Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I believe we love truly, deeply only once in a lifetime. But I just wondered what it would be like to love two men differently at the same time:

I’m torn between a past I know and a future I don’t.

Torn between one who makes me smile and one who makes me laugh.

I’m torn between a man who wants me and one who needs me.

Torn between a memory and my reality.

I’m torn between one whose kisses make me feel safe and one whose kisses ignite my fires.

Torn between the one I love and the one I want to make love to.

I’m torn between the one I want to build my home with and the one who is my home.

Torn between the one whose touch warms me on a cold night and one whose touch sends tingles down my spine.

I’m torn between someone who sings me to sleep and one who keeps me up all night.

Torn between spring and summer, between a laugh and a giggle.

I’m torn because I’m stuck between your black eyes and his brown ones.

I’m torn because you’re my love, but he is my life.


Belle said...

i LOVE this line:

"I’m torn because you’re my love, but he is my life."

That describes the battle i faced when i broke up with my ex (a muslim)..
he WAS my love... but God IS my life..

Thanks for sharing :)

zaiprincesa said...

ur words touched me in ways u can't realize..becus im torn between my present and my unknown future. Great blog.

Lee said...

You write well.. very well, but when things like that happen, they have a way of sorting themselves out..

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Belle: thanx oh... heyaaa... how's it going now? I hope you're much stronger... i could only imagine the pain of having to break up with someone that you're in love with

@Zai:awwww.. thanx babe... i hope u find a resolution somehow.. i absolutely love your blog.. so interesting.. but for some strange reason i'm unable to leave a comment on it... eagerly awaiting part 2 of ur 'saga'

@Lee:awww thanx... i've always loved to write, left it for a while, but i'm trying to get back into the groove.. and you're right.. things have a way of working themselves out.. u have an amazing blog urself

A disillusioned Naija girl said...

Two men, huh?! Lucky for some! I wish I could be that lucky. I loved once, but it never even was, so I guess it's easier for me to look to the future. The thought of falling again scares me so much that my heart pounds when I pour myself into imagining it. I know this detracts from the theme of your blog, which is being torn between two loves, but your words stirred up things I want to shove down, and not admit to myself.

Now your writing is beautiful. I actually see what you mean. Keep on writing - the beauty of the written language is surpassed by no other, plus it is eternal.