Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just thought I'd share

I’m very confident. I used to love guys with bow- legs and pink lips. I still do. I don’t wear any makeup other than lipgloss. I’m addicted to Lancome Juicy Tubes lipgloss in ‘Miracle’ and ‘Beach Plum’. I always wear chapstick before lipgloss. My lips crack if I don’t. I started reading romance novels at 11. I had my first boyfriend at 13. He looked like he belonged in a romance novel. I have 9 piercings in total. I’ve never had fake nails. I love Cher and Ellen Degeneres. Michael Buble, Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Awilo Longomba, Corinne Bailey Rae, India Arie and Celine Dion sing the musical soundtrack to my life. I don't think Ricky Martin is gay. Apparently, I’m funny and laugh at my own jokes. People love to be around me. I’m a good judge of character. I used to have a great singing voice. I love country music. I’m very friendly. I love kissing. I’m fanatic about cheesecake. I’m a shopaholic. I like comedians that are either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. I prefer Just For Laughs Gags, Ali G and the Colbert Report to Dave Chappelle. I didn’t know Tupac Shakur or Biggie till years after they died. I'm a very fast reader. I love to pray for orphans. I love Strawberry Margaritas and Pineapple Malibus. I don’t like my father. I love to write. I still have stuff I wrote when I was 13. I love abstract things. I’d rather see Sade in concert than 50 cent. I’m smarter than I let on. I switch accents easily. I used to hate people. When I'm bored, I think of wittier ways to say things that I've said before. I’m quite aware of my sexuality. I’d love to get married at 26 or 27. I’ve never seen a midget. My mom wants me to be a doctor. I’ll be a doctor.

I wish I spoke French. I’ve never bought a cell phone before. I’ve had 6 cellphones so far. I cry easily- for commercials, songs, tv shows, movies. I’ve never cried during or after a relationship. I’ve never watched a horror movie in a theater. I have 6 best friends. I don’t share their secrets. I love dancing to Makossa. I’m really good at it. I’ve never dated ‘non- black’. I’ve dated an older man (7 years older). I lost my virginity to him. I still regret that it was with him. I want to travel the world before I go to Med school. I’ve never been to a zoo. I know the lyrics to more than 2,000 songs. I love spider solitaire. I still don’t know how to play the FREECELL game on my computer. I’m an Aquarius. I love cranberry juice. I’ve called a psychic line once. I’m not in contact with any of my friends in Nigeria. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. I’ve never watched gay porn. I want to. I can dance to reggaeton but not salsa. I love Ghanaian food. I’m addicted to spicy shrimp. I get embarrassed for people when they do really weird things. I get ‘re-embarrased’ when I remember embarrassing things I did/ said before. Red is my favorite colour. I only wear red nail polish on my feet. I’d love to have 3 children and adopt 2 more. I don’t remember my dreams. Only nightmares. I’m addicted to stilettos. I’d die for my sister. I’ve never told her that. I aspire to greatness. To be great is to be happy. I have great boobs and incredibly long legs. I wanna get a bikini wax. I’m perversely happy when I’m prettier than an ex’s current girlfriend. I don’t keep in touch with ex boyfriends. I don't see the point. I haven’t been to church in a year. I don’t like my mom’s church. I love God.



ABBEY said...

hmm interesting info..u cry for commercials? thats deep.

Anonymous said...

nice one babe! cant believe you've never seen a midget tho lol

Anonymous said...

You never cried during/after a relationship?!
Girl, you are one tough cookie!
Nice blog by the way

Calabar Gal said...

I know who U r!! Sussed u out!! You're the girl from down the road!! LOL!!!

I've never cried during or after a relationship either!! Been the one doing the heart breaking luckily!! (smile)

Yeah!! Ah been Tagged!! Watch my space.......

Azuka said...

Interesting. In the midst of the mass of words, I can sense a unique lady.

beautyinbaltimore said...

Country music=yuck. You and my mother would be great friends.
I regret who I lost my virginity to also.

Soul said...

ohh what an insight.
ahp before lipgloss is soo the way to go, keeps the lips moisturised and then the lipgloss lasts longer jare.

erm French is a beautiful language isn't it.

And along with the bill we are proposing, I would like to add that horror movies should be banned from movie theatres! Any Naija person caught watching horror movies should be punished!.
and erm gay male porn is amazing!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much of one's self we can see in other's. While I was reading it I had to remind myself that I didn't write it. Well except that ex's keep in touch with me occasionally and I don't mind it much, and I also quite like gay(male of course) porn. Love your choice of music and comedians. I LOVE the colbert report but he has nothing on Bill Maher

aihammeddelot said...

Direct, insightful and just plain entertainingly brilliant. Wicked.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Abbey: lol… not all commercials… but the sad ones like the dove one where the little girls were having body image issues… one thought she was ugly, the other one thought she was fat, the other one hated her freckles… my dear it was soo sad.

@LifeTRTG: thanks babe… I haven’t oh… I’m on a mission to see one.

@Confessions & Calabar Girl: lol… I haven’t cried oh cos like Calabar… I’ve broken up with pretty much every dude(except this one guy… I’ll talk about that later)… Calabar Girl… hurry post am make we read. Thanks girls for stepping through

@Azuka: Thanks babe… you inspire me with your programming stuff… I don’t know anything on the computer except word, spider solitaire and limewire (oops, did I say that out loud? Lol)

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@beauty: My dear I thought it was only me. Your mom is current oh baby girl… country music is the shit!!! Lol… my friends dey laugh me all the time.

@soul: I say hell yeah to chapstick, sexy lipgloss, French language and kissing, banning horror movies and gay porn…. Especially GAY PORN… lol

@Anonymous: awwww… thanks… you’re far too kind. The ex’s thing I could never do cos they usually always wanna get back together, and I’m usually past it. The Colbert Report rocks, I don’t know Bill Maher so I’m gonna check it out b4 I give my verdict on that…. Better than Colbert? Hmmmmm… we’ll see. about that.

@Ai’hammed: Why thanks sir, you’re far too kind... I was reading ur blog.. not done yet.. but so far.. Just wanna say.. ur an amazing writer.. very witty.. going back to finish.

Naijadude said...

Hahahahh girl you are just way too funny! But how come I dont see you profess your love for your Jolene...ah! I am so vexed . Make sure you update/edit it before I come back

Naijadude said...

I dont like gay porns anyways.....I dont like when girls think they can match my height, hence I dont like heels. I love lipgloss on you, makes me wanna give u some sugar! I love you wearing red, aww you wore it on our date, you bless my heart. Cause of that, we are going to the opera soon looking smashingly hot in RED! I love KEM and Janet Jackson. I love the fact that I can speak yoruba. I dont have any ex but if I do I dont think I will like them! I love me some "Save the last dance for me" U knw who that is eh! and I love YOU that you know so many songs' lyrics you put my fabulous taste in music to shame. I still love KEM anyways!

Soul said... and you go fight o.
I'm serious.. gay male porn is the way to go if you want to watch porn.
I'm not even a big fan of porn, I get bored very quickly, but gay male porn is something else.

Anonymous said...

reading this i was like wow, i also get re-embarrassed when i remember embarrassing stuff i'v done.. call em 'cringe moments'.. oh and i always think of wittier ways to say things i'v said before,and plan out witty retorts, infact entire conversations sef lol.
and you'v neva cried in/4 a relationship? u lucky-ass so and so.

i'v been tagged.. jus gimme a moment to arrange my witty thoughts.. lol.

Everchange said...

Well, I've done this already.

I LOVE KISSING TOO!! Isn't it the best?? Don't wear makeup, always putting vaseline on my lips (I think I'm addicted to vaseline). Ellen DeGeneres is funny. I hate shopping, unless it's for books or cheap earrings. I prefer Jon Stewart. You pray for orphans? I'm trying to improve my french...have crushed on an Aquarius and it was AWFUL...I think aquarians are the most annoying and fickle ppl on earth. I love God, and I love my boobies and legs too!!

Everchange said...

And I hate horror films!! I seriously am traumatized anytime they advertise one on tv, it angers me that I can't see Janet Jackson's boob on primetime, but I have to be scared shitless in between Prison Break??

zaiprincesa said...

hey chica..OMG!!..i love ur writing syle...Well, I've done this b4 but ill do it again for fun..i love kissing...but it depends on with whom ;)!! Don't wear makeup much but im a huge my Lancome Juicy tubes (Tofee Pop, especially),I love shopping..reading...painting, daydreaming, dancing, working out- especially pilates....I love God and i love my family.(well, most of the time..they drive me nuts occasionally), I love my friends too..even though i dont tell them and im still working on learning to love my body and me.....Have a great week !

Icy-Yetty said...

hahaha okay are you like my friggin twinor wut. lol 8.5 of what you have there is fitting to me.. Nice one babz.. You have a new subsriber. I'm totally digging your blog. RAWK ON MAMA!

TP said...

LOL, I could see some things about myself on this post... I only use lipgloss, I love writing and playing Spider Solitaire! Nice blog.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Naijadude: You’re one of my best friends fool!!!... lol… I know you love me in heels… don’t front. I say hell yeah to the opera… next stop is to watch some ballet, then go skiing (NOT!!!). Janet’s hot but ewwww @kem. Michael Buble is our sexy musical bitch. Luv u gorgeous

@Soul: I really wanna watch some gay porn oh… e dey like say u get supply… lol

@Jaded: Like I said in ur blog… I see me in you (n i mean that in the non- creepiest way possible... lol)

@Everchange: KISSING ROCKS!!! Lol.. I’m addicted to chapstick in that way… u hate shopping??? Is that even humanly possible? Lol... I usually go ‘earring- shopping’ in my sister’s jewelry box. AQUARIANS R SEXY!!! I’m living proof…lol. I say yay to baby Jesus, gorgeous titz and legs… hehe.

@Zaiprincessa: awww thanks babe. you paint? Female Picasso in the house!!!.. u have your stuff on display anywhere? I love art. Keep loving God, family, friends, your body and you… ur great.

nosa101 said...

I'd rather watch Only Fools and Hores than watch any crap Black Y@nk comedy.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Ice-Yetty:awww thanks babe. Lol.. I no tell you… I’m a part- time psychic oh… I dey go read ur blog.. u sound fun!!!

@TP:lol… I can’t imagine life without lipgloss and spider solitaire…

@Nosa: lmao@fools and hores… you’re not serious sha… they’re not all bad… Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” and “Delirious” r really good… oh even some of Chris Rock’s standup is on point too.

Vickii said...

Loved this post and just might take you up on that tag. I'm addicted to chapstick too ... I can never find it in london so I buy about five everytime I find a shop that stocks it!

nosa101 said...

Only Fools and Horses, I meant :)

temmy said...

Enough said. I love the you in you.
Great blog, good sense of writting. Guess i need to get this on my blog.

Can u teach me how not to cry for silly things, like reading a book and crying, watching movies and crying. Hearing a friend is getting married and then i cry again!

adahope said...

I also cry at commercials sometimes, no one knows that :))

Strange that you have never seen a midget. Have you seen a dwarf?

What you said about Gay porn is the exact same thing my friend says about midgets.

Lee said...

hahaha Nice post..
I miss reading ur blog.. been busy with settling down..
just like me, I cryyyyyyyyyyy my eyes out over the tiniest closest friends and family knows this..
No im not abnormal,, i just love crying.. a form of expression
(could be pain or extremeeee joy).

You neva see midget? please come to Asia, you will see them and probably get blind.. hahahha nice post.
as per u being psychic, yeah I agree.. Aquarius and virgos have that talent..;)

Anonymous said...

LOL dis babe be my friend!
you are honestly the funniest person i have come across in a while.
you remind me of me sometimes.
i wish i hadnt cried for some relationships.
i like gay porn too.
love kissing.
love being angry enough to beat the hell out of a no good man.
love my mama and my sister.
and just like you i dislike my father!