Friday, December 29, 2006

The Movie Dreamgirls

affected me like no other this year...

Dreamgirls is an explosion of sound
It’s the first ray of sunlight you see after being trapped in the dark for so long
It’s a symphony, an orchestra, it’s love, laughter, hurt, pain… it’s life
Dreamgirls is a religious experience

Dreamgirls is talented singers excited for their first big break
It’s the first time you see your name in lights… the first time you know they actually came out to see you
It’s your first hit single, your first standing ovation…

Dreamgirls is the first time a man sees the real you
It’s the first time your best friend steals that man from you

Dreamgirls is the jealousy that eats you up inside while you pretend not to care

Dreamgirls is when you finally pour your heart out to him and he turns his back on you
Dreamgirls is pain…. so much pain
You raise his child up on your own, taking welfare…when you could be singing… living
You turn on the tv every morning and see their success when it should’ve been you
You’re sorry but your pride won’t let you show it

Dreamgirls is having chances but not having the courage to follow your dream
Dreamgirls is loosing your sound
Dreamgirls is finding it again
It’s that one big break after years of struggling
Dreamgirls is the elation you feel when you go into the audition knowing he doesn’t believe in you but you proceed to blow him away nonetheless

Dreamgirls is when he loves you but won’t leave his wife
Dreamgirls when he dies of a heroin overdose cos they’re sucking the soul out of his music
Dreamgirls is when she won’t let you see his body because she knows you’re the mistress

Dreamgirls is when you’re married to your record producer and he thinks you cant leave him cos he ‘made’ you
Dreamgirls is stepping out on your own despite the fact that you have no shield from the world outside

Dreamgirls is being married to the songwriter and knowing that every love song was written about you

Dreamgirls is the day you all choose to put your differences aside, go in front of an audience and sing your hearts out
Dreamgirls is the last note on that goodbye song
Dreamgirls is when the curtains finally close down and you realize that now it's you against the world

Dreamgirls is what the future holds… the endless possibilities, the opportunities… the journey

Dreamgirls is the world I sometimes feel I live in


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'Sup girl?

Hope you're doing fine.

Happy New Year in advance!

Anonymous said...

well thats life- sugar salt and everything in between. its the life we all live in...
but u know all about soup grapes and highs and lows (random:hey 'joys' and 'lows' are typed from the same numbers-5697- on t9 on your phone.. try it!)

have a fantastic new year dear.

chainreader said...

i can't wait to see this movie!

Have a fantastic new year when it finally comes around.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@anonymous: I’m positive I’d have gotten a different and much more enthusiastic response if you saw that movie… honestly… you should!
@Nilla: recovering from food poisoning… yeah I’m feeling better… thanks luv… Happy New Year to you too!!!
@JadedKiss: Great new year to you too cybersis… hope ur having tons of fun… lmao@the joys and lows thing… only you go sabi that kind info… hehe…. I luv it!!!
@chainreader: oh my gosh… you should not hesitate at all to see this movie… it’s beyond fantastic… I don’t even have word to describe it… wait.. that’s what this entire post was about right?! Lmao… no mind me jare….babe Happy New Year… how was your Christmas?

azuka said...

Wow. Sounds promising...

Anonymous said...

you took the words right out of my mouth, I just deleted my dream girls write up!

"Lights, camera , action seen in a whole new light....

I laughed, cried, got angry, was sad, was spiteful.... I felt all the emotions at the same time...


Anonymous said...

hmmm...have to go see this movie then!
I have put the link back babe...hope u are good?

Anonymous said...

I need to go see that movie ASAP
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

dang... you just gave the movie

i'm still going to see it tonight though :) Will be back to sing it's praises i'm sure...

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh i am going to watch the film , from the first two lines i was like chai let me not contiune, you for put spoiler alert na, dont make me come there oh, I am going to watch the fillum i will be back to comment! ;)

Vera Ezimora said...

Welcome back babes. Haven't seen the movie; wasn't sure if I wanted to, but now I will. Maybe tonight even.

Of all you wrote, I think I love the part of being married to the song writer best.

That would be great, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog, i'm getting addicted already.
i've heardconflicting views abt beyounce's performance. i heard she's still not good enough and i've heard the movie is so good. Since you've seen it, is beyunce crap in it or is she good?

Anonymous said...

Ha! This is anonymous from earlier with the lonesome K. I think maybe I just wasn't ready for my second coming into the blogosphere and that's why I was being stingy with my words, so that I somehow don't get sucked in. LOL!!!

But I like what I see...many excellent naija and my racist self!

I've actually watched Dreamgirls, and it was a heavenly performance to say the least. I cried, yes the baby that I am. Music with meaning moves me every single time!

Beautifully Human said...

ok you've sold it t o me. Have heard conflicting reviews, but am definitely going to see it when it eventually comes out over here (maybe sometime in the next century, if we're lucky! hehe)

Anonymous said...

Overwhelmed..How you dey? Why are you doing this to me now..I am itching to see the movie but I have to wait till I get back :(

Happy New Year!

beautyinbaltimore said...

I'm most def going to see this movie. I'm happy that you enjoyed it thought.

Favoured Girl said...

Hey girl!

Hmmm, I think I'll go and see the movie when it comes to this part of the world!

Have a very happy new year!!

Jem said...

I have really heard so much about the movie, been contemplating which one to choose btw "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Dreamgirls" I think you just got me pumped up enough to go watch it this weekend. Nice one!


Anonymous said...

is that anonymous delot, or is that jus wishful thinking on my part??

Anonymous said...

You should see Apocalypto. Now thats a movie. Not too bent on seeing Dreamgirls till it comes out on DVD, then again whats the guarantee. I haven't seen Ray either and I own the DVD.

Did you enjoy your holiday...hope the New Year bring more joy and happiness in ure life and to those you love dear.

Anonymous said... this isn't delot.

...ONB seeing as I was first, what do I get *rumor has it that u're being genorous in the '007*?

Anonymous said...

wow guess u just told us the whole movie...dont need to see it now