess I can’t blame you… it’s obviously your job as the ‘upholders of the Kingdom of God’ so who am I to talk? So the sign two hymns hasn’t worked (which is evident to you right)… so the plan B is to ‘shock and insult me out of my sins?’… Way to go man… you’ve really outdone yourself this time!!!

5. This is love huh? Thanks sweetie for recognizing my sins, and my ‘sinful nature of expression’. Like I said in my last post… now that you’ve cleared everything up… I’m going to burn up my short skirts, break off all my heels, throw away my lipglosses, break up with my boyfriend and book an appointment with you or anyone you recommend for ‘moral cleansing’. Thanks a lot for clearing all that up… I never realized till now just how wrong I am… Great job!!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

To everybody else: Thanks for your comments… I have read every single one of them. Those of you who have been readers of my blog for a while know that I do not mind criticism or arguments… I allow everybody to express themselves here and reply/state my opinion accordingly. I have never been on anyone’s blog and insulted or judged them. That’s because I don’t give out what I don’t like. I put up that last post “High Horses” because some people came on here insulting me… and what pissed me off even more is how they used some ‘spiritual grounds’ to tell me how ‘wrong’ I am(having sex… or talking about?). I have replied Adeolu who left the longer comment. I will reply Ariikiye’s comment because she had put up that ‘have some decency’ comment on the ‘my sex’ post and when I wrote high horses, I addressed her comment. She put a comment up on high horses praising my writing skills and by the time I woke up this morning she had deleted the comment. The wicked thing is that I already saved it cos I was going to reply last night but got sleepy so I’ll respond to her accordingly in a minute. I’m not trying to start a war… but like I said… I don’t like ‘holy rollers’… if you love me so much and want to tell me God’s word... by all means… do SO! But do not for any reason come on here and insult me! I am not looking to be anyone’s role model (but I think y’all already got the gist of that… lol). I’m also heavily interested in seeing if the anonymous who called me a slut is willing to come back and further his/she/it’s case… cos trust me… I COULD GO FURTHER. I can be a sweetheart… but everybody has their limit!!! And I think this is mine!

Once again… thanks yall for your comments… all I’m saying is… people are different… so you’re bound to disagree with them(which is not a problem)… but for Heaven’s sake.. talk don’t jab!!!


If you live in a glass house… Don’t throw stone!!!

Anonymous Coward said...

Oh my fucking God. Is Adeolu for real? Did you take a step back to read what you wrote? How condescending you sound? You should be praying for God to remove that evil spirit from you and not ONB. Her post was in response to a meme where you answer questions posed to you, as you see fit. Save your snotty attitude for the pulpit.

Beautifully Human said...

JEEEZZZZZZ!!!!! Why is it that any talk that has to do with sex generates soooo much controversy??!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Ariikiye’s comment on High horses before she deleted it at 1.17pm and 1.23pm was “Overwhelmed naijababe, I particularly like your style of writing. But really you don't have to get worked up over people's comment. Opinion is cheap, and that's why everyone has got one.”

My response to that: Babe… you kill me! You came on a post titled “My Sex” which is obviously indecent… so why did you start reading? only to tell me to “Show some decency”. Then I write a post addressing this and you tell me you like my style of writing. I still wonder what you mean by style… as in my metaphors, figures of speech? my subject matter(I would really think not seeing as it’s “Indecent”)? I never get worked up over peoples comments by the way but you and your friend Adeolu stepped over the boundaries of criticism into insult! Opinion is cheap huh… so I guess it wouldn’t mean much when I tell you to ‘take stock of yourself and remove the log out of your eyes before you remove the speck (I think… cos I’m unclear… I haven’t been to church in a while) from anothers. I think the best we can do is be the best people we can and leave the rest to good… cos I have an inkling you’re no more ‘decent’ than I am… am I wrong or am I right? Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

OWNB...just breathe,exhale...hmmm. a lot of words back and forth.I'm not going to comment anymore on the topic so I just wanna tell you to take it easy. You've said your piece loud and clear.I sense you are still angry. A lot of what was said is very annoying and upsetting but prolonged anger is bad for emotional health so just ignore the naysayers OK and keep being our favorite OWNB.

Soul said...

What you are baring witness to in these two characters is sexual frustration, evil and intense abnormality.

Simply put they are abnormal and live in some other world far from reality.
they live in a world where their sex is a prize for God. Their ilk will never be happy, they will always be 'undercover' they are perverts in training.

When a grown man can call someone a slut because she talks about the sex she is having.. (not anything sexually deviant just regular sex).. then he has a problem. A problem which he has hidden but is busting through the seams and he can't help but to condemn someone else.

When a grown ass woman gets offended by the word 'fuck', then you know that sex is going to be a sorry story.
These are the type of brainless idiots who think their bodies are evil and shut them up. But not satisfied (cos of course they are insatiable) they try to make everybody as miserable as they are.

They pray at the alter, yet salivate over any hint of sex the minute they turn around.

I don't know this Adeolu character, from the bullocks he has typed I don't care to.
He is in absolutely NO WAY a decent person.

Decent people Do NOT spout rhetoric the way he did.
I'm sure he and his friend whatever her name is can spout chapter and verse from the old and new testament off the top of their heads... funny thing is this..

With their mouths they will proclaim the Lord, yet their actions will condemn them to hell

Both of them can never be happy. NEVER. They will keep quoting chapter and verse, they will wield that Bible as a weapon and wonder why they still feel empty.

We've seen their type before..
Adeolu would of course proclaim that he wants to 'save'
It's his little way of trying to get a 'one-on-one' conversation with you. (and you know how those bastards do now...) stroke the bible with one hand, whilst stroking a female with the other... fucking sick bastards.

And the other one.. gosh I can't seem to remember her name.. yep (irrelevant I know but humuor me) .. yeah they are probably engaging in some closet 'spiritual fucking oh my bad...spiritual 'conversationing'.

I don't care if nobody else calls them out. (i think someone up thread did, but I'll re-iterate)

Adeolu and ariike.. you are abnormal, evil, hypocritical bastards.
A good fuck will do you good.. but I'll hazard at a guess and say you can't enjoy fucking. You evil bastards are waiting on GOD to fuck you and he will....
He will fuck your souls right into the pits of hell exactly where you idiotic, lunatic, stupid bastards belong..

You know why?.. because all your sanctimonuous bullshit doesn't get past God.. God knows that you are trying to use religion instead of accept it and try to be a better person.

I declare.. both of you are scum. trash. wastage..

Overwhelmed didn't go looking for you, you came looking for her, you read what she had to say, and you immature, stupid inadequate, inferior oblongata's impluded.
Did you stroke yourself first before you got the nerve to write what you did..
or did you erupt and cum all over yourself immediately you read the piece.
Jesus Christ on a pogo stick... the piece wasn't even hardcore.

Most people don't give a rats ass about you, so leave her alone.
Go about your way
Do what you do best.. which is jerking off whilst you read her posts with one hand and stroke the bible with the other....

Don't start any fucking trouble and their won't be none. their are more of us sane people than their are you mad fucking zealots and our God.. will crush your collective abnormal, unnatural fake asses when the time comes...

stupid, ignorant, fucks

Anonymous said...

Ehen Soul don come. Everybody take cover oh!

Angela (not a blogger) said...

Ok WTF? How many Angelas do we have? Damnit it...I am the only Angela and I am not a blogger and I am not a virgin an I like sex and I am not the same Angela Agreeing with the other Angela. Geez! identity theft even on bloggsville. LOL! Had to put that out there

Elle Woods said... need to sharrafukup with immediate alacrity. Who send you make you read? fi lo mi n dasi. If you wanna find corrupt morality go back to your country. Awon is her you will pounce on. If you dont like it, dont read. Its that simple. Hope you know God dont like ugly.And the auntie that lamented to we al ldont know how she used to do ashewo in undergrad abi? Berra tell her to face her pikins. Awon aiye buruku.

Mari said...

Hmmm...What a way to end the week!
ONB, have a great weekend dear. I think you've said all that there is to say and u said it good. Your blog, your right to write what you want to talk about. If they don't like...they can click the little x on the top right corner and move on.

Freaky Deaky said...

Whoa! Did it hit the fan here or what? Well, I'm just a recent reader of your blog so I won't be quoting posts verbatim or telling you what other people or friends have said about you on their blogs. I'm also not a Christian so I won't be spouting biblical references all willy dilly. I'm not pathological so I won't insult you, demean you, or otherwise tear you down in order to rebuild you into the person I think you should be or my interpretation of a book says you should be and claim that it's out of love for a person I don't even know.

Freedom of speech is a good thing. It's also implied that we have some form of freedom from speech. Whatever happened to live and let live? People are downing you on what the perceive to be your promiscuity when they should be working on their empathy, compassion, and maturity. Just because you can say something doesn't mean that you have to or even should. If you don't want to read about sex don't read blog posts with S-E-X as big as day in the title. If you don't want to read about racism then the Aryan Nation website probably isn't your cup of tea.

You're very generous with what you allow people to post in your comments. If they really want to insult you or post their manifestos then why not do it on their own blogs or better yet as the old saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all."

Keep doing what you're doing and writing what you want to write. It can't bother them too much if they come back with raging erections and moist lips to read your posts and your comments to them. Methinks the hypocrites doth protest too much.

Anonymous said...

Look love, my advice is not to aknowledge them.
I have been on the recieving end before and i dont bother myself answering them, eventually they would stop.
that is all i am saying.dedicating a blog about them is aknowledging them, sorry i am just saying.
Keep being you, as far as i am concerned, opinions are like assholes everyone has got one.....

Ineka said...

See why I can't stand most of these 'born-again' christians. Hypocritical pieces of shit.
ONB, carry on jare..keep on doing you. The idiots say 'My sex' and continued reading, I bet Adeolu got hard after reading that post, and Ariikiye got a lil moist, so dem come vex for you. LMAO...
Fashy them jare.

BabaAlaye said...

I'm back. Again.
@ Overwhelmed. Enuff story oya Kpele.Carry your Bow leg dey
You know i got your back sweetie.

@Deolu. Oya Carry your Vaseline and zip up your trousers begin dey go.

@Angela.don't worry. The other fake Angela no sabi speak English. She dey shell pass Afghan Soldier.And she no sabi spell. (If you no beleive make u read her comment again). Your Identity is safe.

@Soul.Abeg no start o. You know say your own craze na another dimension.

@ Olawunmi. We should trash Aston Villa again this Weekend shebi?
Delot i know you're reading this and you're hissing lol.

@Efribody. Let peace reign o.Thank you for cumming.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought.Several male bloggers write about their sexcapades and we don't get all these comments from holier than thou types and then a young female talks about sex and suddenly she is corrupting the next genration.Is what is good for the goose not good for the gander? As a Nigerian and as a Christian too it grieves me to see the double standard and yes(The hypocrisy of a lot of Christians).It's not about religion...It's about being spiritual. Na we get church pass for Naija but na we corrupt pass, yab pass for de whole world. Go figure. Hiss

Baba Alaye...u too funny

chainreader said...

Chei! i leave blogsville for a few days and come back to a war zone! wharishappening here? wharamess!

everyone has a right to their own opinion. but we can all find a way to voice it without insulting others. ONB in my opinion handles opposing ideas pretty well. but the comments on the last post were laden with personal insults. it doesn't have to be that way.

This is her blog, and she has the right to say what she wants. i don't agree with everything she says, but it is her life, and its her right to talk about it as she pleases. we don't have to come here if we don't want to. no be by force.

Please, a little respect. She doesn't come out here to insult us. Let's return the courtesy.

@ONB. sorry. no vex again. i've missed your blog!

9jamommy said...

Meeden! I'm too lazy to read through all these comments (so if i'm repeating what everyone else has said, tough-luck), but dear I don't think it was worth dedicating a whole post to them, otherwise it will be a lifetime battle. People will always judge (even without realizing it)......breath....breath...think happy

stacy jones said...

Girl I got your back. These hollyrollers are nuts. YOU KNOW THEY do the very things(x10) that they judge everyone else for.

@Soul- I love how you always go hard for what you beleive in(blackademic blog nyoil).



Angela (not a blogger) said...

I am with Stacy Jones on this...Tunde should call that two-faced asswipe out and shame the devil!

laspapi said...

Let's laugh at ourselves...

First at Stranger (king of gaffes)
"when it comes to sexual expression, take a look at the book in the bible called "songs of solomon"...god is all for sexual expression....only it has to be in the right context of marraige...".

-Right. Your example is a book written by a man who had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Next with "Unnaked Soul"-
"no more vexing, alliance scooping, God-playing, Jesus-Playing, Virgin-Marying, Preaching, feeling-sorry, Pastoring, Mentoring, exorcising, baptizing, initiating, wana-go-to-heavening... and lets heal the world..." - I like this one.

Next "Rev. Adeolu"
"ONB - I'm sure you are not used to love this way, but every extra comment I read from you, makes me love you more."

-Ehr, what's he mean exactly?

Unnaked again (He's good)
"If anyone is bold enough to counsel me, he/she should bring me a CV. I want to see how many wars you've stopped, how many mouth you've fed, how many catastrophe you have prevented from happening, how many shelters you've provided, how many deaths you've prevented, how many thirst you've quench, and how different are from me. Bring before me the head of Lucifer or the Devil. And I shall listen with no argument and with all intention to comply."

"hmm this wahala girl with her bow leg."

Naija babe to Rev.Prof. Adeolu
"My perception of right and good seems coloured? And what leads you to this conclusion dear Professor of morality… Adeolu Sir?"

-Madam "Ariyike" after her post chastising ONB for lacking decency.
“Overwhelmed naijababe, I particularly like your style of writing. But really you don't have to get worked up over people's comment."

She deleted this post soon after, but a few had seen it already.

Can't quote "Soul"- Strong language.

ps. Stranger, you cant give ONB a name. You need her permission and something tells me you won't get it.

Lets end it all with Passion's post.
"E ma ja mo! Abeg, Stop the violence."

Soul said...

you know what Babaalaye.. Fuck that peace shit. I'm not buying that shit today.
We've been fucking doing that peace shit and letting things go, and these zealots have thus become bold.
They think and they are quite correct in presumming that many people will not condemn their ignorance. Sometimes people need to make a stand and drown out the zealots in our midst.
Maybe it's funny for you cos it's not happening to you, but these useless drips of wasted sperm go around from blog to blog spouting this bullshit as if they are the moral authority when they are clearly not.

One blogger has already had comments saying that she should be ashamed of being molested! and you think just ignoring it solves the problem. It doesn't.

Overwhelmed has been ignoring it, look what's happening now.
These people feel empowered to say their bollocks because they know people will say..'oh let's all live in peace and forget it.
They know people will apologise on their behalf.

For everyone who says ignore them.. so what has your ignoring them done so far?.
It has encouraged this stupid false morality preachers to get bold and open their stupid mouths to spit verbal diarrhea.
These 'holier than thou' brethren who Never shout down male sexuality, rape, child abuse, or molestation e.t.c. but when it's consentual sex they are all up in arms. Someone should ask them why their silence is soo loud on those issues, it seems to imply approval

They never go on any blogs written by men and say things like oh you are talking about sex, show some decency blah blah blah...

You know for once, it would be a thing of beauty if everyone put their fucking hands up and made a stand.. instead of sitting on the fence trying to appeal to both sides.

You can attempt to make light of this all you want. I'm won't.

Overwhelmed has my back on this. If you want to laugh and joke about it fine.. I guess that's the privelege of never being attacked for your sexuality.

I'd rather unequivocally make a stand, if that makes me unpopular or appear some kind of way.. I could care less

These freaks of nature should be shut down and shut down for good.
Let them know once and for all that the Naija blogosphere is no longer a place that tolerates their stupid wayword comments.

If they want to post let the ignorant freaks do it on their blogs.. and let their 'silent on rape and child abuse' brethren flock to their sites to endorse them.

Overwhelmed is not just my Aburo for nothing (we have a history, 'nuff said')
They fuck around with her, means they fuck around with me and at least 30 other bloggers on here who ain't afraid to tell it like it is in the only language they understand.

That's all.

Ms zee said...

wow!!! and the beat goes on and on until the break o' dawn......
Ok ppl

let's cap it.... ENOUGH... Case dismissed....

Vera Ezimora said...


Where have I been? 83 comments? Dang it!

Overwhelmed, here's the thing. You're nigerian, and you know your people.

Ignorance is bliss. Only an ignorant person will say u should ignore ur abuse and be too ashamed 2 talk about it.

As 4 judging you, well, it comes with the job (blogging). As u have noticed, those that have bad things 2 say are usually anonymous. Hmmm, I wonder why!

Babe, what I'm tryin 2 say is that you should ignore them. Haters would hate. Talkers will talk.

bhookey84 said...


Tunde said...

@ Stacy Jones
No I wont name the Gurl who switched. I called her up again, she tried to explain herself by saying you tell pple wat the want to hear. I dont buy that but I wont spread her in the open here. I dont agree with her but she is my friend. So, I wont do that. I scold my friends personally and privately.

Can we just stop this continued (insert word) ...... You said your mind and it's noted. continued anger is not good. I don't totally agree with somethings you write but hey gurl, you sure are good. watever I need to say I will say privately in an atmosphere of love and friendship where learning is mutual.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Overwelmed, nwana, ekwele mbi pia gi ihe. I understand you have every right to be be upset, - but take it slow ehh. They felt it was their duty to let you know that biblically it was wrong - but u know that anyways. I guess what Ive noticed about we nigerians is that we can be quite blunt, and sometimes the way its intended is not the way it comes out.

ONB - How was your week. And what are your plans for tomoorrow. When is uni starting. How are you preparing for it? Take care ONB. And stay blessed.

BabaAlaye said...

@ Soul. Calm down girl.You obviously didn't read my first 2 comments.Please go back and read them.

temmy tayo said...

Babe, take a deep breath.
I am sorry to say that we have loads of stupid people breating on planet earth. The main reason why I blocked anonymous comments from my blog is becos of one IDIOT who was feeling he/she knows me so well.

Wetin concern anybody if i decide to blog about my sex life? Why can't people just ignore what they feel is not ''morally correct''. Is there any law that says if you don't leave a comment then war will break out in blog world?

Some people still have a long way to go in the growing up hase of their lives.

Ma binu jare my dear. Keep on doing what makes you happy.

BabaAlaye said...

@Soul.I assume you've read my earlier comments so here goes... i wasn't making a joke of it.It's just obvious that 90 comments on a single post,i The point has been made already BUT you can't force people to change their views. I'm sure adeolu or warrever he's called feels as strongly about his views as you about yours.

Spend 10 minutes reading through my Blog especially the comments section and you'll quickly realise that i'm probably the most abused Blogger on Blogsville.I make a lot of mistakes and people are quick to criticise and voice their opinion about how i live my life.And these are registered Bloggers. I still read their Blogs, i still got love for some of them, and i have a huge ass crush on

The point is my life is out bare on the WWW and i expect a mixture of Eyan gidi
and low lifes to comment on my Blog.
I refuse to censor. It's a free world.OWNB feels the same way too.

There is an Anonymous commenter who stalks my Blog and rains curses on me, my Family, my Father, i tried replying him once or twice but the Olori buruku became even more vile guess what i did? i ignored him and he eventually left me in peace.

"Vexation of Spirit is a waste of time.
Negative thinking don't you waste your thoughts.
Verbal conflict don't you waste your words.
Physical conflict is a waste of Flesh.
People always be who they want.
And that's what really makes the world go round.
Unconditional love is scarce...

(Damien Marley. There for you.
Welcome to Jamrock)

Soul said...

What do you mean spend 10minutes reading your blog. I'm already an active reader of your blog (ma je ki n binu si e o)

I do not believe in censorship either. Which is why, when these fasle morality purveyors start talking all their junk and using God to justify I don't censor my comments to them. lol.

We have different approaches.
They have not been ignoring overwhelmed, they've been stalking her, a fair few other people and leaving inappropriate comments.
Our silence will not make the issue any better. It emboldens them.

Ignoring them might mean they leave you alone, but what about the rest of the normal, sane, sexually mature Naija bloggers?
We need to condemn their amoral, misinterpreting, 2-faced, undercover, fake loving, deviant, most likely to become sexual abusing asses once and for all.

I said something when Owukuri (Blacklooks) was being bullied and filthy emails being sent, just as I'm saying something now.

You have to admit, that these false prophets, closet abusers and perverts all seem to have major problems with women and sex.

oh and sorry Babaalaye... unfortunately there is a heck of a lot more abuse going than on your blog.
From having topics created on at least 2 naija forums just to debate an individual...
to people who start of their online journals talking about 'people' at almost every other post....
to certain male bloggers emailing other bloggers asking how said blogger could 'let the side down' instead of supporting another male bloggers silly comments...
yeah that goes on and things like this have been going on for over 2 years in the naija blogosphere now.

They haven't stopped they just move from blog to blog, like a virus.

I'm tired of these holy rolling, jesus freaks, they are a curse on the religion of christianity and a blight on humanity. With their misinterpretation, misuse and abuse of holy scriptures.
If Jesus Christ was here he would condemn them all and they know it.

Soul said...

oh and babaalye... Don't patronise me. I am calm.
If you are imagining that I'm in hysterics, then that's on you not me.
I did read your first 2 comments and then I read the third one.
Seems you had your say and then felt it should be over. Well I guess other people had something else to add. me being one of them.

I should have seperated my posts, but I didn't. My Bad.

But, just because I am expressing myself does not mean I'm sitting here sweating. Why do you have to imagine that I'm in hysteronics, just because I am perfectly capable of stating in detail what I object to and for that matter what I think should be done to objectionable people?.

save the Damion Marley lyrics for the holy rollers... they are the one with a vexation of spirit and negative thinking...

That's all.

Nilla said...


Just wanted to say hi..
Hope you're doing ok.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tutsy said...

kai!!! this my trip to naija has made me really stale. Where was i when all this drama was going down?????? Tutsy i swear you dey slip.
@ONB, abeg take am easy on Adeolu now, Haba! enough yawa in the house. Eeeyyah, poor boy abi na i know he's somewhere wishing he didn't write that silly comment and he could take it all back. Funny how people could find your previous post offensive, i absolutely loved it...does that make me shameless and a slut as well?????...Tutsy are you now a bonafide slut??? Well its good to know i ain't the only one about to get condemned into eternal damnation simply 'cuz i enjoy sex.
Abeg post another scandalous write-up o jare, i am loving it.

SomePplJelusMeBecosamaSexFeend said...

Not only are you a slut but a stupid slut. Wasting post on opposers.

o tito ma koro gan
That is why its paining you like panadol. Oshisco
Soul, you are nothing but an unwanted douche rag.
Baba I like you stylee, I have to look into those durex avensis cause magnum aint doen it for me.
deolu you are like a ray of light. I may have to source you for mentorship. Keep up the good work.

The Lord might love ONM but she definitely aint beloved. I used to like her too, but like everyone else, now I just laugh at her.

[No be why dem all politically decline you?]

azuka said...

'R2, I have a really bad feeling about this.'

With apologies to C-3P0.

Why do I think someone just revived the fire?

Calabar Gal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Calabar Gal said...

I feel you should move on and stay a head above all these anonymous people who decide to rile you just for the fun of it. Let this storm boil over and calm down. It aint worth the stress and energy.

@Azuka: Which one is R2 and C-3PO?

Guy Horny said...

Men!!! 98 comments. This room is boiling. All of you oya carry your bicycles and leave ONB's blog Now Now.

Ok, on a more serious note Who cares what anybody thinks I'll rather know your cares. LOL

Guy Horny said...

I might as well add the 100th comment.

Oya, case Closed.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i think some people have mirrored my sentiments...this is your can say what you want...howeverwhichway you want...there'll be ppl that will hate you, love indifferent or somewhere in the shades of long as you're true to's all that counts

have a good start to your week

beautyinbaltimore said...

I don't get what the big deal is. If you don't like it then don't read it. She made it clear that the post was about sex.

beautyinbaltimore said...

@ some people jus- Get a FUCKING LIFE. I see you got a lot of free time to post anonymously of blogs. Mor than likly you are the tramp and what you are doing is projection.

@ Soul- I love how you tell folks off.

Yomi said...

In this response, ONB freely quoted selected verses of the Bible such as when Jesus forgave the prostitute (of course, she conveniently left out the “sin no more” part).

When someone who presents herself as a Christian does wrong as a way of life and comes out in the open to flaunt it, defend it, as well as attack those who would point her in the right path, its a case of her consciense being seared with a hot iron.

She wondered if none of you had never done wrong. Of course, even the best of Christians do wrong. The tendency to do wrong is there as long as we live in this body. But when we do wrong, we ought to be truly ashamed and sorry. The Bible’s standard is that we repent of our wrong and deal with the problem.

ONB rather glories in it and does not regard it as a problem. That is a dead consciense, if ever there was one. If she is a believer, the Bible says not to have anything to do with people like that. If she is a believer, she is self-deceived and wicked.

1 Corinthians 5: 9-13.

9 I wrote unto you in an epistle not to keep company with fornicators:

10 Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then you would have to leave this world

11 But now I have written to you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; do not even sit to have a meal with someone like that.

12 For what is my business in judging those who are not of us? Do we not judge those that are within?

13 But God will judge them that are not of us. Therefore put away from among you that wicked person.

If ONB and her supporters are believers

I have said it again and again: the Bible tells us to judge those who claim to be a part of the Church. If she is a believer, we put her aside. Ignore her. Don’t interact with her. Someone will say, “Is that not malice?” No; it is judgement; it is discipline. It is Biblical. And those who obey this Bible command to segregate wicked people from among us are very much walking in love ;-)

The best place this should be initiated would be the local church, but if her church is like most others we know, it will never happen. Most churches no longer truly live by what the Bible says. Sad, but true.

If they are not believers

But if ONB and her friends are not believers, it is a different situation. What they need would be the Gospel, not a rebuff of their beliefs on sexuality. They would be free to live by whatever standards they choose so long as they do not claim to be believers. In all probability, nothing anyone adds to that conversation on her blog will help her and the others. It is not advisable that you or anyone else attempt to “water that seed”, except if specifically led by the Lord.

Fola said...

@Yomi - I am also a christian but I am not perfect and not a clergyman like you.

I do not see any point in calling ONB "wicked" or whatever particularly as you have never met her.

I know you have instructed that no one should "water that seed'(which I presume to mean comment on this post) except led by the Lord.

The Lord has asked me to let ONB know that some may laugh at her, support her, call her a "stupid slut","shameless and without moral values" & "wicked" but at the end of the day he is her creator and his opinion matters much more than anyone else's.

@ONB - His opinion is constant. He loves you more than you will ever know. Dont feel condemned, Dont feel worthless - to Christ you are a precious gem. He says that you should pick up a bible if you can and read Romans 8:35-39.

He says he knows all the horrific experiences you had growing up but that you are still his child and he would like you to pick up a book called Travelling light by Max Lucado. The book will help you realise how much he loves you and unload some of the deep burdens he knows you carry.

@Deolu & other christians - I can see that your concern is really genuine. Its important to realise that God hates sin but loves the sinner. I hope that I did not come across as critical of anyone in this matter. That was not my intention - I just wanted to pass the message!

Have a good weekend and God Bless you all!

bitchy said...

I came across this blog for the first time yesterday and see I arrived at a crucial moment.. hehe!

ONB you are such a TALENTED person.. you can be hilarious and yet deep in the same sentence.. your blog is great!

I simply wanted to say something to all the other Christians who left comments about the sex post.

The reaction of Adeolu and the like really shows that us Christians need to be SO careful about our approach, especially when there is no basis for believing that the person you're commenting on is a Christian. Even if she IS a Christian, as she herself rightly pointed out, you still have NO right whatsoever to call her wicked or say you "grieve" for her or any of the other extremely patronising things you've all been saying.

ONB yes I am a Christian, but I'm not a pastor, and therefore like you, and like all other people our age, I struggle with a lot of issues especially ones like this. I am FAR from perfect believe me... but all I can say is that yes, its your blog, and yes, you have every right to express yourself as freely as you want to... but then you should only do so if you are 100% comfortable with who you are, and with what you're writing.

If you were 100% comfortable, I'm not so sure you would have responded to Adeolu and the others in quite the way that you did.. because your High Horses post didn't come across that way (well to me I didn't.. I could totally have missed your point who knows? hehe..)

I'm not preaching oh!!! But I just wanted to tell you to stand by what you feel deep down, is right. We all do things we know aren't right, and I am soooo the number 1 culprit, but then, I don't know if I would defend those actions (as you did) if attacked by people with very valid points about right and wrong. I know their approach was so SO wrong... but just wade through the bad stuff in their posts, and think about some of the points they made, if you can.

No one's asking you to read the Bible, or go to church and ask holy ghost fire to come down and purge you or anything ;-P ... Just think about it, that's all.

Yeeeesh... talk about a post within a post. Take care oh. Will definitely come back to your blog xxxxx

bitchy said...

I'm sorry I'm back again... I just read Yomi's post.

Mate... HOW Could you say this to her?

"ONB rather glories in it and does not regard it as a problem. That is a dead consciense, if ever there was one. If she is a believer, the Bible says not to have anything to do with people like that. If she is a believer, she is self-deceived and wicked."

Firstly, who the hell do you think you are? And secondly, do you know anything at all about the Bible? Because the Bible, and the Jesus that I know could never say you should abandon anyone!! I think you need to be very careful about the message you send across as a Christian because with this heavy-handed and extremely condescending manner, all you will do is push people away and alienate them even more!! This is why people say Christians are freaks, and this is why other people who left comments on this blog hold the opinions that they do about Christians...

Please Yomi, be very very careful what you say on this blog and on others.

Anonymous said...

you talk about freedom of speech, yet "religious folks" with views different from yours shouldn't be allowed the freedom to express them. who's the hypocrite,then?

When you disclose intimate details about your life on the net in the name of expressing your right to free speech, you should expect people to "freely express" their opinions on your life. You might not like it-and you do have the right not to like it-but everyone has the right to their own opinions,right?


Ms.Minx said...

Girl, please!! This shoulda been your post:
"To All y'all who got a problem with my post/blog/issues/life :EAT SHIT!!!"

Have a good day :)

Rosa said...

I don't know him o! but Deolu's comment (3:51) makes a lot of sense!

Pastor Edward said...

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

yellow ibo girl said...

*YAWN* All this nonsense because someone wrote a post about sex. Not some crazy shit like voyeurism or sadomasochism or whatever; just plain old SEX! ONB i understand why you are upset, I guess I would be too. Just yawn and write the next post abeg! (that is after you've told the judgemental hypocrites where they can stick it).....they bore me.

Hope 2007 has been a blast so far?

Anonymous said...

4 guys in 2 years, yup, u must be a slut :rolleyes: ignore them, simple as that

mimi said...

hi gurl,
my opinion,; ignore the haters
maybe their subconcious is envious of your free spirit, talkin bout sex, so what(it was a lil bit.. though, but hey its urs) im luvinnit gurl, keep it up, its ur blog, u dint beg them 2 come read it, since they chose to browse it, they r very entitled 2 ur opinion or experiences on any issue at all
u go gurl
N.B.; thanks 4 addin me 2 ur faves.. mmwah :)

exschoolnerd said...

First of all wanted to say thnx for stopping by my blog totally appreciate it.

whoa! i've been sitting back watching the drama unfold.I once had a post that caused a lot of drama like this with a lot of people sending me hate mails and calling me all sorts of names under the sun.But just do what i did.Ignore them, it's my blog i didnt put a gun to ur head and force you to read it..u cud have just hit the X button at the top of the just ignore them abeg.Dedicating a whole entry to them is too much sef.

Funmi said...

ONB when are you posting 'Mummy Sunday'?

BabaAlaye said...

@ Soul. Sorry love. I was not being patronising o. And i didn't imagine you were in Histero ehm..Histron ehm..Hishtronics abi electronics i no hear English jare.

I was just trying to avert a full scale Blog war.Trying to save the world and all that stuff.
Kpele ma binu. And the Damien Marley lyrics was not for you na for those wey cause all the wahala.Biko nu.

Soul said...

ko si problem. emi o bi nu. I was just saying is all..
And as you well know.. emi gaan sef English is not my first language.. awon olori beske Jesu freaks.. were the ones that told me to type that electronics stuff...

pele.. ma binu..
Next time I will drown out their white noise and tedious sermons on the mountain of ignorance.

nosa101 said...

"Jealousy is a motherfucker,you weak jealous motherfucker, if you a jealous motherfucker, you are a weak motherfucker"

Why did I just type that shit?

Abeg ONB don't mind them jo. When I entered my "modes" and started forming morality they were complaining. Now they are complaining about talking about sex. Oh-puhleassee

You are free to say whatever the fuck you want to say even if it is offensive to some. You can't please every cum guzzling little piece of shit.

If people don't like the subject matte, they shouldn't read it at all. IT IS YOUR BLOG OR ARE THEY PAYING YOU TO BLOG?


On a side note, School is mad fun.....and I learnt how to Snap when I went to Georgia. Cool innit?
I am having a horrible hangover now....I had a mad night.

A friend of mine said there is one big party in Canada called NEPA (Never Expect a Party like this Again)from feb 16th(my birthday)- feb 18th. It should be fun so I think you should go.

Anonymous said...

OWNB, OWNB OWNB O! How many times IM I calling you? Abeg please where is Mummy Sunday? I hope you are not letting these fools who think someone died and left them in charge of all moral and righteous ways get to you. Girl you are very talented, keep doing what you are doing. Sometimes the devil uses folks and its even those folks who think they are exempt from his will, that he uses the most. Your replied has killed them off, don’t mind them, instead of working on their own spiritual faith, they want to come and now be the holiest of holy and help you cleanse your so-called sins (as if they be God). It never seems to amaze me why someone because of their so their called religious believes they think they have the ordacity to judge another human being. See Amercia’s problem with the Middle East now; no be because they think they won solve everyone problem and they believe their own ways are better than others. My dear OWNB, please dust your shoulders off and keep bogging away. WE LOVE YOU OWNB, you are the BEST!!! Post Mummy Sunday and damn their fools!!! God punish all those who judge others yet envy them for things they lack!!! AMEN!!!!

Daisy said...

Overwhelmed- One of the strongest indications of a great mind is the have the loudest critics.

I'm sure you realize not everyone is going to agree with or be happy with what ever you write but girl, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Do, write and say whatevery makes you happy and ignore those whose only purpose it to judge others.

Stay strong girl

Favoured Girl said...

Oh my goodness I miss out on reading Overwhelmed's blog for a day or two and look what's happened! 100s of comments because of a three letter word! Na wah o.

Olawunmi said...

@ soul and baba alaye: tisha said you should bring your homework o. since they gave that spelling assignment in night school, 2 of you have stopped coming. because you can now write your names in english, you think you are educated shebi?

dem neva teash you finis' you don dey go gra gra?

chainreader said...


hope you had a nice weekend, inspite of all this.

Naija Sapphire said...

As for me, it's for you to tell and if they have such strong opinions, use the close buttons. With the way some people talk sometimes, you would think that they have never, ever heard the words when in reality, they're pretending. But true sha - remove the log in your eye b4 removing the speck in your neighbor's eye

Mphahlele said...


Your sunshine!

Nanya said...

Wow, nm.

Ariiyike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ariiyike said...

Happy New Year to you too!

UnNaked Soul said...

@Soul & Babaalaye: una be husband and wife for una former life? I dey suspect una two...

@everybody: oya pack your jagbajantis and vamoos!

@ONB: Hope you are having fun? cos I am... lol

Noni Moss said...

Wow 130 comments - has to be a record. I posted this on lawunmi's blog but thought it fitting to have it here as well.

When I first read the comments from "the Christians" telling her to get over herself and stop going on and on about her abuse. I got REALLY angry and spoke out. To then continue and read the comments about her sex post, I felt it was pointless to continue to address them. Like bugs they just keep coming out of the woodwork.

However after reading Lawunmi's and Soul's posts and reading their comments, all I will deign to say now is - speaking true to freedom of speech, it works both ways. "The Christians" don’t approve of what she wrote. I guess when we as bloggers write stuff, we leave ourselves open to both good and bad critique and it would be in poor form to not accept the critique. As I've said countless other times when I see this happening, critique her work or her writing style, no need to go personal. I'll agree - it wasn't to my taste, I wouldn't be that open about my sex life but that's me. Playing psycho-analyst, from reading ALL her other posts, I can understand why she writes about sex. I think it's a means of demystifying the act and making it less of a big deal - especially for someone who's been abused on soo many levels. But hey, this is my opinion. I read what she writes because I think she is a fascinating character and is immensely courageous to put herself out there and I really respect her for it.

To then have people come and denounce her without knowing the full story or making some attempt to understand, makes me sad. But then again these are "the Christians" so what else can you expect? It doesn’t surprise me anymore. I have found that "the Christians" are mainly the ones who are the most intolerant and who commit the worst acts themselves. I hate to generalize because I do know some good Christians and I respect their values, but just like terrorists give Moslems a bad name, so do some of you sanctimonious assholes. Then again it may not be your fault, you're all weak people, brainwashed by your hypocritical and wayward leaders so you probably know no better. We can only pray that you one day see the light and ascend to a higher path.

Toks- Boy said...

ONB - with all the palaver these people are causing for you and you still found time to come and visit? I am touched. But then i guess you already figured that out!Stay cool. said...

Please Check this out
I called this up specially for you and all...

The antics of lunatics

They watched merrily
And clapped as the
Performed his antics

Nice to watch ehn?
I asked the woman next to me
Who cheered loudest
“yes dear the man is great”
She answered, sincere and merry of heart
Pray your first son is like him?

Like a wounded lion
Madam pounced on me
And on the dust
We rolled over and over

All turned, lunatic and all
And cheered and clapped
For us two new lunatics
As we performed our antics

My question to ONB:
Do you pray your first daughter be like you?

My question to all her encouragers:
Do you pray your first daugter be like her?

I don't mean to be judgemental, I'm just appealing to reason
You can feel free to check me out o


nosa101 said...

I aint gettin' married but i wouldn't mine first daughter to be hot...............WTF are you on?

stacy jones said...

The funny thing is, the response post received twice as many comments as the the first post.
Some people should really get a life. If you don't like it(topic) than keep it moving.

stacy jones said...

@ Biola- Why not, from what I have read here ONB is for the most part responsible. Some of things that many other teenagers get into are so horrible by comparison ONB is still pure.

The Mistress said...

I find it sad that people condem has been one of the highlights of my life and I have NO SHAME surrounding any of my most pleasurable experiences!

Terrific post and I'm glad you spoke out against the repressed, judgmental, holier-than-thou asshats who have the nerve to tak you to task for sharing a few sexual anecdotes.

I hope they stay FAR AWAY from my blog.

sola said...

gosh, u are such a writer. im visit the blog world alot though im not a blogger. belle naija is on my favorites cos i'd rather resd general blogs than personal blogs. i came by ur blog a couple of months ago thru bella's recommendation. i had a laugh reading and still do once in a while. i like that u have clearly stated ur blog isnt 'required reading' if u dont like, move on. there nuff blogs to browse. i have never left a comment on ur blog cos i think the issues are personal. but today i loved ur reply to the holy ones. keep doing what u love gurl! now that u've vent, take it easy. nothing is worth losing sleep over

kulutempa said...

most intriguing, but i have to say, i'm surprised you care. i say this as a fellow "slut", mind you. some people are intimidated when you exercise true freedom, when you're untethered by judgment and so-called shame. nigerians can be especially judgmental, and i've never understood that, particularly when christians aren't supposed to judge. but you live and you learn - then you forget and learn all over again if you must, and that's OK too. fuck 'em.

Anonymous said...

i guess after Dondald Duke's blog this is the 2nd blog i have seen with the highest post ! SEX ! na wo oo but out of all this said it all!!
Stay Blessed !

HappierInMyselfNow said...

Oh no - I felt really bad when I read this. I felt bad that someone who's been through so much in life already is now being subjected to useless empty statements from self-righteous idiots with nothing better to do than scout the web looking for kicks. It's funny how these sanctimonious bastards didn't say anything about your first blog - your pain was speaking then. But at the first mention of sex (as if there's anything wrong with it) they're in a flutter. You seem strong enough to handle things, but I know from experience that no matter how strong one is, negative comments that have no reflection on what you've gone through in life can affect you strongly. But have faith in the fact that you're the one on your journey - they're still so far behind that they don't recognise the need for their journeys. Also, in most cases, when people are keen to shove the Bible and Christianity etc in your face, they're usually doing so in order to prevent themselves from facing the horrible truth about their miserable, empty lives. The fact is if they were focused on practising their religion they wouldn't be online looking for cheap thrills - I'll bet they found your post really exciting (jerking off to it, or else jealous because they've never been able to view their sexualities with anything but religiously-induced shame) but once they'd had their My Sex - induced orgasm, they felt so guilty (they could probably imagine the speech they'd heard/given at church) so they aimed to assuage themselves of guilt by directing their anger at you. People like this exist all over the world - this is what religion and those who decide to carry Bible on their head do to people calmly trying to find themselves.

I think you're right in keeping their responses up - if anything it highlights your open-mindedness, and their close-mindedness. Hopefully, in the course of time they'll become more reasonable about the issue of sex and read the very comments they wrote here in the height of their religious fervour, with deep shame. (And no - I'm not Christian - Jesus never referred to himself as such. I consider myself spiritual instead, which is much better as I aim not to judge people and rather focus on my relationship with God)

As I said, you seem to be handling things well, but I thought you should know that. Keep up on your journey - I don't blog much anymore but I'll drop by to make sure you're alright. In any case, Soul seems to be taking good care of you :-) Be well.

Just Thinking Out Loud! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just Thinking Out Loud! said...

Wow! Take am easy, OWNB, I beg. Na wa o. This whole drama brings back memories of the one and only drama I will ever have in my life in Jesus' name. : ) It taught me to take it easy and as much as possible ignore annoying rants (though i definitely got to know we all have our limits) cos if u keep responding, it could just go on and on with either no end in sight or very regretful actions/words. So, just take am easy and do your thing. Odikwa risky! Don't let people vex you like this. Though I must say that the slut comment was just completely uncalled for and immeasurably disdainful. That's definitely total BS. However, u for take am easy small. : ) ok? Just ignore such crap. It's not worth it. Try. ok? Deep breath. : ) Softly softly, aunty, like our people say. :)

chioma said...

Ok girl, I understand why adeolu's first post pissed you off, but the one I just read is kind of sweet.
I agree with him your a magnificent writer and you have to write a book ( I will help you launch it in naija!)You know your my girl but after reading his last post I can see the guy didnt mean any harm...Infact i think ariyike comment was more uppity and judgemental.
I guess its because your blog is not wholly dedicated to sex.No one can leave that kind of comment on "horny guys" blog cus its obviously dedicated to his horniness..Dont let anyone upset you ok.As a christian I think some stuff should be just kept private but no one is being forced to read anything,if i see stuff i dont like i just skip the lines...make sure you come visit naija this year. God bless

kokolette said...

me I just think people are afraid of what they're not used to.
you did not attach your blog to any religious group so why are people doing so?
this is what kills me about Naija. The blogger is obviuosly anonymous and that is why she is able to express herself the way she does! If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen! It's a different thing if she came to your house and was telling all these to you...but its the get to be whoever you want! In all your religious rantings...why don't you send a letter to Showtime and tell them to stop showing porn? huh? Shebi if you don't like it you just keep clicking and find a suitable channel? I am not saying people should be perverse but blogging is an outlet for many pple, including pple should just learn how to change the channel!

Ms Sula said...

I know this is an old post but I just had to comment... Love your blog and I am reading it from start to finish (eh what can you do, I am at work the day after Christmas and IT SUCKS... lol)

But back to the comment. You should do you! And that's the beauty of life. There will always be a naysayer somewhere. You can not make anybody happy but yourself... We humans are such hypocrites!

For the record, I found your meme pretty tame. I guess I won't be knocking at the pearly gates pretty soon!

I am enjoying your blog so much, I will continue on my reading!

Take Care!