Thursday, November 16, 2006

Keeping Busy

There’s Something I want to talk about… but I’m not sure if I should or not… so in the meantime I’ve been catching up on a lot of blogs… There’s still so many that I have left to read and some that I probably forgot to put here… but I’ll give y’all a sample of some of the very Interesting Blog Write-ups that I’ve read recently:

My best friend Naijadyme has a post up about a certain Mr. Slick that we both know… I honestly don’t know why she likes this guy… lol… but she does… she’s trying to wean herself off him (at least she told me that… lmao). Check out her page and that post in particular!

Mphalele: She’s a delicious writer… you know like you can’t wait to dig in… you indulge voraciously and you’re sad when it’s done… I mean couldn’t it just go on for a little longer?!?!.... she writes from the heart and honestly I read some stuff she wrote and I wondered if she is another me living in a different place and time… (I know Noni Moss and Soul currently have that ‘clone-o-logy thing going too!.. and for some strange reason 1982 and Noni Moss Remind me of each other… don’t ask me why)

My Blog Big Sister Soul has been writing awesome awesome tributes to Singers of old… I mean all time greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Cassandra Wilson and my new favorite Nina Simone (I’m currently listening to her very best of album and oh my gosh… a lot of the songs make me cry… so much soul, pain, heart… and just life in her voice… God bless her heart!!!)

My Jolene has a thanksgiving post on his blog, as does DiamondHawk who’s currently doing an awesome 30 days of thankfulness post

Go on Noni Moss’s blog and tell her what you think of snarky anonymous commenters

Vera is just out of her mind

The Mistress has a very interesting write-up about ugly and beautiful people… Research indicates that ugly parents are usually terrible parents. Very interesting stuff…I just love her blog... I mean she’s so open with her sexuality and I think that’s so liberating to see a woman like that. Lol (my kinda girl!!!)

Nigerican has a funny post about the different kind of friends there are… go there and check out which one you think you are. Lol.. this girl just loves to make lists about everything… I mean for Chrisake she has a ‘Things that are overrated’ list (luv u still gorgeous… lmao)

Babe has a funny post about Nigerians and the spiritual conclusions we have about every situation in our lives… this girl kills me with every post… she’s obsessed with pure water and exposing mammy waters… lol

Go to Abbey’s page and let her know whether or not you’d operate on a hiv positive heroin addict (risking your own health in the process)

Tell Through these eyes and Olawunmi if you support Babangida or not in the upcoming Naija elections

There’s a chick that’s asking BellaNaija if she should get bigger tits or not… she’s 25 and never been fucked… ADVISE!

Be sure to check with LondonBuki each and every Monday for her fantastic Mummy Monday posts.. oh and other days too… cos she’s a nice girl from London State… lmao!

Uzo is just a meme fanatic (like me?!)… check out her latest one…. and tag her anytime you want to read funny responses… lol

My cybersis is not sure if she did the right thing or not by addressing a congregation of older men and women as ladies and gentlemen instead of sirs and ma… give her your opinion on it

Please don’t write me hatemail if I didn’t include your blog… I didn’t have enough time… I will next time… I promise

There’s more… but my pasta is burning… so I’m out like a lightbulb… oh and I gotta do my Mummy Sunday writeup earlier probably cos I have some new positions to try out with the boyfriend this weekend… lol… cos honestly I realized I was getting a little lazy when my thighs started hurting 10 minutes into riding him last week!!! Lmao… I’m gonna try and do some squatting in my spare time!!! I’m gonna surprise him this weekend cos he was feeling like a stud last time… lol

Have a safe weekend y’all and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (hehe… which isn’t much really…. Lol)

Love you guys… and like LondonBuki said… I’m coming to feel like y’all are friends… friends I’ve never seen or talked to in person… but friends nonetheless!

May the force be with you!!!


Anonymous said...

i am the first .
it is good 2 read ur post babe.....
good observation.
ur realy good

angie said...

lol. This babe u will not kill me. Just when i was smiling reading thru u post...u just had to put a shocker "cos I have some new positions to try out with the boyfriend this weekend".
Wish u luck, hope u don't dislocate a joint in the process(lol)

Anonymous said...

i am the first.
i am not weird 2 comment on this

Anonymous said...

yayyyyyyy i made the list!!! oh gurrrl i feel noni moss too! ah i'm going through all the blogs, i have alot to catch up on!

TP said...

LOL! Since I started blogging, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. So many blogs to read, and so little time! Everyone has something interesting to say.

Have a great weekend babe!

Beautifully Human said...

OWNB you seem to have a link to virtually all the blogs in cyberspace!!! How you find enough hours in the day to read each of them is beyond me....!!!

temmy said...

i have lost my blog!!!!! SOmborry help o

Anonymous said...

Lollll - it's funny that you think 1982 reminds you of me. Plus I agree it feels like we formed our own little community. Now you understand why writing is difficult especially when you have a million and one other blogs to catch up on. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Uzo said...

Oh Lord child. You had me cracking up with that comment about the boyfriend. I love how great you are with this. Soooo great. Have fun. LOL

Thanks for the shout out. From one meme whore to another....

nosa101 said...

You are going to get pissed by one of my posts when I get back home. Just get angry now so you don't swear for me.

1. I like Bin Laden
2. I am homophobic

I won't mean most of it but it is very entertaining to read. So don't take me too seriously or maybe you should

nosa101 said...

By the way why isn't my blog there? Send me your email address so i can send the hatermail. I have lots of hatermail templates and I want to use 'em

broccolimakesmepuke said...

Try the new positions, it's always good to keep interesting :-) Have a good weekend.

Discombobulated Diva said...

new positions... hmmm... gotta keep things interesting!

yeah blogging has definitely become part of my regular schedule... I have the 'must visit blogs' that I go to all the time and then sometimes just roam thru others... people have some interesting lives...
Anyways, take care and have a good weekend!


Soul said...

I remember stealing a peak at my father's authentic Eastern kamasutra manual..
I wisgh I could find it again.. it had the most amazing illustrations of positions...
hmm.. now you 've given me an idea..
I think someone should start a blog listing different positions that we could try out...

they are all bound to impact us differently cos we are all different shapes and sizes.

It would be extremely educational and it would help couples enjoy their 'adult' endeavours..

Vera Ezimora said...


Why did I get only one line? And why does that line say I am out of my mind? Am I? I'm not! How do u even get outta your mind? I might need 2 learn how to do that.

And why on earth do u feel the need 2 tell us about riding your boyfriend? I don't like reading things like this one because I tend to not only visualize it, but also obsess over it. Now, I can see you on top of him, cheesing. Gosh, this isn't good 4 me @ all.

*rubbing eyes to rub off visions of ONB on top of boyfriend*

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@all - anyone with web development skills - Our temmy has lost her blog - it appears that nothing may be done - but I still have a flickering hope - She is now on -

Anonymous said...

I made the list "SUPERSTAR" *on one knee* ( tell me u've seen the movie , right?) ANywho deary have a great weekend and please oh, no Matrix's move i don't want my blogger buddy throwing her back out. Kisses babes

Soul said...

@ the life of a stranger..

what's her old blog address?
and is she just trying to get back all her old posts?

did she delete the blog or has it been highjacked?

I can't promise that I can help but I can look into it. And I'm sure others can if they have a lil bit more info

naijadyme said...

damnnn!!!! im beginning to slack cos im a always the first to read urblogs neways i was shocked wen i came online and the first thing dat popped out in ma eyes was yea i am tearing ma self away from him and so far its working....(lol)lets c how long it lasts for..... hopefully long enuf

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Anonymous: lol… Congrats for being first… this weeks prize is suya!!!!!

@Angie: lol… I hope not too oh… don’t worry I’m gonna wind him out tonight!!! He won’t even know what hit him!!!

@Anonymous: lol… no, you’re not!

@Mphahlele: yes you did mami!... Noni Moss rocks! Have a great weekend luv

@Tp: lol… that is so true… not enough hours to do what you gotta do!…Thanks luv.. have a great weekend yourself

@Beautifully Human: lol… the interesting ones at least! I don’t even know how I do it… I’m a fast reader sha!

@temmy:sorry luv… I left azuka’s email on your new blog… email him he might be able to help out if LondonBuki isn’t

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Noni Moss: I don’t even know why or how… y’all just do… Our little blog community rocks!!! Lol… I’m being lazy to type out trust me… so I just read in the meantime!

@Uzo: lol… thanks luv… have a great weekend yourself my fellow meme lover!!!

@Nosa: lmao… I’m reserving judgement until I read the damn thing!!! The homophobia na him I fit get problem with… but I’ll read what you’re saying first before I pass any comment… welcome back from your blog vacation sha… have a great wkend luv! You were on a hiatus now… that’s why I didn’t include yours… but now that you’re back… next one you go be number 1!!!

@broccolimakesmepuke: lol… hell yeah to new positions… I’m just gonna do some stretching before… so last week doesn’t repeat itself… lol. I will… you too babe!

@Discombobulated: lol… hell yeah… blogging rocks!!! Have a great weekend too.. and I can’t wait to hear more about gym guy!

@Soul: lmao@karma sutra manual… dang… never seen one of those… I WANT ONE NOW!!! lol… you just gave me an idea for a blog write-up one of these days… sex positions that I’ve tried or that I wanna try!!!

@Vera: lol… it says are out of your mind…. BECAUSE YOU ARE!!! Lol… babe you are just not serious.. if I even follow soul’s suggestions… things might just get a lot more steamier!!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@The Life: I left her a message to contact Azuka cos he’s our resident computer expert! It’s really sad though forreal!

@Nigerican: lol… I have never seen the movie… how could you not make the list with your famous lists that you’re always making! Lol… I no go do matrix part 3… only part 1!.. lol.. thanx luv… have a great weekend too

@Soul: a blog can get hijacked?!?!?.. how?!?!?!?!? If you can help temmy plz do oh… that sucks ass really!!!

@Naijadyme: lol… you are beginning to slack… lmao… because I want people to help me convince you to FORGET ABOUT MR. SLICK!!!

Anonymous said...

missy thanks for the holler...don't break your back trying to do some kama sutra ok?

Soul said...

I've emailed her archives frin=m June 06 (including links to where they sit) to Londin buki

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@soul - THANK YOU - you are the best - you were able to retrieve some of her posts.

Im sure its good news all round. sad though what happned.

@ONB - Your psot always have me in stiches - especially the end.

The Mistress said...

Awww, you names me in your tribute! That's so sweet! Thanks!!!

nosa101 said...

"I heard gay marriages have become legal in South Africa. Are people getting mad? What sort of rubbish is that? Yes, we can tolerate them but allowing their rubbish to become legal is utterly ridiculous. You are trying to tell them they are normal. They are as normal as f**ktards (f**king retards, not the same as a retard) and that isn’t very normal at all. I am not homophobic, don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating for lesbians to be shot or fags to be burnt. I just like things being the way they were intended to be, the way God set them out to be. When I heard it on the radio, I felt the anger Osama felt when he thought of those 'infidels'. "

That is an unedited excerpt.....

BabaAlaye said...

Hate mail coming up.... lol