Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy 21st Birthday To My Best Friend Naijadyme

I love the month of December for Christmas among other things… but boy do I have to spend money. Three of my best friend’s birthdays are in the same month… so I gotta get birthday gifts as well as Christmas gifts. Sunshine’s birthday was on December 08; J and Naijadyme’s are both on December 14. Here’s a happy birthday to my best friend forever: Naijadyme.

The person you become is as a result of the people you’ve met or failed to meet

Not many times in a lifetime comes a special person who changes your way of thinking, your perspective…your life.

They bring in a special spice, a variety to your existence

They make you glad of your uniqueness; they occupy a special place in your heart and never really leave

They’re your friend, your confidante, your family

They’re there for you through thick and thin and just love you unconditionally

They see grace, skill and genius in your stupidest accomplishment

They see the best in you and as a result make you see the best in yourself

They stand up for you when you’re tired of doing it for yourself

They keep you in check when you’re getting out of line

They’re the only person who’ll tell you that you look horrible in lime green and that you don’t have the best skin tone for yellow nail polish.

They’re that person you never regret meeting cos they make your life richer just by being in it.

You’re that person to me Naijadyme

I hope every wish you ever made comes true
I hope you find everything you’re looking for
I want you to know that I’ll always be here for you whether you ask me to or not
I want you to know that I’ll never betray you, your confidence or your trust
I want you to know that you’ll be a friend in my heart for always

Here’s to 21 more years of friendship:
Happy Birthday Babe… you are my truth… I love you forever


azuka said...


Happy birthday Naijadyme!

chainreader said...

awwww, that's soo sweet!

Happy Birthday, Naijadyme!

ONB, you still owe us birthday gist from last friday. am sure you think we have forgotten!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Naijadyme.

I am sure you know life begins at 21.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Naijadyme

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday NaijaDyme!

Yeah OWNB - what happened with the suprise party? How did it go?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Naijadyme! And that was a lovely poem!

Yup, so, you were about to tell us the gist from the surprise party?

Anonymous said...

I like that.Sounds deep

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Naijadyme

Biodun said...

Happy bday NaijaDyme, this was a nice gesture Overwhelemed!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday girlfriend!!

Jem said...

"The person you become is as a result of the people you’ve met or failed to meet"

I stongly agree with this statement and a lovely Birthday to Naijadyme :) How are we?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Naijadyme....

so lovely of Overwhelmed to write this for you, but that shouldnt mean no Bday gift eh!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Thanks Everybody for the Happy Birthday wishes to my best friend Naijadyme.. I'll make her come on here later in the week and say a personal thanks to you guys. As for the suprise party gist... go on my new post titled Blog Dilemma and tell me what you honestly think... cos I'm processing some stuff before I decide to go all out and say my true feelings/ give you the real gist. I can't be dishonest or lie... especially not on my personal, little, 'anonymous' blog... So I just have to think it through if i wanna tell it or not... If I do.. I'll say everything as it happened and as I feel it... and if I don't.. then it means I think I've done what's best for me and my peace of mind. Once again... Thanks yall... and Azuka for coming first you get a whole handful of cashew nuts for your personal enjoyment!!! WHAT A GENEROUS BLOGGER I AM EH?!?!?