Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mummy Sunday 5

Inspired by one of my favorite bloggers LondonBuki, this is my fifth Mummy Sunday post!!! I dedicate it to the better babysitters in the world… you make it possible for parents to go about their business with a settled mind.

A date with a dog

I was in such a rush yesterday that we actually got home before I discovered the huge dog bite on Overwhelmed’s younger sister Mk’s leg. They made me work overtime at the office, I had to go pick up some groceries for dinner, Overwhelmed from school, then Mk from her babysitter. What kind of mother am I not to have noticed it… I mean a huge dog bite My precious little 2 year old baby … What? When? Where? How?... Why?!?!

I mean how come the woman didn’t even tell me before I picked my baby up?! She thought I wouldn’t notice eventually? I only took Mk there because the woman was highly recommended… she was polish, middle aged and seemed caring and competent. Last month ago Mk dropped a hot iron on her foot when I just stepped into the room to grab something. I just couldn’t take the chance of anything happening to her… and now this!!! I’m completely frazzled… having to do a million things at the same time… where’s their father?! Nowhere to be found!... In Nigeria… in law school! And I’m here with two children that he fathered! Or was I the one jumping on top of myself?! Now my baby is hurt and I don’t know what to do or who to turn to… but that babysitter woman has some serious answering to do… this happened at her place and she couldn’t even tell me… how on earth?!

I’d heard babysitting horror stories but nothing compared to this one! I mean what on earth was the woman doing that this happened… where was she when a dog was eating the life out of my child?!

I called the woman and heard a stupid cock and bull story… it just wasn’t good enough… I mean the dog could’ve had rabies… my 9 months pregnancy for nothing… 2 years of breaking my back to provide for this child gone for nothing?! No… it just wasn’t good enough!


This wasn’t the first time she’d left little toddlers with a dog… It had happened on numerous occasions and we’d never known as she was always there when we came to pick our children up… my daughter could’ve been eaten to death by a dog and what would I have said?!

I almost fainted… apparently my daughter was walking away and the dog was trying to bring her to order being the ‘highly trained’ dog that it was… had been trying to bring her back to the others. She didn’t pay attention and it bit her to ‘make her stop’…. A DOG>>> MAKING MY DAUGHTER STOP IN HER BABY SITTERS HOUSE!!!

The case went to the British government. The only upside of the entire fiasco was that the government paid for my childrens’ daycare until the day they left England.

Things started looking up a little… Life might’ve been alright if we’d continued that way


Calabar Gal said...

OMG!!! AM I first? Overwhelmed where are all ur fans? Cant believe I beat them to it. I'd better hurry up and post this comment before it gets too late!! (smile)

OMG!! A dog bit MK? That was horrible!! Good thing the govt decided to pay for all the childcare for ur mum. Childcare is so expensive!! Some parents pay up to £900 a month to babysiters!! Me, I have made up my mind and tell hubby everyday. Once the kids arrive, Babysitters must be brought from naija to help. I'm not giving away my hard earned money to babysitters who'll be too happy to fleece me dry and with a smile too.

Calabar Gal said...

Yeeeeaaah!!!! I made it!!! My heart was in my mouth all the time I was typing my comment that someone else would beat me to it!!

She left the children all alone with a dog!! How horrible? i hope they took away her babysitting licence!! She dosent deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Dang! @ Calabargirl, I was thinking I am first!

Anyways, thats pretty intense, a freaking dog watching over kids? What has the world turned to long time ago? Highly trained dogs to watch over kids? Thats beyond ridiculous. And poor Mk has to have the bite to show grand-kids.
Heck with babysitters gan sef, what happened to Mama Silifa to watch over the kids for me? LOL

chainreader said...

calabar girl, why you dey rush now? hahahaha.

is this for real? a dog? was she like completely out of her mind? now i want to do some bodily harm!
let me at her! i don't care that she's old and wrinkled and walks with a cane, i'll rip the oxygen tube out of her nostrils and slap the pink off her cheeks, i'll.......

ok, i'm done. next......

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Calabar Gal: lol… I give you the first prize of McDonald apple pies!!! Yup… it was horrible trust me… I don’t even know how much she paid at the time but I know things were difficult for her at the time so it definitely a relief to have the govt pay that… but at what price right?! lol.. from Naija… for real?! The babysitter was absolutely horrible… I mean the nerve like seriously… how do you have the heart to do that?!?!?

@Naijadude: lol… you’re sooo not first!!! My dear… there’s all kinds of people out there… some heartless shit! Thank God it’s cleared up though eh… no scar to show for it… lmao@Mama Silifa… she might’ve been a better option eh…

@Chainreader: lol… heya… you’re not first today sha… so no first prize for you… yes oh my dear… A DOG! She wasn’t that old… just like 50 or 60 something… like how do you look God in the face and do that?!

azuka said...

MK's gone through a lot. Hot iron and then a dog?

I hate dogs! What happened to the professional babysitter?

chainreader said...

i am not accusing you of "partia" or something, oh! but the day i came first, nobody offered me apple pie. i smell a rat.

am just saying.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@azuka: lol… that’s how you know it’s me and not my mom telling the story… I really don’t know what happened to the babysitter… but I’m guessing she got what was coming to her. As for my sister going through a lot… you wouldn’t know it looking at her… the babe has a ‘hot firy’ bad-mouth… lol.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@chainreader: lmao@partia... I haven’t heard that word in 6 years… lol… I’m gonna use it tonight!!! Sorry oh babe… I will now award you consolation prize of Dairy Queen blizzard (the one with assorted oreo cookies) in small cup!!!

BabaAlaye said...

How much time is she doing? Hope she gets at least ten years. I've updated my blog so you can stop harrasing my juicy ass okay? Damn i'm late again.

Soul said...

fucking hell!
unfuckingbelievable! grrrrr

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so aggravating. Worst type of babysitting I have ever heard of

Anonymous said...

Excellent...excellent write up.
Hmmmm.babysitter blues. I'm a working mom with a 2 year old who goes to the babysitter. It's not easy.I felt every emotion your mom must have gone through while reading your post. My mom raised us by herself too.Sometimes I wish I lived in Nigeria and could get househelps to help at home...but I hear they come with their own problems too. God help us all.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I cant believe what that polish woman thought she could achieve. Well now she's ruined. she would never get another job as a babysitter.

How dare she - what was her punishment. I hope your sister got over her iron burn and dog bite. Your mum really tried for you guys. That polish lady got away with only being reported - I would have given her my nigerian dirty slap first LOL - then reported her to the authorities -LOL -

Enjoyed your post. Have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

WHAT??? like this is real!?
i am amazed at the nonsense that happens in this world. i mean what were they thinking. A DOG??
ah the govt had better have paid for childcare for your mum oh. that's upsetting that really is as if there isnt enough things to go through when growing up. that was really not fair to Mk or you mum, people can be so irresponsible. so so irresponsible. na wa oh all my comments seem to be ending with the sadness of peoples actions. this world eh goshhh!

jadedkiss said...

a dog? what, like those babies are sheep?? thats not even right.

'life might'v been alright if we'd continued that way..' what more darkness did papa overwhelmed bring into your lives again, ehn?

Anonymous said...

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The Mistress said...

Unbelievable. What the hell is this bitch thinking?!

Your poor baby!!!

This is why people put cameras in the house to watch these nanny folks now.

If I had kids, i'd do it in a heartbeat!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@BabaAlaye: Funny I don’t think she did time… they probably just revoked her ‘nanny license’ or something. Lol… I dey go your blog now now… latecomer!

@Soul: It is… isn’t it?!

@Naija Sapphire: My dear nothing when ear no go hear oh

@Anonymous: Thanks luv for reading… my dear being in Naija helps a lot forreal… I mean you get tons of help… but what can we do here now?! we gotta find a way to manage abi… I hope your baby or nobody else’s ever has to go through what my sister did though… AMEN!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@The Life: My dear no be small oh… lmao… I so would give her that dirty slap now if I could… but don’t worry my sister grew up fine… she’s rude, pretty and ‘borrows’ all my shoes… lol… what more could we ask for?! Thanks luv.. have a great weekend yourself

@Mphahlele: yup… it’s forreal… A DOG! It seems like a movie to me sometimes when I think about it… I can only imagine how terrible my mom felt at the time! Thank God it wasn’t something worse that happened!

@JadedKiss: my dear I no know oh… lol… you can tell there’s more ‘papa overwhelmed’ stories to tell eh?

@The Mistress: oh my gosh…. I WOULD SO PUT THE CAMERAS TO WATCH THE NANNY>>> cos based on so many experiences I had and people around me had… I almost don’t trust anybody 4real… I mean even family members… give some of em your kids to babysit and they start ‘touching them in their sleep’… FUCKERS!

boso said...

That is just rubbish. Unbelievable !! A dog bite?

Vickii said...

Oh my goodness, that is terrible, it's the first time I've ever heard anything like it! It's good that your mum took this as far as she could and I'm glad MK was okay!

Anonymous said...

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Copido said...

Awwwww! Some men are so devious and I cant believe that nanny was registered legally. A story like this made the headlines recently in the UK.

Afrobabe said...

A dog watching children? that woman is damm wicked!

@calabar excitement about being first,I shall check this blog daily now and beat you all to it..

Nogo said...

woah - glad she's ok! that's awful :(