Thursday, October 19, 2006


So I’ve been multiple tagged by JadedKiss, Vera, Bijouxoxo,

funmi, Uzo and Biodun so apparently I have no reason not to do it!... so here goes nothing:


1. Home Insurance Telemarketer

2. Medical Insurance Telemarketer

3. Accident Insurance Telemarketer (what can I say… I guess I’m always the one they hire to call other people and tell em … listen you’re gonna die someday so it follows that you buy my insurance… lol… not my fault… it’s the script)

4. University Student (ongoing)

1. First Lady… I’ll get eaten out on the podium

2. Fashion Stylist

3. Famous Celebrity (dancer, singer, rapper, actress, athlete or yodeler)
4. Fashion Magazine Editor

…. Oh shit I wrote it first before I realized it said fictional… too lazy to rewrite


It’s gotta be romantic, funny or both:
1. Osuofia goes to London (lol.. he goes to McDonalds and tries to order fufu… classic Nkem Owoh… he asks the guy at the convenience store for AGEGE BREAD… lol… and wanted to buy bread from him on credit because he ‘lives across the street’… imagine that… lmao)

2. Sappy movies like Legends of the fall, The Notebook… I’m a closet romantic
3. Ali G DVDs
4. Any movie with Patience Ozokwor, those 2 midgets, Nkem Owoh, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Chris Tucker, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Steve Carrell, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence or Mr. Ibu will do.

1. London, England
2. Lagos, Nigeria

3. Accra, Ghana
4. Toronto, Canada

1. Who wants to be a millionaire
2. Will and Grace

3. Sex and the City
4. The Colbert Report

1. Benin Republic
2. Imo State, Nigeria
3. Lome, Togo

4. Montreal, Quebec

1. to get my daily blog refreshment… y’all are the shit for real and never fail to put a smile on my face!

2. Gossip sites like,
3. Lottery Websites (what can I say… I wanna be rich)

1. Lasagna… it’s actually my dream to eat Lasagna in Italy by the time I’m 25

2. Spicy Shrimp
3. Cheesecake.. oh my God Banana cheesecake, Cappuccino cheesecake, Chocolate cheesecake… trust me I could go on about this one

4. Shawarma

4.5 My boyfriends lips

1. Curry chips… I say ewww but I can only imagine how novel my Indian friend will think this is
2. Cassava Leaves… they wanted us to eat that shit in Liberia and Cotonou... wtf
3. Dogs, Cats, Snakes, Frogs, Horses, Zebras, Antelopes, Rats, Lizards

4. Human Meat

1. Malibu Pineapple and Pina Coladas at 11am… everything becomes so much clearer
2. Dairy Queen Blizzard… I’m a big fan of the occasional brain freeze

3. Suya after taking a cold shower and brushing your teeth… suya as an appetizer, suya as dinner, suya as dessert… SUYA!!!
4. Ugba/Abacha (an Igbo delicacy) and some isi-ewu and cold palm wine to top it off

4.5 Kenkey with some hot pepper and fried fish

1. Black Nail Polish

2. A 32A bra my mom just got me… I’m a C mommy!!!
3. A mess… clothes, shoes, bags, me... lol
4. Sade’s music

1. My boyfriend… I’m horny
2. Some cranberry juice… my new addiction
3. Bigger closet space… student accommodation sucks for that
4. A masseuse… I’m tense man… lol

1. No bra

2. An invitation to the boyfriend
3. An open door

4. A smile

1. In Paris… shopping and eating butter croissants

2. In Italy… with 29 new pairs of shoes and 3 more days to shop
3. In NigeriaPort Harcourt visiting old friends… fuck I hope they’re not all married with kids cos then how do we go clubbing? I don’t wanna have to ask for ‘hubby’s permission’
4. On cloud 9 doing ‘supe’… lmao

1. In Jackie Collins and Danielle Steele’s Imagination

2. Ajegunle (lol… NOT!!!)
3. The warehouse where Bill Gates stores his money
4. A Warm Canadian Winter

1. The apostles
2. George Bush, Stephen Colbert, Olusegun Obasanjo, John Stewart, Basket Mouth and Borat

3. Awilo Longomba and Celine Dion (I already told all my friends that those two are performing a duet on my wedding day… y’all are gonna hear about it... trust me)
4. My best friends MB, NA,AB,DV,TN, JS (I know.. lucky me.. 6 best friends instead of 1)

1. How come I only just learnt how to use hyperlink 3 days ago?
2. Have I been living under a rock my whole life?
3. When am I gonna win the lottery and buy my first 100 Manolo Blahniks?

4. Why do I have two pairs of the same Black Patent Leather Slingback shoe?
4.5 Is he coming over?

1. My mom, sis and best friends
2. Shopping and African Dance
3. Writing and when it’s not school-related… Reading!!!
4. Making out in spring

FOUR PEOPLE YOU TAG (lol… I’ll be like LondonBuki and in this case… x4)



Noni Moss



Temmy has completed hers… check it out… she likes david beckham, dirty dancing and supermalt… lol… only temmy


Unnaked soul

Nigerican She likes shrimp(correct babe!), acting (although I’m not sure how guys would take that), alcohol and making lists of things that are overrated (lmao)… check her out

Omo ibadan She would love to be a professional yoruba movie watcher (lol… don’t we all) Kahlua White Russian in Hawaii (bad girl), will never eat human meat and I think she did ‘supe’ last night… lol… I’m not sure… check it out yourself

Mama rita


Nyemoni She likes Alicia Keys, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie and fried yams… though not necessarily in that order (At least I don’t think… lol)… check it out


Mari She would love to be Paris Hilton(sex tape included!?!?!?), enjoys Jollof Rice cooked on firewood (lol.. first time I ever heard this) and slapping oyinbo girls… lmao.. I couldn’t have made this up… check it out


Anonymous said...

lol at getting eaten out on the podium.

i've been reading you for the last couple of days. has anyone ever told you that you're slightly mad? only slightly though.

Azuka said...

I concur with Olawunmi -- slightly mad, in a good way.

If I no gree to do the Meme nko? I'll wait until more people tag me :-P.

No bra? Holy of holies, my thoughts are becoming unclean [makes sign of the cross although he stopped being a catholic 7 years ago].

Biodun said...

lol@ Olawumni n Azuka's comments,
ok seriously telemarketer that is too funny, I love Perez hilton n lol @ ur bfriend's lips being one of ur favorite food, classic!

Reen said...

lmao girl u r really funny...dont like cheese cake or anything that has to do with cranberry juice though. u had four telemarketing jobs...whoa!!!!! love perez hilton. u should check out

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Olawunmi:lol.. I know you wouldn’t mind getting some oral on the podium if you were president either… that’ll be some great ‘politics’… lmao… I’m so wrong.. I know. Thanks for reading and for dropping your first comment… I dey go your blog… y do I have a sneaking suspicion that I read your name on someones blog that you met up with (can’t remember exactly who).hmmm.. this mystery will be solved in a few minutes

@Azuka: Bad boy!!! Lol @slightly mad… makes for some interesting blogging doesn’t it? YOU DO GO THE MEME OH… no argument, no compromise… YOU HAVE TO… I got strong-armed into doing it.. AND SO R U!!! trust me… I know people who know people who know people…

@Biodun: Hehe.. I kno eh… those 2.. my dear no b small with me and telemarketing.. trust me at this stage I can sell snow in Alaska and I won’t begin to recount how many marriage proposals I have received from people I’m selling stuff to (maybe I’ll blog about my telemarketing experiences)

@Reen: Thanks babe for dropping by… you don’t like cheese? You’re missing out on the 11.5th wonder of the world… don’t let the revolution pass you by!!! I’m going to right now… oh you should check out,, I’ll put some more up later… lol… I told you I’m addicted!

Anonymous said...

Finally you respond. u were jus waiting till u saw how many people loved u enough to tag u abi!

lol at celebrity yodeler. 4.5-did we ask? Before u oppress us single babes!
Lmao@the bra thing(your mum's)- when i grew boobs i asked my mum to buy me one and she goes 'ki lo fe fi ko'(what do u want to use it to hold). If it were up to her i'd stay flat forever! mothers!!

trust u to take the tag 4 levels higher!

Calabar Gal said...

LOL at eating ur boyfriends lips.
U r a crazy girl u r!! Fun to have around and nasty too when u're angry? Lovely and witty answers!!
Love u babes!!!

nosa101 said...

mehn, your boyfriend is lucky sha

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@jadedKiss: lol… it wasn’t even like that… 4.5 looked more like I was sorta obeying the rules.. lol. Ur mom is jokes.. just like mine.. I’m looking at the a-cup like ok… for my nipples?

@Calabar Gal: lmao… I’m just laughing at your statements… thanks for dropping by… u kno I luv u back sweetie

@nosa: lol… he knows it

@Anonymous: why do you feel the need to tell me the same thing thrice? If the money is that great… why don’t you just make it for yourself… I’m thinking you probably need to buy your wife a new winter jacket or sumthin… go on… GIT!!!

Azuka said...

Overwhelmed, oga Anonymous appears to be a bot. I suggest you turn on comment verification.

I know it's a hassle, but this is the blog version of spam -- we all hate the comment verification, but there's little else that cann be done to prevent automated programs from posting funny links in all your posts.

Back on topic -- I no be bad boy oh! I'm waiting to read all the Memes I can before I do mine ;).

Reen said...

lol 11.5th wonder of the world ke? u know what they say one man's meat is another man's poison hehe....oh wow u know a lot celeb gossip sites lol, checked out the sites they look pretty cool...i cant believe that dude from grey's anatomy is gay?!?! anyways thanks for the links!

Queen Ebong said...

The tagging goes on again.
Got tagged once.
Was nice.
Wouldnt mind getting tagged again :) lol

Nice blog

Jem said...


this is some interesting stuff but if you don't mind, how does one do the whole taggin business ? Gosh, i must be a correct JJC for real, lol

Nyemoni said...

Seriously Overwhelmed.. you are CRAZY!!!!
And you cheated on like all the questions! Multiple answers and all. Na wah for you o!! Anyway, rules are made to be broken abi?? I now have inspiration for todays post.. teehehehe

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Azuka: oh shit… that annoying verification thing? Hmmm…I hate doing it so I don’t quite know if I should inflict this cruel and unusual punishment on others… but if it happens again I just might… lol… can’t wait to read yours

@Reen: You’re welcome babe. lol… I told you I’m addicted… he is? I missed that one? Who?

@Queen Ebong & Jem: I hereby Tag YOU!!! You copy and paste the whole thing and just replace your answers with mine. Should be tons of FUN! Thanks for dropping by my blog and have fun with it… I’ll check back for yours.

@Nyemoni: lol… I’ll take that as a compliment. Hehe I didn’t really cheat… I said 4.5 not 5… so technically…. Yay!!! I can’t wait to read yours… I’ll check back tomorrow for it.

The Mistress said...

"I’ll get eaten out on the podium"


You are too much. I concur with the horniness though. 4 more days until I can get some sex my damn self.

Funmi said...

Whatever you do, don't finish up his lips in one go :)

Very interesting write up

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@The Mistress: 4 whole days eh… I can only imagine the anticipation… I think I have 2 days left till I see the boyfriend… boy am I gonna ravish him!!!... he’s in trouble and he doesn’t even know it… lol.

@Funmi: lol… I’ll try not to… thanks for stopping by babe… luvs ur blog!!!

Uzo said...

You responded.....Ha....Good stuff. You are well slightly out of your mind but arent we all. I love the fact that you are so comfortable with your sexuality. And at such a young age...I guess i wont be seeing you on any episodes of Oprah about being repressed. LOL

Stranger said... not sure if i should leave u a comment...bcos we come from 2 opposite worlds...i stumbled on your blog, tripped to discover that there are more nigerians that actually blog...and "mouth wide open" at your "blatant disrespect for the protocols of decency"...yet i admire your spunk...and want to throw u a challenge...r u game?...

Anonymous said...

Babes...Awilo and Celine Dion?? CLASSIC!
You are nuts! Just plain nuts!!


nosa101 said...

I even forgot. Na so you fine reach. Why did you have so many Telemarketing jobs?

Anonymous said...

Ehm sister...4 THINGS EHN.... You're too much! But wait ehn, a bird perched on my window telling me you wanted to eat SUYA?
You know there's a Suya spot in Toronto ehn? its on 2310 Keele street (Keele and lawrence) its south of Keele, almost opposite the Shell gas station. Their suya rocks, I spent all my summer money on suya, my dentist banned me from meat.

Sha, their phone number is 416-742-SUYA...that is assuming you don't already know about the suya. And it doesn't completely cost an arm and a leg, maybe half a quarter of a yammy leg:)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Stranger: from the way you talk it is quite obvious that we are from two different worlds… if anything that I’ve written so far has your ‘mouth wide open’, trust me.. it doesn’t get any better. So now being comfortable in my sexuality is ‘blatant disrespect for the protocols of decency? What cos I’m young? Nigerian? Female?... y exactly is that.. pray tell. And while you’re at it please I’d love if you could tell me who exactly establishes the parameters by which we define this ‘protocol of decency’ as you seem such an expert on the matter. Thanks for liking my spunk… I guess that should count for something (or NOT!). Yes it is exciting to know that there are numerous Nigerians that blog, but it does become slightly weird when people start trying to ‘censor’ you cos I’m guessing that’s what would be decent… me talking about going to church last night and what the bible said in Timothy chapter 4. Well I don’t know but I do know how to ‘get eaten out’… so that’s what you’ll get for now. If you want more bible verses and ‘the-world-is-ending-soon’ talk… I’ll suggest a few websites…, (I actually googled this for you so I really hope you appreciate it)

I would like to ask you one last question… game for what exactly?

I’ll still be a good Canadian (polite) and thank you for dropping by my blog regardless…

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Uzo: lol@being on Oprah for being repressed… but then again there’s always the flipside isn’t there…. Being on Oprah for ‘not being repressed’… I’m sure she could also make an episode telling me ‘how-not-to-fuck-at-20’… lol

@Confessions of a moody crab: Lol…. All my friends think I’m nuts too… but trust me it’s gonna be so live!!! Them go feature am for CNN self…either that or one of those ‘wackiest wedding’ shows… lol… oh and babe oh I think somebody already tagged you… but I’m doing it again … you have to do this MEME!!!!

@Nosa: lol there’s that then there’s my ‘bedroom’ voice… lmao… trust me one day I just might have to blog about some of my telemarketing stories…. Some of the stupidest/funniest shit you could imagine… plus remember the more you’re experienced with it… the more they wanna hire you.

@Mamarita: lol… the bird was right… I think I went to that Suya spot the day it opened or something… it was pretty good but it didn’t quite taste like NAIJA SUYA… but I guess for now it’ll do… lmao @ having their number and address… babe you sure say you no even get their email self to e-order the suya? Lmao… ur not serious… and babe… you have to do the TAG oh… I’m waging war with everybody I tagged… y’all have to do it!!!!!!! No two ways about it!!!!

Stranger said...

OWNB...i don't have to agree with your views, but i still like your stuff... i don't throw out the baby with the's great to be comfortable with one's all for that...but am also a believer that sexuality is really a precious gem, and well, you kinda give more regard to the way you handle your pure gold jewellery than a cheap fake off the street curb right?...girl, you are more than just a body, you are a mind and a spirit...and there's so much more than sexuality to flaunt...besides, yes you are young, nigerian and female...on those counts i would say you do qualify for my spur of the moment phrase...and those parameters you asked for? the manual(B-I-B-L-E) spells it out in so many words...and no am not an expert on that...but working on it(lol)...thanks for the effort on those websites...i doubt i will check 'em out...but yes i do appreciate the effort...and u wanna know wat challenge am throwing your way?... i figure from your writings that you have really "LIVED"...well, that's bcos "the man upstairs" died so you could live...maybe, you could die so he can live?...

Stranger said...

...and yes, the world is coming to an end...we don't have to wear it on our faces but we can at least buck up for it..u know "storm's coming, board the house up?"...would be kinda unwise to just let it hit ya in d face...but hey, your call...

Stranger said...

...and you have a beautiful makes a good read...hope we can continue sparring, even if we don't play the same team...yet...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Stranger: k your last comment just made me laugh out loud… don’t play on the same team yet eh…. YET being the keyword right? Lol… I’m glad you like my writing/ stuff… like I said… I appreciate that. I’ll address a few of the things you brought up. I do agree with you that our bodies are precious/ sacred and are to be treated as such… and if you’re read at least two or 3 posts on my blog… then you’d realize that too. I never try(ed) to flaunt my sexuality… I’m not looking for a boyfriend (have one) or husband (too young) so what exactly would be my point of flaunting my sexuality as you call it… to attract blog comments?!?! (I think not). I’m almost 21 and started having sex at 19 so trust me… I only did it when I felt old and mature enough. I am as comfortable in my sexuality as I am in my spirituality (hard as that might be for you to believe) and intellectuality (lol.. if that’s even a word). I’m comfortable with me period. Not every post I’ve put up here has been about getting eaten out or having sex… if you scroll down my blog and just READ… you’d notice that. I just don’t believe in censoring yourself or limiting yourself… this is my blog afterall. I respect people who save it for marriage or whatever… but I also respect me for not!

What does me being young, Nigerian and female have to do with it… I shouldn’t do ‘supe’ anymore cos of these factors? I think not… I’m old enough to make my boyfriends toes curl, My nationality has nothing to do with how well I kiss… and the fact that I’m female is probably the reason why I’m so good at these things… lol.I’m no cookie- cutter virgin… but I’m no street whore either!!!

As for the bible... I obviously recognize it as the ‘ultimate truth’… however I’m no expert on it. I’m also aware of its basic commandments, but I won’t be a hypocrite preaching don’t do while I’m doing worse… remember every time you point a finger at someone… there’s 3 or 4(if you have a reversible thumb or whatever they call those thumbs that bend over backwards… you know what I’m talking about).

I would appreciate it if you further clarified what you mean by dying so the man upstairs could live…

I AM bucking up for when the world comes to an end… like I said… I just don’t try to be self-righteous or whatever… I try to live my life the best possible way I can… I try to help people around me, be an honest, non- judgemental, forgiving, and kind person cos I think that’s the first step.

UnNaked Soul said...

thanks for TAG'in me babe... will respond to that next week. My weekend starts today and ends on tuesday (the though alone is orgasmic.. :-D)

holla at ya l8r. blog on!

Anonymous said...

lol..U r too much for you!...I dont even know where to start with my comments..but y'd u have to tag me?. ehn?.lol..ok, im perez and stalker #1!...everyday unfailingly. And u and this ur freakiness...some of us aint getin some right now...SO Y U KEEPING RUBBING IT IN!!??AHN AHN!>ok, im just hating. Hmm..i lurve Cranberryjuice also..., and most foods in general..BUT I HATE CHEESE!..ok, im gonna go get started on my meme's now. Have a wonderful weekend mami!

Stranger said...

tag me old-fashioned...or hyper-spiritual...but girlfriend the sex thing is strictly "i don't, until 'i do' "...and am nt sure thats open for debate...don't shoot to the one who invented sex...he wrote the manual...there's no such thing as "old and mature enough"...theres simply "legal and lawful" not dissing the fact that sex with the one you love is great and all...i mean, i would want to get myself some yes...but...hey why settle for less when ther's so much more...besides i think the inventor knows better...i am still doing a good study of your writings [and might even "borrow" your poetic lines for this girl whose heart am tryna win(permission?)] and i do recognise and apreciate your intellectuality and spirituality...guess am jus tryna offer you a relationship more than just a religion...btw, thats the "die so he can live" thing...the "make-a-commitment-to-god" thing...and to answer your is not for the young... nigerian culture is all for sexual conservativeness...[even if some of those ideas are primitive]...and nobody's talking abt being self-righteous, it don't score wit god anyway, in stead he's offering us his own righteousness as a gift...u don't earn it, you just pick it tempted to do a treatise on this topic but imma hold my tongue yet...anyways, it's cool to see a young, sure-of-herself-nigerian-lady, and i was just thinking it would be a beaut if she wore the badges of us "born again" folks too...

nosa101 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nosa101 said...

You can shove your conventional morality and strait jacket thinking up your bollix :)
This is the free world

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Stranger: like I said… I don’t do ‘tags’. I understand your desire to wait and like I said… there’s room for everybody’s beliefs. How is having sex with somebody you really like who respects you and that you respect settling for less? Are you trying to say that your worth as a person is linked to how much times you’ve had or haven’t had sex? I’d like to disagree with that one. Lol… no problem use my lines wherever needed… I could even put more up if you want (lol… what can I say I was always that friend that people told to write them love letters for their partners). I hope they get u the babe… girls are usually nuts about guys who have strong opinions such as yourself(I think). I see some reason in your statements but I’m not that ‘totally conservative’ person… I’m perfectly happy being the way I am and living my life this way… but thanks for your insights and opinions sha. You said something that made me think a little bit… you’re posting somewhat anonymously here… you have a blog? I know I’d definitely love to read it... and I promise I won’t leave you ‘hate mail’… lol… Born Again eh? I never would’ve thought that was where this conversation would lead…

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@zaiprincessa: lol… I thought I was the only gossip fiend oh… Cranberry Juice is the essence of spring trust me... I just love that shit… lmao@not getting some… He will provide!!!... just drink grape juice every morning by 7.39am and 7.39pm unfailingly and you’ll be singing a different tune in a month… lmao (FALSE PROPHET OSHI!!!)… yay.. can’t wait to read your meme… thanks babe… have a great one yourself.

@Nosa: lol… I hope I’m not ‘Delot’ed out of here by Stranger oh!!!... no offense Delot

stranger said...

time out 4 me OWNB...i av spent my entire work hours on your blog...hope no one checks up on my pc...time for me to split...and i don't have internet at home so i most likely won't be looking u up till now u should figure am based in nigeria...thanks for d permit..r u serious abt girls liking guys wit strong that wat av been doing wrong? cos all them girls thought i was a nice guy and wantd me as a good friend(lol)...oh well, lesson learnt...yes i do have a blog i just started...but may i hold out on that for now? my dear sister i realy enjoyed sharing wit you...could this be primer for an interesting friendship?...

stranger said...

...and i think it's pretty cool of the way you actually take the time to respond to your readers...great people skills...

Beautifully Human said...

babes, reading your comments page is almost as interesting as reading the original posts. your sparring with 'stranger' had me captivated from the start; glad it all ended on a good note, though.
ok, I'm gonna have to go back and read your meme cos I've completely 4gotten your answers!!! LOL

LondonBuki said...

Ok, from now on, I will not only read your posts, I will read your comments... Fun read!

Very interesting Meme... your comments prove this...

Have a F-U-N weekend :-)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@stranger: lol… so I’m guessing we’re on the same side now?!?!?!?!?!? Hope you don’t get fired sha. Yes oh girls like guys with strong opinions (at least girls that I know) just as long as you don’t shove it down their throats… I mean I don’t know any girl that likes a pushover. lmao@ wanting u as a good friend… that’s the first mistake… you gotta put it out there what you’re aim is from the beginning cos trust me… once you’re in the friend zone... it’s hard to get out!!! Abegi show us this ur blog make we read… I think you already have fans oh. Like I said before… thanks for dropping by… have a great wkend… can’t wait to see what next you type the next time you’re here… lol.

@Beautifully Human: lol… I know eh… very interesting and entertaining people read my blog oh and make my day with tons of jokes sha. Lol@ sparring with stranger… that’s a good way to put it! Lol @ forgetting what u wrote earlier… girl you’re jokes 4real.

@LondonBuki: Lol… this was too funny I know… thanks for stopping by… have a great weekend urself lady and say me hi to mummy!

Anonymous said...

Love it, "Yodler" that's a classic lol. I don do my assignment ma, kinda wish theere was money involved lol ( i'm just greedy don't mind me jare)

TP said...

Wow you've got 40-odd comments before I even showed up!! You are popular on this cyberspace! Ilove spicy shrimp, strawberry cheesecake. You kike kenkey and fish too!! That stuff was contraband in my secondary school but we still found ways to buy it and sneak it into the dormitory...
LMAO @ some of the comments on this post...

NaijaBloke said...

Where did my comment go,cos no freaking bombastic American fucking shyte idiot from blogger will tell me that I did not put a comment in here earlier.

Seems u r always "sitting sideways and tipping on four fours" verytime u r putting up a post cos u r sure slightly nuts like Azuka said.

have a nice weekend babes

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Nigerican: A Nigerian Yodeler should be able to get a reality show now.. lol. I dey go read am now now…lol… took you long enough!!! You this babe and money self… we students… always wanting money, discounts, bursaries!!!.. lol.

@Tp: lol… tons of nice people on cyberspace ehn! Baby girl you get better food taste oh… them contraband kenkey? Them no know say na corn heaven… where there is a will.. there is a way!

@NaijaBloke: lol… it’s obvious you’re in a very good mood(NOT!!)… which one come be four fours again? Oga America biko cowerciate and expantiate abeg… Have a great weekend urself gorgeous and please be nice if any guy gives you ‘the wink’… lol

Queen Ebong said...

Check my blog out on Tuesday and U will see how the tagging went. For now am not physically balance healthwise.

Mari said...

na wa ooo, this tagged thing has turned into an epidemic.It's everywhere you go.
U say my meme is funny, ures is hilarious girl!
"Suya after taking a cold shower and brushing your teeth…" wassup with that?
And the four things u are wearing now...thats crazy.

@the paris hilton comment, not too sure about the sex tapes though but I cant imagine any job better than hers...only PH can comfortably crash a $162,000 Bentley and still be sane.

gorimakpa said...

*lol* @ Awilo + Celine ....
imagine Celine doing Soukous....she go break in two oh! :)