Friday, September 29, 2006

Dedication to the first guy who ate me out

I was going through my inbox a little while ago and I saw an old email from an ex, and it gave me great memories, so I had to shout him out:

AP, You introduced me to some kind of pleasure

You weren’t that great and sometimes tried to use your teeth to chew my clit

But at least you ‘tried’… it was your first time too

I was a virgin, and every guy who’d tried to finger or fuck me I’d stopped… that shit hurt… but not you, cos you gave me great ‘oral’.

You gave me a priceless gift worth more than jade… you ate that shit up.

I can’t remember the first guy I kissed at 6, can’t stand the first guy I fucked at 19, but you will forever have a special place in my heart for introducing me to the world of oral orgasms

I thank you wholeheartedly and dedicate my next 15 to you.

*I approach this Nigerian Independence weekend almost with trepidation cos I think a few things are gonna come to a head and I’m not necessarily looking forward to it… I didn’t mind the way things used to be with this ‘friend’… but he's coming down to 'see me'. I think I know what he's gonna say, and FUCK, now I just might have to analyse the relationship I have with him*


Naijadude said...

LOL U are just so funny. Thats actually through that its not as good as the first time, my first oral was GREAT!!...*too much info*

If thats the friend* I am thinking about....ooh plz, u dont wanna tempt fate with 'M', ignore them naija boyz and go with correct dudes instead, ignore him cos its obvious what he wants is nothing but S.E.X

Mari said...

am lost but nice posting.

Anonymous said...

he bit you?
not nice. ask him to go to delot for tips.. lol.. not that i'v had any actual experience(sigh), just eyes to read and a wide imagination.. :P

Onya Baquebeich said...

ww wow wow!!! fan bloody tastic. lol... too funny. teeth? what the hell is that? nice one. i'm officially a fan of this blog lol.

nosa101 said...


Calabar Gal said...

LOL!!! Girl u r bad!!!
U really do leave nothing to imagination!!!
AP, Thank You for giving our girl great 'head'!!!

Soul said...

Amen. lol
I'm joining in and thanking him too...

It's a beautiful thing. If I were president, I would make it a lw, that every woman must receive oral stimulation twice a day as a minimum.
once in the morning as a 'wake up call' and once at night as a 'ending to the day'.

In addition every woman must feel free to get it as many times as they can in between that period.

I'd say it'd make for a happier world. Who's gonna propose this bill in congress?

NaijaBloke said...

hahahahah ..this gurl dan finally kolo finish.

I am officially forwarding this blog to ya mama.LOL

Have a lovely weekend

Calabar Gal said...

@ Naija Bloke: Please forward it!!

If it will make OWNB stop giving us such explicit details that would make even the randiest Casanova blush!!

Overwhelmed!! I dey hail Oh!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Naijadude: lol… thanx babe…This was wayyy before I met M… I was like 16/17 at the time. Tell us more about this ur first oral oh… I want details…

@Mari: The book of life says those who are lost shall be found… Can I get an AMEN!!!.. lol

@Jaden: lol… he bit me oh… but no worry sha… it was like ‘sweet pain’… ur too funny… reader indeed… lol… delot get experience eh? Lol

@Ai’hammed: lol… I’m glad u like… yes oh, the brother used his teeth… but I no blame am sha, he was still in JSS1 of “Oral High School’ but stand assured, I let him know how to take care of business.Lol… I heard u have tipz oh… pray tell.

@Nosa: lol… what’s so eeek? I give you a year or 2 tops, you’ll be writing a whole nother blog…


Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@soul: I stand behind that BILL… in fact I nominate you to congress to make sure it goes through. CHINEKE!!! Women would focus so much better if we had great ORAL more often, and this bill would be just the thing to do it… lol.. girl ur just too funny and an amazing writer… you are an inspiration and that’s real.

@NaijaBloke: lol… I don’t momsi is ready to deal with the concept of her daughter ‘receiving’ but I know say you self can appreciate the finer points of getting some great ‘head’… lmao… have a great weekend too my dear

@CalabarGirl: lol… I no go comment for this comment… hehe

Azuka said...

Let me pretend not to understand what I just read.

Am I a prude?

nosa101 said...

There should have been an R18 warning. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I thought it was some literary device I had never heard of. It was just too blatant..........LOL
And I hate the idea of giving or receiving head. It's derogatory to either party.

Anonymous said...

hmm for this post i'm just speechless as in i plead d 5th on this one...girl ur brave oh lol!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

@Azuka: No mind me jare… I was just reminiscing… lol

@Nosa: lmao… sorry my dear, I’ll be sure to put up an R18 warning next time. About head, it’s whatever works for you, but it’s some damn good shit to receive if I do say so myself.

@LTRTG: lol… actually no, I’m LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Am taking a rain-check on this one!
Girl...u did not leave anything to imagination! Nice one!

beautyinbaltimore said...

My sister, my sister. Now you know this is my type of post.

Anonymous said...

how u gonna get head n not give head back thats wrong i once liked i g she liked me so i decided to xplore somthing new with her only to find she wasn't willing to returm the favor it changed my whole view of ur relationship she was holdin back witch i couldn't settle for