Monday, November 13, 2006

6 months into it

We are right now a new entity that’s neither of us and both of us at the same time

6 months into it

I’m all for exploring each other, for stripping away words, barriers, and just ‘being’

6 months into it

I still want to be a part of you, a part of the heart that beats inside you

6 months into it

You’re my light

6 months into it

I can still talk to you on the phone for hours at a time

6 months into it

I still think you’re beautiful… your mind, your heart, your body, your soul

6 months into it

You still give me butterflies

6 months into it

You still listen to and dance with me to the rhythm in my head

6 months into it

You fascinate me still

6 months into it

You’re still as charming, as sweet, as genuine as the first day I met you

6 months into it

You still make me feel warm inside

6 months into it

We still smile, laugh, kiss and make out heavy

Happy Anniversary Baby!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats honey!

The Mistress said...


How sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pls tell me your boy reminded you that it was yalls anniversary. I remember I was "friends" with one boy like that earlier this year, one day he sha got me this cute bracelet and a card...."HAPPY 1 Month".

He still won't talk to me, and apparently I broke his heart on our one month anniversary, and I honestly didn't realize we were a couple. Pls tell me that doesn't make a bad person?

Anonymous said...

6 WHAT? Ok! now we need to start celebrating each other. Ehn come to think of it, its now a year oh! November when I was all bored and depressed, you came to my rescue!

You are special light to me hun! I love you still even though homeboy's got the sauve moves more than me, tell him I am still a rival oh! and you obviously know that! hahaha

Happy Anniversary! U knw my conservative self always support the longer ones!!

Anonymous said...

looks like your template is messing up. select a new template under settings, and your site should be back up.

Soul said...

ohh nice.
I like any excuse to celebrate with someone special.

Nice one... enjoy.

oh and yeah...
it seems whilst editing you've either deleted the comment tag or the beginning style declaration tag.
That's why yourbrowser is displaying the inline style instead of rendering it..

azuka said...

Hello Overwhelmed, you've got mail! [Sent you something]

Stranger said...

i love doing anniversaries with my girlfriends...there is something about beginnings...congratulations girlfriend...the boyfriend is begining to form a new picture in my head from your glad u like my bible verses...there's a whole lot more where that came from...check it out...and oh, i would like to get personal, can we do email?

Discombobulated Diva said...

that was really sweet... glad to see you guys made it to six months... congrats!

angie said...

Happy six months anniversary!!!! lol
Are there cards for thses monthly celebrations???
So were is it going to be celebrated(...wink..)

Biodun said...

Happy 6mth anniversary, how sweet!!
Wassup with ur blog, hope u get the issue fixed

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Noni Moss: Thanks sweetness
@The Mistress: It is… isn’t it
@Mamarita: lol… he did remember oh and wanted to go out but I was ‘slaving’ for momsi so I couldn’t go out… lol(but we’ll definitely make up for lost time… that’s for damn sure!!!.. hehe). Lmao… how come the weirdest things happen to you only you ehn babe?!?!?!... dudes are always having imaginary relationships with you…lol… but I’m all for the cute bracelets oh… I hope you accepted it and kept it one side before asking him what the hell he was talking about … lol. You’re not a bad person babe… YOU ARE TERRIBLE… lmao
@Naijadude: Lol… we so need to celebrate each other. It has been a year actually… when you started being my Jolene and we’ve been going from strength to strength…. You’re my perspective gorgeous!!! Lol @ his suave moves… I no even know as the boy carry net me self… he has skills he doesn’t tell most people about (hehe…. and I’m in full enjoyment of em’) I never let him forget that he needs to thank u seriously cos you approved of him so much that I couldn’t possibly not delve into him more and make things happen on the level that they are now…. Ur the godfather of our relationship… I love you baby… and I’ll always be there for you no matter what… cos you’re there for me too (even when I’m being a big baby!!!... lol) Here’s to the next 6 months!(oh and apparently I’m getting a diamond at one-year… we’re so going to Tiffany’s to ‘pre-pick’ a sexy bracelet!!!... hehe)

@Anonymous: my dear the thing pass my head… I’ve emailed Azuka to help me out sha… cos my blog looks UGLY!!! Thanks sweetie

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Soul: lol… thanks sunshine…I appreciate! I just emailed Azuka cos I’m such a computer illiterate… all those big big grammer when you dey knack dey confuse me(inline style and degeneration of blog… which one come be that one again?!?!?… lol)

@Azuka: I replied sweetie.. abeg helepu ur sister oh!

@Stranger: lol… nice… u be correct person jare…. Yeah he is a sweetie… and I really love your bible verses the matthew 11.28 one I actually read to him and he liked it too… yeah you could email me if you want at

@Discombobulated Diva: Thanks luv… I know… I’m making serious history (for me at least… lol)

@angie: Thanks sweetie… I know others dey celebrate years… but me I dey start from month… if we actually go up to year then this would officially be my longest relationship (real and chewing gum boyfriends included!!!... lol) you be bad girl oh… bcos you know exactly what I’m going to say about the celebration… but no this time… I think we’ll go have dinner and then come home and *******… lmao

@Biodun: Thanks sweetie… I know… my blog is looking rather ugly!!! Ewww!!!!

jadedKiss said...

six months... *sigh*
wish i had a man. jay-z and rihanna aint gonna work. maybe she should go for bowwow,hear ciara finally recovered her senses and dumped him.
but no more talk of break-ups.. happy half mark babe!

Anonymous said...

uuuuuhhhh...*sniff*...Congrats babe!

Calabar Gal said...

Yeeaaaahhh!!! Overwhelmed got her blog back!! LOL

I think I preferred the white template you had on earlier on in the day. Where are ur favourite blogs? Put them back up!!! Dont give up. LOL

Going back to read ur post now. (smile) (giggle, giggle)

Calabar Gal said...

Happy Anniversary babe!!
I pray you'll still have the same lovely testimony about ur beau 6 years, 6 decades to come with the attendant butterflies that come attached with the whole package.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@JadedKiss: Thanks babe… awwwww… rihanna gave up?!?!?!? Hmmm… is she sure? Jay Z has more ‘hits’ than bow wow does…

@zaiprincesa: Thanks luv

@Calabar Gal: I love my blog dark and brooding (and don’t even try to tell me different… lol). Holy makossa… I don’t even know how I’m gonna get those bloody favorite blogs up again… it had me up for hours doing that stuff (cos we all know how computer illiterate I am!!! Thanks thanks sweetie… lol... let’s start with another 6 weeks or 6 months… make I no fear small… hehe. Have a great week gorgeous

Funmi said...

Happy anniversary girl!Ur blog was showing some chinese looking characters earlier(hope its sorted now).

Anonymous said...

congratulations missy...all the best in the relationship!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Funmi: Thanks luv… I know… my blog was being bitten by spiritual mosquitoes… but it has been effectively shelltoxed… lol

@Abbey: Thanks mami… gluck with your interviews!

Vickii said...

Congratulations babe! Here's to the next six months!

Mari said...

lol nice read.
All the best, girlie

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@1982: I’ll drink to that… thanks sweetie

@Mari: Thanks luv… you too!

Anonymous said...

na wah me jeje, love me tendah!!!so so lovah lovah

TP said...

Congrats hun! Well written 6-month tribute. Here's hoping you have many more...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@babe: lol… I used to love that song back in the day oh… whats the name of the artists let me youtube it?

@Tp: Thanks babe… lol… I don’t know if I should say Amen to that… hehe… it seems wrong somehow (don’t ask)

Uzo said...

Really sooo sweet and mega cute

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Uzo: Awww... thanks luv... think I should read it to him?