Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Part 2: I’m Back

Continuation of Part 1 of ‘My Weekend Gist’:

I don’t know if I mentioned that this birthday get-together was hosted by a friend of my friend YY. I mean I know her but the first time I met her at a party, she was giving me serious attitude… actually all my friends thought she was a bitch cos she just kept giving everyone cut-eye. Another reason I even disliked her more was that at the time she was talking to some dude JJ that I thought was so sexy… I mean he was tall, could dance like a motherfucker and i don’t know… just had something going for him. To cut a long story short… they ended up dating but broke up cos he went away for months and I guess she needed someone there with her. But they’re still friends sha cos even he was at the party. Yeah, so I initially didn’t care about her but I met her at a party a month or two ago and we just had a blast dancing and gyrating so she’s one of those people that when you get to know her you just love her… or at least like her. She’s not pretty but has an amazing body… cuteness!... besides I was over that JJ kid from long time… so that’s probably why I was in the mood for forgiveness… lol.. I know… females!!!

Oh and I think that same dude JJ likes Naijadyme… oh my gosh… he was totally flirting with her all-night… if she smiles, he smiles, if she shifts her yansh… he asks her if she’s uncomfortable… lol… it was the cuteness. She won’t believe me sha but trust me I got instincts for these things… I mean they were already friends from before so I’m guessing he doesn’t wanna mess up their friendship but trust me… he’s totally feeling her… I’m telling her to go for it cos they’d be cute together… plus she loves tall guys… so why the fuck not… and he looks like he’ll lick a good pussy and has big feet(lmao… I know… I’m terrible)… babe I know you need some right now… plus I want you to get over Mr. Slick and B!!!

Oh my gosh… we played WHOT (y’all remember that game… it was so hard for me to remember pick 2, general market, hold-on… lol… but at least I was better than AO who kept saying I have two cards left instead of second to last card.. lol). Victim came to pick us up but ended up getting caught up in the game, getting tired and just slept on the couch(fool had work the next day but because of 'girls' stayed there until 6am… wonder why he’s called victim… don’t worry.. I think I’m gonna write something about him and the other ‘victims’ of the world!). We ended up watching naija dudes freestyling on youtube… lmao… it was soo funny with their conc. Ijebu accents talking about “I’ll mess you up… you’re a nigga”… Apparently that’s a low blow… lol. Worreva!!!

There was a dance-off between one of my guyfriends SS and this chick CC. I mean she had liver oh trying to battle my friend that is an African Dance Fanatic with her white-girl moves.. lol.. he messed her up on the dancefloor it wasn’t even funny trust me… but I bigged her up still… lmao. SS was cold though… he’s like listen if I can’t beat anybody else in dancing… I will mess you up today.. lmao! CC self… her hair kills me all the time… her hair was flashing ‘peace sign’… lmao and its sad too cos she actually left the house like that… I mean she’s a nice girl but as AO would say… if only she stops rubbing the red eye-makeup and wearing furry shoes to parties, she’s be a prettier girl. lol… what can I say… I’m the nicest one of my friends (lol… they’d probably say something different)

Oh there’s this girl LT. That girl cracks me up cos she looks a little bit like mammy water. I mean she’s not ugly but she looks pretty in an ugly kinda way… I don’t know yo… and her face looks like she’s almost completing her bleaching… I’m so mad I didn’t get to check her knuckles. Lol.. and she’s a model… Naijadyme is so mean… when she heard that… she’s like.. MODELING WHAT?!?! Lol… the girl’s dutty-whine kills me that’s all I’m gonna say… and she kept looking at me weird throughout… but I bigged her up sha…

There’s this Ghanaian chick that we met there… luvs her… she’s so cute… soo nice, so sweet, so funny… I mean I’d take her to dance class if I could afford it… but she’s the sweetness and she loved me so I love her back!!!

AO thinks my Friend DD is a sell-out for dating a white girl… I don’t really care… I get my guys on the regular and if that white chick wasn’t dating him… I wouldn’t be… so I honestly don’t give a fuck… he’s a sweetheart tho and his girl is not a fat white girl so that’s good enough for me (not that there’s anything wrong with fat white girls… if you’re looking for papers or someone to fuck after arriving in the country 4 months ago with your leather coat and thick Onitsha accent… lol.. there’s nothing wrong at all!!!)

Oh my Gosh… I ‘shelled’ something terrible at the party sha… and I was the butt of jokes for hours jare… but it was all in good fun… it was the best night ever… we left around 6 sumthing in the morning and all our body hurt from laughing toooo much trust me. When Victim was almost at my house (dropping us off), Imagine the call I got from “Cheapness”. He’s in front of my house?!! WTF… at 7am… doing what?!?... he’s from out of town and wanted to see me… buddy … you think if I was sleeping I’ll wake up and come and go and brush my teeth at 7am on a Saturday when you’re not about to give me money or the deed to a house in the hamptons. I told him I wasn’t home yet but AO and Naijadyme wanted to see his face sha so I told him to wait for some minutes for me to get home. AO burst out laughing when she saw his face and Naijadyme thinks he looks like a grandfather… lmao… I know… I have mean friends... they’re right… but damn… mean!!!

It was a fantastic Friday night probably the best I’ve had in a long-ass time. Everybody knows that where 3, 7 or 24 Nigerian people are gathered together… there’s bound to be ruckus!!!

Oh and I went shopping on Sunday and got like four new pairs of skinny jeans(I know… the list of my addictions keeps growing… Stilletos, lipgloss, jewelry, black nail polish… now skinny jeans). Now my dilemma is that one of the jeans is exactly the same shade as another pair of skinny jeans that I have so I plan to change it up somehow… since I’m terrible with the cutouts thing… I wanted to like bleach em and create a ‘sexy messy’ effect. It happened in the past with one of my jeans (by mistake)… but this time I wanna try it out forreal… y’all got any tips?!?!

Another thing I realized is that ‘poorness’ or ‘laziness’ brings about all kinds of creativity… I was making stew during the weekend, started putting in some of the tin tomato I had and looking for another tin to supplement it only to realize that I’d run out!!! Too lazy to go out and get a new one… guess what I used to supplement tomatoes?!?! TOMATO SOUP!!! Lol… yup… I left it to cook/dry on the stove then put it in the stew… and voila… a stew is made… lol… k it doesn’t taste the same I’ll admit that but considering… it is pretty good… I mean a bit sweet (like maybe they put some sugar in the soup or something?!?!). The boyfriend came over after we saw Casino Royale which by the way is a totally awesome movie… oh my gosh... Daniel Craig is the Bond to beat… after Sean Connery… and Pierce Brosnan. He makes the action sequences look so believable… you totally gotta go see this movie trust me!!! Anyways we got home almost 12 midnight… so I couldn’t actually cook better food (this is not to say my stew wasn’t good… lol) and just boiled some rice quickfast. Lol… you should’ve seen his face when he was eating the stew… he’s like baby… so.. hmm… this food… ummm… this stew… ahhhh… lol.. I’m like shut up jo… you know you like it… he laughed and was like … you made it and I’m eating it… lol. We just cracked up after a while cos we dropped the plates after a while and just burst out laughing… Tomato Soup/Stew OSHI!!!

You know you’re comfortable with a guy when you can chew chicken bones in his presence… lmao… yup… I was chewing bones and doing all the sucking too… he just burst out laughing… lol… I’m even laughing as I type this cos I can’t imagine how funny it must’ve looked to him oh… the poor guy was probably like hey… when I asked this Overwhelmed Babe Out… she was looking and talking all sexy… I mean who would’ve thought I’d see this girl demolishing bones… I didn’t bargain for this oh… lol… roflmao

Stay Tuned To NTA 2 Blog 5 the story of Victim and Cheapness cos they are too long to tell in this same blog… so I’ll just do different blog entries

This is Overwhelmed and that’s your news for today!!!


angie said...

u r one funny girl!!
I remembered playing WHOT (but can't remember ever winning...lol)
"You know you’re comfortable with a guy when you can chew chicken bones in his presence… lmao… yup… I was chewing bones and doing all the sucking too" i totally agre with u. from ur description i m sure u mutilated the poor chicken bone.
Can't wait for the story of cheapness and victim.
wat abt ur mummy's post(are we getting a double dose next sunday??)

azuka said...

You have surpassed yourself, Overwhelmed.

As my late uncle would put it,'I'm flabberwhelmed and overgasted.'

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@angie: lol… oh my dear you have to come let me tutor you small in the art of WHOT… I’m wondering why we don’t have a national championship for that game cos trust me… I’d either win or be a runner up!!! Lol… I remember when in Naija we used to play the one that if you lose people hit you… holy fuck I got beaten so much I quit(lol… in the beginning… but I eventually improved). Lol… the chicken bones thing was so funny trust me… he opened all his eyes just looking at me and laughing… I was so ghetto with it… but my dear the bone was sweet sha… lmao! Yes oh Cheapness and Victim self… their story long especially cheapness but I’ll try to write it this week… if not… then next for sure! The mummy Sunday thing… I was being lazy to write it… so I’m not sure if I can do two so it might be only one this Sunday.

@Azuka: lol… I have… haven’t I?!? I just remembered something I read on Noni Moss’s profile that captures how I felt exactly about writing after my 2 or 3 day break and I quote: “I write because I am compelled and I can’t help it. The words just come to me and haunt me till I express them fittingly.” Lmao… your uncle sounds like a great man… I bet he enjoys a good drink of palm wine in the morning like yours truly!!!

NaijaBloke said...

U r collecting skinny jeans ke .. so now all ur plan is to show off our bow legs abi ... all the competitors I have r not enuff?

Anyway make I leave story till I see u sha ..LOL

Will update ma blog later 2day jere

Anonymous said...

I think its high time I start wearing baggy, if you start wearing skinny jeans! Haba! your blog long oh!

Anonymous said...

Naijadude - lolllllllll - It's long but it's funny oh!

Nice to see people having fun. havent been out to a party party in a while.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@NaijaBloke: lol… yes oh… that’s my PLAN EXACTLY!!! Since I’ve left you for Vera (temporary arrangement)… I have to go out there and find a new supplementary ‘bloke’ of my own now… and I think the key is SKINNY JEANS! You berra update your blog because these days you have started doing ‘gist mising’ which is completely unacceptable to me!!!

@Naijadude: lol… please don’t even try to imply that I’m not skinny… lmao… No please ewww.. I totally couldn’t see you in baggy jeans… keep up the mexx look.. it’s all you baby!

@Noni Moss: lol… thanks luv… yes oh… you totally have to go sometime soon especially this season… even tomorrow self I have a get-together to attend not to talk of this weekend self… dang… I hear say plenty ‘night enjoyment’ dey for una UK oh babe… partake oh!

RJ said...

You are crazy for real...
I havent played WHOT in years
"I mean she’s not ugly but she looks pretty in an ugly kinda way"...I totally get that

Soul said...

psshhhhh I'm not really talking to you anyway..
so I'll be real quick and say..
I've got something I need to email you.. (don't worry it's not my father is Gov shagari Abdulrahman Abacha verse2 type email yarns)

so.. yeah.. erm.. you know what to do.


Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Rj: Long time no hear oh babe… I been think say them don draft you for American Army oh babe! lol… I know… up until Friday I hadn’t played it in almost 6 years so you should’ve seen me trying to remember codes and stuff… but some stuff you never forget completely sha cos I got into it after the second round… and even they had LUDO self… remember that one?! lol@that girl’s pretty in an ugly way… I knew you’d so get it! Have a great week luv and abeg UPDATE MORE REGULARLY NOW SHIO!!!!

@Soul: Call me nothing if not psychic… I knew my big sister was mad at me and I think I know why. My email is overwhelmednaijababe@hotmail.com I’ll come on your page and leave it there just in case… Please oh Egbon mi forgive me and don’t abandon me just like that in the midst of troubles!!!

Soul said...

Psychic ko, psychic ni.
Did you know you were going to get your black blown out and have 4 orgasms one after the other last weekend?...
nope you did not. You knew it would be good.. but you didn't know it would be that good.
Until you can predict with clarity abeg.. you no be psychic you are just guestimating.

Abeg my sister remove your email address from above before the rest of the spamming bots find it and decimate your mailbox.
Anyway, I will deal with you via email, no more derailing of your blog,..

Mari said...

I had to come out for air mehn. Thats one long ass post. And to think you would actually stop blogging. Big Fat Lie! You're hooked!!!!!
Come leave that pair of jeans alone or please go exchange it coz I will def be the first to stick my tongue out @ ya when u come crying you messed it up.
Your friends ain't mean, they are just being friends and girls for that matter.
All this talk of dancing, I hope we get to see your moves one day sha. Hope you dont have one of them videos on youtube ooo but if u do, email me the link...I wont tell. heheheheh!
You've had too much fun this weekend. A nice change to all the sadness you've been blogged about.

Justme said...

U are one excited & happy person. I could feel ur excitement while reading. Take Care.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Soul: lol… I almost predicted those… almost!!! Hehe… I’m still taking classes to improve now… but don’t worry when I reach 400 levels I will be able to predict what you had for breakfast self or who your next orgasm is coming from… is it not me Overwhelmed again?!? Trust me oh Egbon… it’s going DOWN!!! Lol… that’s not really my real email… so I no really mind sha… I dey go check my email now now… hopefully you have penned me a long sweet love letter!

@Mari: lol… sorry I knew it was long… I’ll try to summarize the gist next time… I am hooked on blogging eh! lol@the jeans… dang… I wanna try something.. I don’t know I’ll see if I can google something on ‘distressing your jeans at home’. I’m too vain to be wearing different things that look the same (people will think I’m ‘repeating’... lmao). Yes oh…I will debut my moves for you people one day… I just hope the world is reader for my own brand of dance called ‘disco makossa mix’… lol. No oh.. I never advance reach youtube… even text messaging na war… talkless of ipod technology or youtube and webcam wahala!!! The weekend was great… how was urs luv?!?

@Justme: lol… I am oh… maybe too much for my own good. I will luv… you should too and don’t let that arrogant prick at work disturb you too much… you know frowning gives you wrinkles and you wanna preserve the sexy for long now abi

LondonBuki said...



Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@LondonBuki: lol… I know… it was such a blast playing that game again!!! But you forgot Pick 2, Pick 2 again, general market, hold on, hold on, pick 2 and last card… CHECK UP… hehe.. mine is more painful!!!

Soul said...

Don't challenge me overwhelmed, you really wouldn;t want to challenge me grrr..

Meet me in the club, it's going down
Meet me on the dancefloor it's going down
Meet @ mama puts yard it's going down
anywhere you wanna meet, I guarentee it's going down


Anonymous said...

throw the jeans inside fish stew....they will never be the same again.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Soul: Are you trying to contest the rapping and freestyle champion of IMO STATE?!?! Let me just dash you small fire… “My game is the truth… yours is just a spoof”… lol… you feel the fire?!?! I have tons more where that came from oh… I didn’t win that contest just because I made out with that cute judge that day oh!!!

@Babe: lmao… that’s because it would be forever ruined… this girl you’re not serious in your thinking oh forreal… lol… and I thought you would have better suggestion for me self… but coming from the same babe who has almost completed her novel on Peter Pan and his sojourns in Umuahia… I’m not surprised at all… lol

zaiprincesa said...

lol..LMAO..Overwhelmed, u r A TRIP!!, i swear...i was sitting there reading this, feeling as if you are gisting me in person or on the fone...lol..Hmm, just copped my first pair of skinny jeans...got em as a gift...dont know if i'll get anymore sha....and ur bootleg stew...AHn Ahn!..that boy must love u to sit there and eat it oh!...Anywho girl, keep the gist coming....

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOL honestly!! you have truly surpassed yourself!
I love this blog! dont even get me started on my addiction to skinny jeans!!
I wish i had this much excitement going on in my life! lol

BabaAlaye said...

oops! I'm late again.

Oya tell me what you shelled.You're not getting off that easily.
Meanwhile, don't come and be harrasing me to update my blog.You bone chewing warever.lol

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!! Its always nice reading your blog. Never a dull moment. Enjoy jare.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@zaiprincesa: lol… even when I read it after I wrote it… I was like oh my gosh… anybody who is reading this will probably like there were there already enjoying the action. yay@your first pair of skinnies… trust me… you’ll wear them and it’s over from there… you’ll go out and get another 4 pairs then it’s another 4… trust me… it’s downhill oh… they’re so bloody sexy after the first try… a pair of stilettos with the jeans and a longer shirt(especially if the jeans are low-rise) and you’re ready for business!! Lol… no mind my stew sha babe but trust me you for chop am if I give you oh… it was slightly sweet… hehe. Babe I’m going to keep harassing you to update your blog oh… you’re not getting off that easy!!! Lol

@Mphahlele: lol… I have… haven’t I?!?! Thanks babe…. Hehe… skinny jeans… my dear…. I’m just wondering what I did before them… it’s that bad!!! I have a strange feeling that I’ll still be rocking them after the so-called ‘trend expiration date’! lol… babe with you and your sweet bobo… you get better excitement oh… lol… have a great week babe

@BabaAlaye: lol… professional latecomer… I go invent prize give you anytime when you dey among the first 5 to visit any blog when I post…. Lmao… I’m sooo not telling you my ‘shell’… cos there were 3 seperate ones… lol… my dear no be my fault… English self dey confusing sometimes jare! Lol… you berra berra update your blog before I do something!!!

@Anonymous: Thanks luv… I appreciate. Be well yourself

Vickii said...

LOL at all your gist .. I'm loving all your descriptions, I feel like I was there too!

I know I really should hate you for being able to wear skinny jeans when I can't, but then I'd have to boycott your blog, then I'd be bored at work and that's a whole other cycle I can't be doing with!

ChiefO said...

NO BOXING GLOVES FOR U THIS XMAS! make u no go test am on top ur crackpregnantweed-dazed accross the hallway neighbour on BOXING DAY.

u see i got ur best interest in mind right.