Wednesday, September 27, 2006

To be Loved

I went partying on Friday and had a dance performance on Saturday, so the only time I could see my boyfriend was on Sunday. He came over with a bottle of champagne, A Nigerian movie (I know… I got him into those now… he’s fanatic about those two short boys), a journal to write in cos he knows I write all over odd pieces of paper and lose them, and a “Thinking Of You” Card. Here’s what he wrote inside:

I miss your kiss

I miss your touch

I miss seeing your face when I wake up

I think of you when I’m alone

I think of you when I’m with my boys

I think of you whenever I’m down cos you bring me joy

I love your face

I love your mind

I love the thought that you’re all mines

I love the moments that we share

I love the clothes that you wear

I love the fact that to you none of my ex’s can compare

This card is a small token to let you know you’re on my mind wherever I go

ps. You’re adored and appreciated

Lol.. I know…. Awwwwwwwwww... he’s a sweetheart.

We hugged, kissed and made music (lol). Just lying there, fiddling with the non- existent hairs on his chest, he proceeds to give me the shock of my life:

Baby, I’m in love with you

Overwhelmed: Are you kidding me?

No, I mean it. I’ve never felt this way about anybody… everything is just so easy with you… I could be with you forever.

I was speechless, didn’t know what to do or say…. In love with me? Be with me forever? This was just all too soon for me…. I mean I thought we’d already addressed that… I’ve never been in love with anyone, and neither had he, so we figured we were perfect together… there’d be no lies, fake promises, just a genuine care for each other and enjoyment of each others company. We were just open to seeing where things went… now he just had to go and fall in love with me.

Now I’ll feel terrible everytime he says it and I don’t reply…. cos he’s in love with me

Now I can’t hurt him... cos he’s in love with me

Now I’ll feel responsible if we ever broke up… cos he’s in love with me

I know you can’t control the way other people feel about you… but a part of me just wishes he’d waited a little while longer to fall in love with me... cos maybe, just maybe, by then, I’d have fallen in love with him too.


Desola said...

For a moment there, I thought he was gonna propose. He is sweet though and I do hope this goes on for longer. I see you two tieing the knot in a few

But wait! Do such men still exist? Not in my world, anyway!

nosa101 said...

The end begins *sob*

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@desola: lol... though there is a certain amount of cuteness to it, proposal for freak me out small sha... plus we're both not even close 2 being ready 4 dat one

Yes he is adorable.. lol.. course guys like him still exist..just sometimes not in the places we typically look

@nosa.. lol.. ur comments always crack me up 4 sum strange reason... sweetie itz still as on as it ever was btwn me and the boyfriend.

Angie said...

i actually tot he was going to propose too....
Well him saying he is in-love wit u is a step....maybe very soon u will fall in love wit i hear wedding bells(lol).
But at least u have very strong feelings(wateva dat means..) for him..stronger than u have for anyone(rite

LondonBuki said...

Wow... do guys like that still exist? And you like him too? I knw you don't love him but you have strong feelings for him, right?

This happens to me when I am not even feeling the guy... The one I feel will now be posing... Nonsense!!!

Hold on to him for as long as you can BUT if after a while, you feel he likes/loves you way way more than you do him...



Vickii said...

I know it's scary when someone loves you and you're not sure how you feel yet ... but as long as he's not pressuring you to say it back, or feel it, then there's really no harm done. I respect him for saying how he feels!

Seriously though, he sounds like a keeper!

On a completely different subject, where is he from? Just curious.

Noni Moss said...

That would have completely freaked me out. The beginning bit with card and everythign is very sweet and rationally he is a keeper but I dont know, if i were in your shoes, i'd have run screaming for the hills.

Lolll - you've inspired me to write a poem. Good luck though - hope it works outs cos there are not many guys like that.

Ms Minx said...

Been there, done that, had to say I love you back after a while, cuz I felt so guilty, lol.
I don't advise that!!

I say just bask in the fun and feelings, and if u feel the same, say so. Otherwise....keep schtum and give the boy a kiss. Fun for everyone!!!

Love ur blog, girly!!

Anonymous said...

the word of the card are so sweet lol @ not being able to say i love u back something similar is happening to me right now only its not my boyfriend and the one person i really want to hear it from is not saying it so girl u is lucky lol. ur something else hope u know lol

Naijadude said...

Awww...and it took me awhile to profess my loff for you, damn homeboy came too fast!! Anyways just to let you know that he's sweet but I am more sugary with honey sef!
I loffed u in the first place, and I love you more sef. *give me some sugar* But He's a bit faster than I am to profess my loff for you!
I lover* u so much Joleneeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Naijadude said...

Although I dont do all the emotional/affectionate stuff likewise. I used to think its a Nigerian thing, but I could only say the lipped-I-love-you, when you do your job* real well! With the exception of that, I dont really fancy all those affections. U aint getting no card from me sweetie, but some hugs once in awhile could profess my love for you.
And dont bother to kiss me in the morning cos u love me, because I wont kiss u back!......

Nice blog and still rocking them girl! rock on!!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@angie: lol@ marriage proposal and wedding bells… I’ll just take it one step @ a time and c wat happens

@Londonbuki: lol… yes oh… there’s only 14 guys like him left, n I already have 1… so hurry up take one b4 they’re all gone… lol. As for feeling a guy n he’s acting stink boy did I go through that with this Ghanaian guy… I’ll write about that sometime soon cos it was just terrible.

@1982: I know… the good thing is he’s not pressuring me and hasn’t said it since cos he understands I’m just processing stuff and will tell him how I feel if/ when/ it comes. He’s Jamaican (lol… I know… cos if I do fall in love with him and eventually want to ‘be serious’… how on earth do you explain “nwa Jamaica” to momsi?)

@nonimoss: I feel you… the card was really sweet, but the whole love thing was the only scary part for me… I’ve never been in love and I’ve never really wanted to be…. before now. I just luv your blog… ur an amazing writer for real.

zaiprincesa said...

DAMN GIRL!!...he is tewww sweeet!...and his words touched me...and im not even the recipient of the of advice though, if u dont love him...dont say it back. Just go with it for now..and if u realize the feelings aint growing, let him go...
LMAO @ Nosa 101 "the end begins *sob*)..u're silly.

Mari said...

Isn't that sweet? You know what they say - you can't help who you fall in love with and when you fall in love.

You do not have to feel guilty. Before he said that he must have thought about your reaction and I don't think he expects you to say "I love you too" and not so soon.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Ms. Minx: lol@feeling guilty… I feel you, but I definitely won’t be pressured… I guess I’ll just have to keep going awww baby everytime he says I love you... lmao… thanks for coming through… luv ur blog too.

@ LifeTRTG: I know right? Awwwwwwww… the not getting what you what from who you want is something all of us has been through… hope that works out for you 4real… u deserve the best

@Naijadude: lmao@job*... ur just a joker for real… I’m a hopeless romantic, a closet affectionate person, but the love thing I’ve sort of shied away from… we’ll c where it goes sha. NOTE: HUGS ALONE DO NOT PROFESS LOVE!!! I lover* you too my

@zaiprincess: lol… I know… I’m lucky… hehe… ur so cute. Yeah, I know… we’ll just take it one day @ a time.

@Mari: Ur right… thanks for coming through

NaijaBloke said...

Make I carry my leg waka from this comment page before someone break my head cos I was just abt to lambast the boy ... lol

This na the same boy wey u drive comot for phone,break up with just cos u had a bad day abi.

I gatz to write Sean Paul and Bennie man to ask what they r teaching their youths now sef..LOL

Biodun said...

ha, ha, the guy caught the love bug, no wonder he was spitting poetry n all, girl dont sweat it, someone falls in love first, u seem 2 be feeling the guy so please enjoy men, n seriously u have never being in love? You have missed o, lol just kidding, have fun n say I love u when u r well n ready to,if that is the case!

Mona said...

me too I thot I could hear propo!

LOL sweet but scary cos now u feel compelled to be 100% good to him ah well, the sacrifices we make for love or r/ships.

Have a happy rship (pre-marriage, if u want in that direction) life heheh, amen!

Mona said...

Have a great weekend and happy Independence in Advance!

Azuka said...

Almost like the story of my life. People I've liked have wanted to just be friends, while the people I just want to be friends with have had crushes...

ChiefO said...

na wa o. he is kinda sorta taking the express train on u while u are on the local train. me i dont know wat to say o. i need to consult my engineering manual to see if i could come up with somn. someone loving you and tehm not loving u back is somn imma blog about soon. so stay tuned y'all.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@NaijaBloke: lol.. u no serious oh… I’d like to think he doesn’t get his romantic ideals from Sean Paul and Beenie Man… dude can’t help the way he feels jare… I’m All Shades Of Sexy (remember? Lol)

@ Biodun: yes oh I’m feeling him but in love? Not that I know of… hehe... u sound ‘love- experienced’… tell me more tell me more!!!

@Mona: lol@ proposal/marriage... no oh… but I say yay to happy relationship. Thanks for dropping by my dear… have a great wkend too… I have some independence gist to put up self on Monday… so check back

@ Azuka: oh whao.. u suppose document oh make we read… I hear you… the only difference is I actually like my boyfriend… just not sure about the whole love thing

@ChiefO: lol.. man ur just a trip… ur comments always make me laugh… abegi consult ur engineering manual for solution.. n while ur @ it, please find out a few things for me:
1.Why did my stew burn last night even though I put it on low heat?
2.Why do I prefer Ali G to Dave Chappelle?

nosa101 said...

@ Overwhelmed
Nothing wrong in preferring Ali G. I do too.

Lynie said...

I bet one of the reasons he feels that way about you is because of your honesty. I really don't think you should feel pressured to act differently just because of what he said.. its most important to stay the way you are, because i really believe that if u get too caught up in over-thinking the relationship it'll show. Those feelings will come if and when they are suppose to, in the mean time just enjoy, you sound like you deserve it

temmy said...

Lurvv is in da air. Sniff Sniff, i need love...
Hey, nice men are still very much around. Talking about my dad and my younger brother who is only 13 years plus of cos Miguel!

Onada said...

you need to dash me that boyfriend!! talk about romantic

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@nosa: lol… I thought it was only me sha

@lynie: I’ll keep that in mind… thanx mami

@temmy: lol ur cute… I second that… BIG UPS TO THE NICE MEN OUT THERE!!!

@onada: yes ohhh… but lemme be keeping him for now… lol

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

aaw he is such a sweetheart - didn't care what you'd think of him - aaww

Onya Baquebeich said...

nah... dont say shit if you dont mean it. But i can see your man asking himself some foreign questions right there... like "hmmm..." yah.

Calabar Gal said...

Eeryone is seeing proposal. I say go with the flow. Enjoy it while the 'zing' is still alive.

@zaiprincess: how can she not say 'I love U' back? If I were him, i feel my love was being rejected.

@nosa 101: The end begins *sob* very funny!! I give u 2-3 more years and u'll be singing a louder song than BF is singing now to ur babe.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@TLOASCM: I know… he’s definitely a cute… so glad he can’t see this blog or his head would just get so big.. lol

@ Ai’hammed: lol… hope he’s not

@Calabar: yes ma’am… I say bring on the ‘zing’

lawd*of*d*deep said...

aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhh! wat if it was the other way round u confessing all the sweet nufns, saying u love him and his not saying anything back? yeah and its true WW3!!, dont mind me comments just inciting, seems most of the people on are babes in their own minds (VICTIMS) and the guys tps! @101 u see the end 2?life truly is a pardaox!

beautyinbaltimore said...

Why is it that woman can never appreciate a good man. They cry like hell when they have a dog but when they get a good one that don't know how to respect him.

I'm telling you don't mess this up. So many women wish they were in your shoes.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Lawd*of*d*deep and beauty in Baltimore: I’m not trying to mess it up I swear, just enjoying a great man and processing some stuff. Thanks for coming through.

ms. may said...

I'm late but awwwwwww! Too sweet. It sounds like you two communicate well with each other so as long as you're both clear where each other stand then you're good. If it's the real thing for him, then he wouldn't want you to say it unless it was the same for you. Believe me, it'll be the sweetest music to his ears when you say it when you're ready to. Fab blog!

Anonymous said...

hey overwhelmed....I kinda stumbled accross ur blog by accident or shd i say fate but...reading ur blog has really cheered me up esp d ones about naija boys...u seem like such a down 2 earth girl.......